NY Times Science

Tuesday th 27th of November 2018

The Cockroach Karate Kick That Fends Off Wasps - 04:40

ScienceTake: The Wasp Wants a Zombie. The Cockroach Says ‘No’ With a Karate Kick. - 04:40

Monday th 26th of November 2018

How Trump Is Ensuring That Greenhouse Gas Emissions Will Rise - 20:20

Full Video: InSight To Land on Mars - 17:10

Five Big Ways the United States Will Need to Adapt to Climate Change - 17:10

Watch Live: InSight To Land on Mars - 15:50

The Secret to That Bright-Red Drink? Little Bugs - 15:10

This Is the Way the Paper Crumples - 11:10

NASA’s Mars InSight Landing: Back to the Red Planet Once Again - 06:10

Real vs. Artificial Christmas Trees: What’s the Greener Choice? - 06:10

More Than 140 Whales Die in New Zealand After Mass Beaching - 03:10

Sunday th 25th of November 2018

Ahead of the InSight Landing, Look Back at a Busy Year for Mars News - 17:30

Trump Administration’s Strategy on Climate: Try to Bury Its Own Scientific Report - 16:10

Leda and the Swan: A Fresco Comes to Life in Pompeii Excavation - 05:20

Saturday th 24th of November 2018

Costly Raising of Argentine Submarine May Not Yield Answers or Bodies, Experts Say - 11:10

The World Needs to Quit Coal. Why Is It So Hard? - 09:50

Poisoned Wildlife and Tainted Meat: Why Hunters Are Moving Away From Lead Bullets - 05:30

In a Transylvania Town, Bears and Humans Collide at the Dumpster - 03:40

Q&A: A Memory From Out of the Blue - 02:30

Friday th 23rd of November 2018

What’s New in the Latest U.S. Climate Assessment - 20:10

Climate Change Will Take a Bite From U.S. Economy, Report Finds - 14:20

Trilobites: Beneath Antarctica’s Ice Is a Graveyard of Dead Continents - 13:50

Wednesday th 21st of November 2018

It’s Cold Outside? Gather Around the Turkey and Argue About Climate Change. - 18:10

Visitors From the Ocean’s Twilight Zone - 16:10

Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Rollbacks Stumbled in Court. His Successor Is More Thorough. - 13:30

Tuesday th 20th of November 2018

U.N. Environment Envoy Quits After Audit of Expenses - 19:30

Dennis Wrong, 94, One of the Last of the ‘New York Intellectuals,’ Dies - 17:40

A Metropolis of 200 Million Termite Mounds Was Hidden in Plain Sight - 12:40

Monday th 19th of November 2018

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: How Did We Get to Be Human? - 22:50

11 things we’d Really like to know: Will We Ever Cure Alzheimer’s? - 22:50

11 things we’d really like to know: When Will We Solve Mental Illness? - 22:50

Global Health: Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: Why Are We Still So Fat? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: How Long Can People Live? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: Does the Universe Still Need Einstein? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: Honestly, Some Questions Are Better Left Unanswered - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: How Will We Outsmart A.I. Liars? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: Will We Survive Climate Change? - 22:50

11 Things We’d Really Like to Know: Where’s Our Warp Drive to the Stars? - 22:50

11 THINGS We’d Really like to know: How Can We Unleash the Immune System? - 22:50

Science Times at 40: Survivor - 22:50

Science Times at 40: The Key to Stopping the Illegal Wildlife Trade: China - 22:50

A Conversation With: Steven Pinker Thinks the Future Is Looking Bright - 22:50

Science Times at 40: Some Good News, and a Hard Truth, About Science - 21:30

Science Times at 40: Essay: The Experiments Are Fascinating. But Nobody Can Repeat Them. - 21:30

Science Times at 40: Hope for the Great Apes, and Maybe for Us - 21:30

NASA Mars 2020 Rover Gets a Landing Site: A Crater That Contained a Lake - 19:40

‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters - 11:50

Sigrid Johnson Was Black. A DNA Test Said She Wasn’t. - 05:50

The New Health Care: Why Standing Desks Are Overrated - 05:50