National Geographic

Tuesday th 21st of June 2016

Vintage Pictures Show Why Parks Should Be Preserved - 15:31

Dog Meat Festival Opens Amid Outrage - 15:31

Trained Falcons Serve as High-Flying Scarecrows - 11:01

Hundreds of Mouse-Sized Spiders Released in U.K. - 09:01

Manta Rays Prefer Staycations Over Long Migrations - 09:01

Famous Bear Cub Killed in Hit and Run in National Park - 09:01

This Week’s Night Sky: See Stormy Mars and Faint Pluto - 09:01

Monday th 20th of June 2016

See the First Solstice Full Moon in More Than 50 Years - 11:01

Four Creepy, Cool Ways Roadkill Helps Science - 11:01

Chameleons’ Secret Hunting Weapon: Super-Sticky Mucus - 11:01

Solar Impulse Attempts Epic Atlantic Crossing in Trip Around World - 11:01

Sunday th 19th of June 2016

War Is Hell. Mary Roach Met the Folks Who Make It Less So. - 13:40

14 Photos of Giraffes With Their Heads In the Clouds - 13:40

Busted: Fishing Boat Caught With Contraband Shark Fins - 13:40

Saturday th 18th of June 2016

Exclusive: Obama on Threats to Nature, Power of National Parks - 20:50

Here's What Happens When a Chameleon Looks in a Mirror - 17:30

Friday th 17th of June 2016

See a Mars Rover Selfie and Saturn's Broken Ring - 18:31

See Nine Amazing Treasures from the Revolutionary War - 18:31

Amputee Tortoise Gets Moving With Wheels - 18:31

In Fighting Illegal Ivory, EU Lags Behind - 18:31

A Green Way to Clean Ponds - 18:31

Thursday th 16th of June 2016

‘Star Trek’ Is Right About Almost Everything - 23:31

See How a Mystery Blob Messed Up Saturn’s Rings - 23:31

How Whales Are Deliberately Hunted by 'Accident' - 23:31

Animal Attacks Are Scary. How to Talk to Kids About Them. - 23:31

A Bicycling Suffragist vs. an Antique Car? Watch This Wacky Race. - 23:30

Map Shows Where Being LGBT Can Be Punishable by Law - 23:30

NASA Probe Is About to Give the Best Ever Views of Jupiter - 23:30

Retro Posters Show NASA’s Vision for Our Future on Mars - 23:30

How a Hunting Reserve Became a Snow Leopard Sanctuary - 02:31

Toddler Killed in Tragic, Rare Alligator Attack - 02:31

For Dolphins, a Bold Decision by the National Aquarium - 02:31

Fossil Hunters and Climber Among Winning Explorers - 02:31

Butterfly Thieves Steal From 'Badass' Ants—A First - 02:31

Coral Reefs Doing Better Than Expected in Many Areas - 02:31

Latest Space-Time Ripples Confirm New Era of Astronomy - 02:31

Now Is the Best Time to See Electric-Blue Clouds at Night - 02:31

Wednesday th 15th of June 2016

The Other Other White Meat - 23:01

Too Hot for Coffee - 23:01

Go East, Young Men - 23:01

The Battle for Africa's Oldest National Park - 23:01

Can Parasitic Wasps Help Save America's Citrus? - 23:01

Bakken Oil Boom Brings Growing Pains to Small Montana Town - 23:01

Dam Projects Ignite a Legal Battle Over Mekong River’s Future - 23:01

An Appreciation of the Magical Waters of Mozambique - 23:01

Rising Seas: Will the Outer Banks Survive? - 23:01

What Does It Mean to Be Iraqi Anymore? - 23:01

For London's Cabbies, Job Entails World's Hardest Geography Test - 23:01

In Detroit, Water Crisis Symbolizes Decline, and Hope - 23:01

Doctors and Nurses Risk Everything to Fight Ebola in West Africa - 23:01