Wednesday th 19th of December 2018

NASA's InSight Lander Plays the Claw Game on Mars for 1st Time (Video) - 07:40

Matter Sucked in by Black Holes May Travel into the Future, Get Spit Back Out - 07:40

Tuesday th 18th of December 2018

World's First Private Moon Lander Will Carry Israeli Time Capsule - 17:10

Air Force Launch Commander 'Not Confident' GPS 3 Satellite Will Lift Off as Scheduled - 17:10

NASA Looks to Private Companies for Help Building Reusable Moon Landers for Astronauts - 13:10

Swift As the Moon's Shadow: Special Solar Eclipse Flight Planned for July 2019 - 13:10

Elf on a (Really High) Shelf! Astronaut Brings Christmas Cheer to Space Station - 13:10

SpaceX and Blue Origin Just Scrubbed Near-Simultaneous Rocket Launches (Arianespace, Too!) - 10:50

Could Life on Mars Be Lurking Deep Underground? - 07:50

Metal Earth Model Kits Celebrate Apollo History and Starliner's Future - 07:50

Time Travel Is Possible — But Only If You Have an Object With Infinite Mass - 07:50

Saturn's Rings Are Beautiful, But They Won't Last - 07:50

'Mars' Finale Wraps Season 2 with Terror and Tragedy on the Red Planet - 07:50

Watch Blue Origin Launch Its New Shepard Spaceship Today! Tune In @ 9 am ET - 03:30

You Can Watch FOUR Rocket Launches Online Today By SpaceX, Blue Origin & More! - 01:30

Monday th 17th of December 2018

US Mint Reveals Coin Honoring American Indians in Space Program - 18:30

Steph Curry Tells Former Astronaut Scott Kelly Moon-Landing Comment Was 'Made in Jest' - 17:00

Blue Origin to Launch Next New Shepard Test Flight Tuesday - 16:30

Scientists Proposed a Nuclear 'Tunnelbot' to Hunt Life in Europa's Hidden Ocean - 15:00

Bizarre 'Dark Fluid' with Negative Mass Could Dominate the Universe - 15:00

That Eerie Green Comet Visible in the Night Sky Now? We Almost Sent a Probe There. - 13:10

'Farout!' Newfound Object Is the Farthest Solar System Body Ever Discovered - 13:10

What's the Weather On Mars? How NASA's Insight Lander Will Find Out. - 08:00

Secrets of Planet Birth Revealed in Amazing ALMA Radio Telescope Images - 08:00

NASA Advisory Council Recommends Review of Planetary Protection Policies - 08:00

Apollo 8 Astronaut James Lovell Looks Back On a Historic Flight Around the Moon - 08:00

Sunday th 16th of December 2018

DARPA's Next Project: Design A Space Development Agency - 09:00

Virgin Galactic Flight Wins Praise From Government and Industry - 09:00

Fireball That Exploded Over Greenland Shook Earth, Triggering Seismic Sensors - 08:30

Tour Jezero Crater! Fly Over the Landing Site of NASA's Next Mars Rover (Video) - 08:30

Rocket Lab Launches 13 Cubesats on 1st Mission for NASA - 03:00

Saturday th 15th of December 2018

Awesome Photos! The Geminid Meteor Shower of 2018 in Pictures - 09:20

The Rubber Ducky Comet Blasted a Magnetic Path Through Space - 08:50

How to See Ghostly Green Comet 46P/Wirtanen Fly by Earth This Weekend - 08:50

Meet OWL and HIBOU! Japan's Asteroid Hoppers Get New Names - 08:50

Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson Looks Ahead to Beginning Commercial SpaceShipTwo Flights - 08:50

NASA Lunar Orbiter Now Supporting Commercial and International Missions - 08:50

Friday th 14th of December 2018

Geminid Meteor Shower 2018: It's Not Too Late to Catch a 'Shooting Star'! - 17:50

Virgin Galactic's Historic Space Trip Heralds a Coming Age of New US Human Spaceflight Leaps - 16:20

This New Full-Length Trailer for 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Is Spock-tacular! - 13:50

US Mint Marks 'First Strike' of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Curved Coins - 12:50

Early Universe 'Soup' Cooked Up in Weird Plasma Blobs - 07:50

NASA's Voyager 2 Went Interstellar the Same Day a Solar Probe Touched the Sun - 07:50

See Mars Near the Moon in the Night Sky Tonight! Here's How. - 07:20

'Smoking Gun' Planet: This Neptune-Size Alien World Is Evaporating in Record Time - 07:20

Thursday th 13th of December 2018

Richard Branson Biography: Entrepreneur of Space Tourism - 21:50

'Billion-Dollar View': See Incredible Footage from Virgin Galactic's 1st Spaceflight (Video) - 20:30

Small Magellanic Cloud: A Satellite Dwarf Galaxy Neighbor - 16:30

Where DOES Space Begin? Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Flies Right into the Debate - 16:30

NASA's Insight Lander on Mars Spotted from Space! - 15:10