NY Times Science

Thursday th 7th of February 2019

Trilobites: Beaked Whales Are the Deepest Divers - 16:20

Democrats Formally Call for a Green New Deal, Giving Substance to a Rallying Cry - 12:50

The Patient Had Bone Cancer. The Diagnosis Arrived 240 Million Years Too Late. - 12:50

Wednesday th 6th of February 2019

Trilobites: The Northern and Southern Lights Are Asymmetric Dancers in the Dark - 10:20

Did a Seal Eat Your Vacation Photos? A New Zealand Scientist Is Looking for You. - 01:10

Tuesday th 5th of February 2019

The Cycle: Drinking While Pregnant: An Inconvenient Truth - 18:40

Trilobites: Celebrating Lunar New Year and the Diversity of the World’s Calendars - 15:20

Basics: The Deadliest Quake of 2018 Was Also the Fastest Ever - 14:00

How the Hummingbird Bill Evolved For Battle - 08:00

Times Insider: Making Science Vivid With Video - 07:20

Colonists Brought Death, Disease and Climate Change to the Americas, Study Finds - 07:20

Monday th 4th of February 2019

Egypt Unveils Dozens of Newly Discovered Mummies - 18:00

FamilyTreeDNA Admits to Sharing Genetic Data With F.B.I. - 16:40

Bud Light Picks Fight With Corn Syrup in Super Bowl Ad - 14:50

The North Magnetic Pole’s Mysterious Journey Across the Arctic - 13:00

Rising Temperatures Could Melt Most Himalayan Glaciers by 2100, Report Finds - 08:40

Sunday th 3rd of February 2019

Many Children Are Overdoing It on the Toothpaste, C.D.C. Study Says - 05:40

Friday th 1st of February 2019

Trilobites: Flying Squirrels That Glow Pink in the Dark - 13:40

The New Old Age: When Is the Surgeon Too Old to Operate? - 12:20

9 Tons of Pangolin Scales Are Seized in Hong Kong - 09:40

Gigantic Cavity in Antarctica Glacier Is a Product of Rapid Melting, Study Finds - 06:20

Thursday th 31st of January 2019

Trilobites: You Flushed the Toilet. They Made Some Bricks. - 22:20

How NASA’s Curiosity Rover Weighed a Mountain on Mars - 15:20

It’s Still Cold. Our Midwest Readers Tell Us How to Make the Most of the Polar Vortex. - 15:20

Wednesday th 30th of January 2019

Scientists Single Out a Suspect in Starfish Carnage: Warming Oceans - 16:21

Matter: High Ceilings and a Lovely View: Denisova Cave Was Home to a Lost Branch of Humanity - 15:10

Trilobites: Searching for the Genetic Underpinnings of Morning Persons and Night Owls - 10:21

Tuesday th 29th of January 2019

U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This Is the Age of Weather Extremes - 21:00

China’s Coal Plants Haven’t Cut Methane Emissions as Required, Study Finds - 14:00

Joshua Trees Destroyed in National Park During Shutdown May Take Centuries to Regrow - 09:50

Remains of Explorer Who First Rounded Australia Found in UK - 00:10

Monday th 28th of January 2019

A Conversation With: Caroline Elton Helps Doctors Heal Themselves - 11:40

Study Offers Hint of Hope for Staving Off Dementia in Some People - 11:40

Sunday th 27th of January 2019

Don’t Kiss Your Pet Hedgehogs, Health Officials Warn - 05:30

Saturday th 26th of January 2019

Q&A: When the Cat Needs a Painkiller - 18:50

Alaska Hunter Who Killed Cubs in Bear Den Gets 3 Months in Jail - 05:20

Friday th 25th of January 2019

Trilobites: A Sharper Picture of Ultima Thule From NASA’s New Horizons - 16:10

‘This Could Be the End’ for NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover - 16:10

Take a Number: How Long Is a Day on Saturn? - 06:10

Thursday th 24th of January 2019

Why a Border Wall Could Mean Trouble for Wildlife - 18:20

Douglas Costle, Who Helped Create Environmental Agency, Dies at 79 - 15:40

Trilobites: And You Thought the Platypus Was Odd - 12:30

In Davos, Prince William Calls for Action on Mental Health - 10:50

Deadly Ebola Virus Is Found in Liberian Bat, Researchers Say - 09:40

Meanwhile: Dark-Sky Tourism: Under the Idaho Sky, a Sense of Belonging - 07:00

Spinal Fractures Can Be Terribly Painful. A Common Treatment Isn’t Helping. - 00:20

Wednesday th 23rd of January 2019

Mary Boyd Higgins, Wilhelm Reich’s Devoted Trustee, Is Dead at 93 - 20:01

How to Stop Rogue Gene-Editing of Human Embryos? Scientists Differ - 18:10

As Climate Warms, Plants Will Absorb Less CO₂, Study Finds - 16:50

During the Lunar Eclipse, Something Slammed Into the Moon - 11:01