Science Blog

Tuesday th 12th of August 2008

Older runners appear less likely to become disabled, may survive longer - 09:42

Monday th 11th of August 2008

Researchers correct decline in organ function associated with old age - 18:21

Lower educational achievement may be early Alzheimer's sign - 16:07

Hubble Unveils Colorful Star Birth Region on 100,000th Orbit - 14:35

New bacterial species found in human mouth - 14:14

Obama stands to gain from 'Hillary effect' - 14:14

Anti-noise silences wind turbines - 11:14

Researchers block damage to fetal brain following maternal alcohol consumption - 11:14

Elephant memories may hold key to survival - 10:49

Saturday th 9th of August 2008

A new light on the brains of people with borderline personality disorder - 18:21

Friday th 8th of August 2008

Early treatment is key to combating hepatitis C virus - 18:21

Unlocking mystery of why dopamine freezes Parkinson's patients - 18:21

'Top Secret' Technology To Help U.S. Swimmers Trim Times at Olympics - 11:14

Hope: An overlooked tool in the battle against HIV/AIDS - 11:14

Monkey See, Monkey Do - 10:49

Universally Speaking, Earthlings Share a Nice Neighborhood - 09:21

Thursday th 7th of August 2008

Medical doctors who do research could be a dying breed - 16:49

Engineers Out to Thaw the Mysteries of Ice - 16:28

No-nose Bicycle Saddles Improve Penile Sensation, Erectile Function in Bike Cops - 16:28

Cause of post-partum blues may be identified - 11:35

No evidence to support 'organic is best'? - 09:21

Skipping Atomic-scale Stones to Study Some Chemistry Basics - 09:21

This Day in Science History: Nighttime dying linked to sleep apnea from brain cell loss - 09:21

Jupiter and Saturn full of liquid metal helium - 00:35

Wednesday th 6th of August 2008

Quantum chaos unveiled? - 15:56

Scientists a step closer to producing fuel from bacteria - 11:07

Quitters: U.S. alcohol consumption declining - 11:07

Who do you fear or trust? - 00:14

Tuesday th 5th of August 2008

Psychiatrists shift away from providing psychotherapy - 17:49

Globular Clusters Tell Tale of Star Formation - 17:07

Spices may protect against consequences of high blood sugar - 15:35

Some African drought linked to warmer Indian Ocean - 14:07

Review and Book Talk Link - EVIL GENES: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother's Boyfriend - 13:21

Exercise Pill is No Replacement for Exercise - 11:07

Scientists discover 'Planet of the Apes' - 11:07

Technique could reduce lifelong drugs for transplant patients - 09:14

Exposure to Agent Orange linked to prostate cancer in Vietnam veterans - 08:28

Monday th 4th of August 2008

Great white's mighty bite revealed - 18:14

Estrogen relieves psychotic symptoms in women with schizophrenia - 18:14

Military use of robots increases - 17:49

Superfluid-superconductor relationship detailed - 14:28

Job growth not the only factor in reducing poverty in large metro areas - 11:49

Electronic tongue tastes wine variety, vintage - 08:28

Epilepsy drug may help alcoholics recover from dependence - 08:28

Sunday th 3rd of August 2008

Bulging prison system called massive intervention in American family life - 12:49

World's smallest snake found in Barbados - 12:49

Higher HIV infection estimate shows need for routine screening, more funding for care - 12:49

Word Play with Mathematica - 12:49

Friday th 1st of August 2008

China becomes a physics powerhouse - 17:49

NASA Spacecraft Confirms Martian Water, Mission Extended - 16:21