Science Blog

Monday th 28th of July 2008

A scientist at work: Streetcorner surveying - 11:07

86 Percent of Americans Could be Overweight or Obese by 2030 - 11:07

Monkey just discovered already endangered - 11:07

Lung inflammation from influenza could be turned off with new discovery - 08:49

Impressionist Spacecraft to View Solar System's Invisible Frontier - 08:49

Researchers map out America's deadliest roads - 08:28

Sunday th 27th of July 2008

Third World dementia underestimated - 23:49

Scientists spy an electron dance - 11:28

Rising energy, food prices major threats to wetlands as farmers eye new areas for crops - 11:28

Saturday th 26th of July 2008

Satellites Discover What Triggers Eruptions of the Northern Lights - 18:14

Friday th 25th of July 2008

Biology enters 'The Matrix' through new computer language - 20:49

Anti-HIV Therapy Boosts Life Expectancy 13 Years - 20:28

Should we trust experiments on the web? - 11:49

Watching a 'New Star' Make the Universe Dusty - 11:49

Telescope eye glasses to make driving easier for visually impaired - 11:49

Limits on futures trading could boost gas prices - 11:28

Mustard – hot stuff for natural pest control - 11:28

Mindfulness meditation slows progression of HIV - 11:28

Thursday th 24th of July 2008

Lenses galore - Hubble finds large sample of very distant galaxies - 11:49

Chemist goes nano with CoQ10 - 11:49

Why play a losing game? Study uncovers why low-income people buy lottery tickets - 11:49

Wy do we remember so little of what we see: Results from an experiment - 11:07

Wednesday th 23rd of July 2008

Polarizing filter allows astronomers to see disks surrounding black holes - 14:49

Toxic chemicals found in common scented laundry products, air fresheners - 12:14

Commercially-bred Bees Responsible for Decline in Bee Population? - 11:49

Licking your wounds: scientists isolate compound in human saliva that speeds wound healing - 09:56

Tuesday th 22nd of July 2008

Security flaws in online banking sites found to be widespread - 20:07

Cats, instincts, and evolution - 17:28

Spitzer Reveals 'No Organics' Zone Around Pinwheel Galaxy - 15:14

Robot playmates may help children with autism - 13:21

Outflow from World's Largest River --the Amazon-- Powers Atlantic Ocean Carbon Sink - 09:14

Ultrasonic frogs can tune their ears to different frequencies - 09:14

Monday th 21st of July 2008

Scientists figure out how the immune system and brain communicate to control disease - 19:21

New project to develop GPS-like system for moon - 17:07

Cranberry juice creates energy barrier that keeps bacteria away from cells - 15:35

Moving Forward In Addressing Health Care Inequalities In The Black Community - 12:35

Brightest Star in the Galaxy Has New Competition - 11:49

Publishing scientific results: a timeline - 10:42

New evidence of battle between humans and ancient virus - 10:42

Beijing pollution may trigger heart attacks, strokes - 10:42

Mangroves key to saving lives - 08:49

A dash of lime -- a new twist that may cut CO2 levels back to pre-industrial levels - 01:21

Video released of rapid Alzheimer's improvement after new immune-based treatment - 01:21

Sunday th 20th of July 2008

Massive greenhouse gases may be released as destruction, drying of world wetlands worsens: UN - 21:35

Pregnant mice block out unwelcome admirers to protect their pups - 18:14

Spectra of gravitational waves - 17:07

Pregnant mice block out unwelcome admirers to protect their pups - 17:07

Eruptions wiped out ocean life 94 million years ago - 11:07

Raw deal for foreign brides in Taiwan: study - 11:07

You don't say: Coffee and cigarette consumption are high among AA attendees - 09:14