Thursday th 7th of February 2019

Kite-Blown Sled Climbs Antarctic Ice Dome, One of the Coldest Places on Earth - 07:30

Last Light: Here's the Final View from NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Space Telescope - 07:30

Wednesday th 6th of February 2019

NASA Probe Spots China's Chang'e 4 Lander on Far Side of the Moon (Photo) - 18:41

2018 Was the 4th Hottest Year on Record. Here's How NASA Knows. - 17:50

Jeff Bezos Lays Out Blue Origin's Rocket Reusability Vision for Space Travel (Video) - 14:20

SpaceX, Boeing (and NASA) Push Back 1st Test Launches of Private Spaceships - 13:22

Scientists Are Creating Mock Meteorite Crashes in a Lab. Here's Why. - 13:00

These Bubbles of Star Birth in the Milky Way's Galactic Neighbor Look Spectacular! - 12:30

Why Physicists Are Interested in the Mysterious Quirks of the Heftiest Quark - 12:30

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Was Moving So Fast, Geophysicists Had to Update the Map - 12:30

NASA, NOAA to Release Update on Earth's Climate 2018 Global Temperatures Today - 08:20

A Year After SpaceX's 1st Falcon Heavy Launch, a Starman (and Tesla) Sail On - 07:50

Astronaut Suits Up in 'Smart' Astroskin Jersey on Space Station - 07:50

The World's 1st Interplanetary Cubesats Go Silent Beyond Mars - 07:20

The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' Ends with a Lunar Corona in Gorgeous Time-Lapse Photo - 07:20

Shutdown Delays Proposed Revisions to Launch Licensing Regulations - 07:20

Tuesday th 5th of February 2019

Trump Honors 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing in State of the Union Speech - 23:30

Ariane 5: European Heavy-Lift Rocket - 18:20

Deep Impact: The Deep-Space Comet Hunter - 17:30

Ariane 5 Rocket Launches Satellites Into Orbit for Saudi Arabia and India - 17:30

It's the Year of the Pig! Google Doodle, White House and More Celebrate - 15:40

Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua Could Be a 'Monstrous' Corpse of Comet Dust - 13:00

Watch an Ariane 5 Rocket Launch 2 Satellites Today! - 13:00

National Science Foundation Preparing for Another Government Shutdown - 11:30

Starforce Takes Center Stage in 'Captain Marvel' International Poster - 11:30

ULA Wins Competition to Launch NASA's Lucy Asteroid Mission - 08:30

NASA's InSight Lander On Mars Deploys Shield for Quake-Tracking Seismometer - 08:00

A Telescope Tracks Orion the Hunter in Starry Time-Lapse Video - 07:30

'Roswell' Brings Back Romance, Conspiracies (and Aliens) 20 Years Later - 07:30

The Milky Way Is Totally Twisted - 07:30

Monday th 4th of February 2019

When Worlds Collide: Scientists Spot Hint of a Giant Crash in Alien Solar System - 17:30

Students Relive Apollo 11 Moon Landing with NASA's 'Next Giant Leap' Challenge - 17:00

Astronaut Twins Mark and Scott Kelly Scramble Earth's Lights in Alexa Super Bowl Ad - 17:00

This Wild Moon Base Idea Came from Architecture Students (Video) - 13:40

Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX's 1st Rocket Engine Test for Starship Rocket (Video) - 13:10

'Space Dealers' Brings the Space Memorabilia Market to Reality TV - 11:40

Bright Sights, Big City: Planets Align Over Manhattan in Gorgeous Photo - 07:20

NASA Battled Cybersecurity Threats During Government Shutdown - 07:20

Two Men Spent 340 Days in Space. Scientists Are Still Figuring Out What They've Learned - 07:20

Sunday th 3rd of February 2019

Hyperfast Shock Waves from a Supernova Heat Atoms to Blazing-Hot Temperatures - 08:50

This Is the Purest Beam of Light in the World - 08:50

See the Whirlpool Galaxy Through the Eyes of the NASA's 'Great Observatories' - 08:50

Lego Movie World Opening at Florida Park - 08:50

Saturday th 2nd of February 2019

Coffee Lovers May Someday Brew Their Java with Space-Roasted Beans - 08:10

First Responders in Space: How Satellites Save Lives During Natural Disasters - 08:10

Giant Void Hidden Under Antarctica’s Ice Threatens Vast Glacier - 08:10

First Private Lunar Spacecraft Shoots for the Moon - 08:10

Friday th 1st of February 2019

Meet the Rexcelsior Spaceship from 'The Lego Movie 2' in These Photos! - 19:00

Read a Free Issue of 'How It Works' Magazine! - 18:30

Everything Is Awesome About These 'The Lego Movie 2' Collectible Minifigures! - 18:30