Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Do Not Stop — Go Directly to the Moon, Says Mars Society's Robert Zubrin with 'Lunar Direct' Plan - 11:30

Russians ID Cause of Soyuz Launch Abort, Release Dramatic Rocket Video - 10:30

Thousands of Astronaut Neil Armstrong's Mementos Up for Auction - 09:40

Space Has Always Been Militarized, Just Not Weaponized — Not Yet, Anyway - 07:00

Skull-Shaped 'Halloween Asteroid' Will Zip by Earth Again This Month - 07:00

Happy Birthday, Arecibo! At 55, Iconic Radio Telescope Survives Hurricane, Funding Challenges - 07:00

NASA's Parker Solar Probe Just Started Its First Skim Past the Sun - 07:00

NASA Has a Wild Idea to Send 1 Probe to 7 Different Asteroids and It Could Launch In 2021 - 07:00

Wednesday th 31st of October 2018

A Cosmic Dark Knight Rises in Spooky 'Bat Wing' Hubble Photo - 17:10

Best Telescopes for Beginners (Easy to Use) — 2018 Guide - 15:40

Best Small, Portable Telescopes for Travelers and City Dwellers — 2018 Guide - 15:40

Best Inexpensive Telescopes (a Great Gift Idea): 2018 Guide - 15:40

Best Telescopes for the Money - 15:40

'War of the Worlds!' The Infamous Martian Invasion Radio Broadcast Explained - 14:40

Have a 'War of the Worlds' Radio Party This Halloween! - 14:10

Mars Attacks! Halloween 1938 and the Infamous 'War of the Worlds' Radio Broadcast - 14:10

Elvis and Darth Vader Invade Space Station for Astronauts' Halloween - 13:20

Inside 3 Mars Meteorites: A Different Path for 'Building Blocks of Life'? - 13:20

The Milky Way Has a Gigantic Skeleton in Its Closet - 13:20

Another Space Diamond! NASA Probe Snaps Great Photo of Asteroid Bennu - 12:50

The Violent Deaths of Giant Blue Stars May Spawn Exotic Matter - 12:50

Signs of Earth's Weird, Elusive 'Dust Moons' Finally Spotted - 12:50

NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Space Telescope Is Done. What Will Happen to It? - 12:50

Ghouls and Gourds! Awesome Photos from NASA JPL's 2018 Pumpkin-Carving Contest - 06:50

Cosmic Halloween! Pumpkin Planets Shine in NASA JPL's Annual Carving Contest (Photos) - 06:50

Cosmic Eye Candy! James Webb Space Telescope Halloween Costume Is a Real Treat (Photos) - 06:50

Halloween Night Sky 2018: Don't Miss These Celestial Treats - 06:50

The Humans of Kepler: How NASA's Planet-Hunting Telescope Changed Astronomy (And Us) Forever - 06:50

Tuesday th 30th of October 2018

RIP, Kepler: Revolutionary Planet-Hunting Telescope Goes Dead - 14:50

Sotheby's to Offer Soviet Robot-Retrieved Moon Rocks at Auction, Again - 11:20

NASA to Provide Update on Fate of Kepler Spacecraft Today: See It Live - 10:50

NASA Will Keep Trying to Revive the Silent Mars Rover Opportunity Through January - 06:50

SpaceX Fires Rocket for Commercial Crew Test Flight (Photo) - 06:50

'War of the Worlds' Radio Broadcast Terrified Listeners 80 Years Ago. Would E.T. Contact Cause Panic Today? - 06:50

Monday th 29th of October 2018

Audit: NASA Lost Moon Buggy, Other Artifacts Due to Poor Policies - 23:30

Stratolaunch's Rocket Carrier, the Biggest Airplane Ever Built, Aces Fastest Runway Test Yet - 17:30

Explore Darth Vader's Castle in These Awesome Lego Pics! - 16:30

A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to Sun - 15:30

Watch NASA Break a Speed Record in Mars Parachute Test - 15:00

Japan Launches UAE's KhalifaSat and Climate-Monitoring Satellite Into Orbit - 13:01

Hubble Space Telescope Returns to Action After Gyroscope Glitch - 07:10

NASA Needs Help Shipping Cargo to Its Future Lunar Space Station - 06:40

Tweeting from Space? How 280 Characters Can Change Astronaut Psychology - 06:40

Pluto's Biggest Moon Could Give an Orbiter an (Almost) Free Ride - 06:40

Landspace Fails to Reach Orbit with Milestone Private Chinese Launch - 06:40

Sunday th 28th of October 2018

Number of Habitable Exoplanets Found by NASA's Kepler May Not Be So High After All - 06:50

Gravity Assist Podcast: Solar Storms, with Alex Young - 06:50

Could Misbehaving Neutrinos Explain Why the Universe Exists? - 06:50

Saturday th 27th of October 2018

Hayabusa2 Braces for a Rocky Landing on Asteroid Ryugu - 07:00

'Star Wars: Boba Fett' Movie '100% Dead' — Report - 07:00