Science Blog

Wednesday th 17th of September 2008

Almost 7 million pregnant in sub-Saharan Africa infected with hookworms - 12:42

Latest Electoral College forecast shows McCain ahead by as many as 27 votes - 11:56

Tuesday th 16th of September 2008

New Carbon Material Shows Promise of Storing Large Quantities of Renewable Electrical Energy - 16:07

Science Funding: What McCain and Obama have to say - 13:07

Move over mean girls -- boys can be socially aggressive, too - 09:14

Is re-emerging superbug the next MRSA? - 09:14

High grain prices are likely here to stay - 09:14

Does Social Exclusion Literally Feel Cold? - 09:14

Brain pleasure center ebbs as we age - 09:14

Monday th 15th of September 2008

Herpes drug inhibits HIV in patients infected with both viruses - 22:21

Two Books That Can Save Your Life - 21:56

Immigrant Sun: Our star could be far from where it started in Milky Way - 15:08

Latino/Hispanic Heritiage Month begins today! Highlight the contributions of Latino Scientists - 13:35

Seize the day! New research helps tightwads 'live a little' - 13:35

How many memories fit in your brain? More than we thought - 09:49

Gene therapy for chronic pain gets first test in people - 09:49

Oil palm plantations are no substitute for tropical rainforests - 09:49

Water purification down the nanotubes - 09:49

Friday th 12th of September 2008

Memory enhanced by sports-cheat drug - 11:56

Curbing coal emissions alone might avert climate danger - 11:14

Biologists hope to discover 'Darwin particle' with Giant Animal Smasher - 11:14

Politicians who blame universities for their own failings - 09:14

New cannabis-like drugs could block pain without affecting brain - 09:14

Mate selection more biologically determined in some human populations - 09:14

Thursday th 11th of September 2008

NSF funds Engineering Scholarships - 21:28

Professor Hawking: I Accept Your Bet... - 21:28

Saltwater solution to save crops - 18:50

Size limit for black holes - 16:14

Scientists Watch As Listener's Brain Predicts Speaker's Words - 13:14

'Naked-eye' gamma-ray burst was aimed squarely at Earth - 11:42

What if someone is watching? - 09:23

Army still using physicians in interrogation, bioethicist says - 08:56

Wednesday th 10th of September 2008

In spiders, size matters: Small males are more often meals - 16:07

Climate Computer Modeling Heats Up - 12:42

First beam for Large Hadron Collider - 11:29

Human embryonic stem cell secretions minimized tissue injury after heart attack - 08:52

Physicists harness effects of disorder in magnetic sensors - 08:52

Tuesday th 9th of September 2008

Why it doesn't matter if America falls behind in Science - 12:07

Higgs or no Higgs, should nul results get more respect? - 12:07

Palin, Religion, The 2008 Election - 12:07

Real-world behavior and biases show up in virtual world - 08:42

Unique Feral Cattle Identified in Alaska - 08:21

Monday th 8th of September 2008

Infidelity dissected: New research on why people cheat - 16:35

Scientists point to forests for carbon storage solutions - 16:14

Research by one of the Progenitors of Web-based Research - 12:49

Cassini Images Ring Arcs Among Saturn's Moons - 12:28

Rattlesnake-type poisons used by superbug bacteria to beat our defenses - 09:07

Once-a-week treatment for type 2 diabetes developed - 08:21

Milk may help bacteria survive against low levels of antibiotics - 08:21

Sunday th 7th of September 2008

How you spend affects how much you spend: Non-cash purchases found to be higher than cash buys - 09:49