Friday th 1st of February 2019

Boeing's Starliner Spacecraft Will Be Ready for 1st Test Flight in March - 18:00

Chinese Probe Uncovers New Mystery on the Dark Side of the Moon - 17:30

Read a Free Issue of 'All About Space'! - 16:10

'Fallen Astronaut' Artist Offers Original Idea 'Man in Space' Statuettes - 15:10

Robot Isaac Takes Human Form For Romance On 'The Orville' in 'A Happy Refrain' - 15:10

Government Shutdown May Have Done Long-Term Damage to NASA - 13:10

China's Chang'e Program: Missions to the Moon - 13:10

Watch the Polar Vortex Cast Its Chill Over North America in This Satellite's-Eye View - 12:40

Section 31 Gets An Unexpected Recruit In Fast-Paced 'Star Trek: Discovery' Episode 'Point of Light' - 12:40

Columbia Disaster: What Happened, What NASA Learned - 08:40

Scientists Visit a Rare New Island They Watched Grow Out of the Waves - 07:40

Chinese Rover and Lander Survive 1st Frigid Night on Moon's Far Side - 07:40

'Star Trek' Is Beaming Aboard 'Let's Make A Deal'! - 07:40

Super-Earth Smackdowns May Explain Diverse Worlds - 07:20

Thursday th 31st of January 2019

White House: Space Force Under the Air Force Only a 'First Step,' Separate Department Not Off the Table - 19:10

Hubble Telescope Discovers 'Living Fossil' Galaxy in Our Milky Way's Backyard - 18:20

China Has a Robot Ship that Launches Small Rockets ... for Science - 15:20

Israel Aerospace Industries Partners with OHB On Moon Delivery Services - 15:20

NASA's Curiosity Rover May Have Solved a Mars Mountain Mystery with Gravity Science - 14:50

China Will Attempt 30-Plus Launches in 2019, Including Crucial Long March 5 Missions - 14:20

SpaceX's Huge Falcon Heavy Rocket to Launch On Its 2nd Flight in March - 12:50

Earth Looks Spectacular from Space in This Breathtaking Cosmonaut Video - 12:00

Galaxies Sparkle Above the Very Large Telescope in This Gorgeous Night-Sky Photo - 12:00

Hubble Spies Doomed Spiral Galaxy Plunging Into Coma Cluster (and Losing Gas, Too) - 08:20

'To Touch the Moon' Theater Production Is Tailored for Autism Spectrum Disorder - 07:50

The Universe's End Means New Beginnings for Vault's 'Wasted Space' - 07:50

Buy the Meteorite That Nearly Destroyed Siberia in This Fun Valentine's Day Auction - 07:21

Earth's Magnetic Field Nearly Disappeared 565 Million Years Ago - 07:21

Lego Unveils Awesome New Star Wars Sets for Toy Line's 20th Anniversary - 07:20

Wednesday th 30th of January 2019

Disappearing Act: Venus Hides Behind the Moon Before Dawn on Thursday - 17:50

So Close! SpaceX Just Misses Rocket Fairing Catch at Sea with Mr. Steven (Video) - 12:40

As Polar Vortex Freezes US, Satellite Track It from Space - 12:40

North Dakota Will Get Colder Than The North Pole Tonight — Here's Why - 12:40

This 'Empty Trash Bag' Is Orbiting Earth in a Very Strange Way - 12:40

Is Earth's Magnetic Field Flipping Soon? - 11:40

Oscar Isaac in Talks for 'Dune' Remake: Report - 07:50

The Lagoon Nebula Glistens in Starry Deep-Space Image - 07:50

Blue Origin's 1st New Shepard Rocket to Carry People Is in 'the Barn' - 07:50

Postponed by Shutdown, NASA's Day of Remembrance Happens Next Week - 07:21

Physicists Made a Flying Army of Laser Schrödinger's Cats - 07:21

What Spacecraft Will Enter Interstellar Space Next? - 07:21

Dark Energy Gets Weirder: Mysterious Force May Vary Over Time - 07:21

Tuesday th 29th of January 2019

NASA Ready to Launch Back Into Action After Government Shutdown, Agency Chief Says - 17:40

Once Around the Sun! NASA's Parker Solar Probe Aces 1st Trip Around Our Star - 17:12

Space Rock Leaves 'Evil' Splat on Mars' Surface - 15:30

European Space Junk Cleanup Concept Gets New Mission: Refuel and Repair - 15:30

This 'Universe in a Box' Has Enough Astronomical Data to Fill 30,000 Wikipedias - 15:30

How Do Particles Escape Black Holes? Supercomputers May Have the Answer - 15:30

US Military Space Plane Wings Past 500 Days on Latest Mystery Mission - 07:50

365 Days of Sunshine: Time-Lapse Video Shows the Sun on Every Day of 2018 - 07:50