Wednesday th 5th of July 2017

Best Night Sky Events of July 2017 (Stargazing Maps) - 15:32

Missile Test-Launched by North Korea Was an ICBM, US Officials Confirm - 15:02

Night Sky: Visible Planets, Moon Phases & Events, July 2017 - 14:32

What Were the First Records of Solar Eclipses? - 13:02

Stephen Hawking: Earth Could Turn Into Hothouse Planet Like Venus - 12:02

Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Sing to Space Station Astronauts (Video) - 11:02

Probe, Telescopes Tag Team to Spy Jupiter's Great Red Spot - 10:02

Vector Raises $21 Million for Small Launch Vehicle Development - 07:02

Cloud-Spawning Rocket Wows Early-Bird Photographers (Photos) - 06:32

Fastest Stars in the Milky Way Are Galactic Fugitives - 06:32

See the Effects of Climate Change Across Earth (Video) - 06:32

Spacecraft Clean Rooms Have Some Dirty Little Secrets - 06:32

Tuesday th 4th of July 2017

NASA Missions and the American Flag (Photos) - 11:21

Happy Anniversary, Juno! NASA Probe Marks 1 Year at Jupiter - 07:02

NASA's 1st Mars Rover Landed 20 Years Ago Today - 07:02

Fourth of July in Space: How Will the Astronauts Celebrate? - 07:02

Holidays in Space: An Astronaut Photo Album - 06:32

Monday th 3rd of July 2017

SpaceX Scrubs Satellite Launch Just Before Liftoff Again - 20:32

Lego Saturn V Rocket Co-Creator Launches Campaign for Apollo Tower Set - 17:02

Longer-Lasting Coronal Holes and Space Junk During Solar Minimum (Video) - 16:02

'There Goes Dragon': ISS Astronaut Snaps Incredible Shots of Departing Capsule - 14:32

What's in a 'Space Hamburger'? Ingredients for Life, It Seems - 12:22

Monkey-Mapping Satellites Could Identify At-Risk Populations - 09:22

Canada Reveals Two New Astronauts During 150th Anniversary Celebration - 08:52

Space for Humanity Seeks 10,000 Citizen Astronauts - 06:32

Happy Aphelion! Earth Is Farthest from the Sun Today - 06:32

Monster Black Holes Spotted Orbiting Each Other for 1st Time Ever - 06:32

Back Again … Again: SpaceX Craft Heads for Historic 2nd Splashdown - 06:02

Sunday th 2nd of July 2017

China's Powerful Long March 5 Rocket Fails on 2nd Launch - 20:02

SpaceX Scrubs Satellite Launch 10 Seconds Before Liftoff - 19:32

How Humans Have Captured Starlight - A Brief History (Video) - 07:32

SpaceX Rockets Through Backlog with 3rd Launch in 9 Days - 07:02

SpaceCom Conference: Interest Up as Registration Opens - 07:02

Celestial Sleuths Find "Star" and Lunar Alignment Behind Lord Byron Poem - 07:02

Saturday th 1st of July 2017

Chicken Sandwich Returns to Earth After Balloon Ride to Stratosphere - 12:12

Muffling the Boom: NASA's Quieter Supersonic Jet Zooms Past Milestone NASA's Quieter - 07:32

Space Junk Solution? Tiny Cubesat to Test New De-Orbiting Thruster - 07:32

Dragon Spacecraft's Historic Second Return to Earth: How to Watch Live - 07:32

Slowly Merging Galaxies Form a Breathtaking 'Galactic Goulash' (Video) - 07:32

Friday th 30th of June 2017

New Conspiracy Theory: Children Kidnapped for Mars Slave Colony - 19:32

ULA Wins Competition for $191 Million Air Force launch - 17:32

Senate Follows House Lead in Criticizing NASA Budget Cuts - 16:32

President Trump Re-Establishes National Space Council - 16:32

Have an Awesome Summer Star Party Using Mobile Apps - 15:21

SpaceX Test-Fires Rocket Ahead of Sunday Launch (Photo) - 14:22

Moon Station Could Use Tech from Scrapped Asteroid Mission, NASA Says - 11:52

Asteroid Day Rocks! Here Are Some of the Cool Events Happening Worldwide - 07:22

TRAPPIST-1 Planets: How Were They Visualized? (Video) - 07:22

The Brightest Planets in July's Night Sky: How to See Them (and When) - 06:52

Chelyabinsk-Like Asteroid Gets Incinerated in Supercomputer Simulation (Video) - 06:22