NY Times Science

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

Transplant Patients Need Anti-Rejection Drugs. Why Won’t Insurers Pay for Some of Them? - 02:10

One Day There May Be a Drug to Turbocharge Your Brain. Who Should Get It? - 02:10

Monday th 1st of April 2019

Trilobites: Romeo, Meet Juliet. Now Go Save Your Species. - 17:20

DNA Is Solving Dozens of Cold Cases. Sometimes It’s Too Late for Justice. - 14:10

Something on Mars Is Producing Gas Usually Made by Living Things on Earth - 14:10

This Tarantula Became a Scientific Celebrity. Was It Poached From the Wild? - 12:50

Saturday th 30th of March 2019

Trump’s Order to Open Arctic Waters to Oil Drilling Was Unlawful, Federal Judge Finds - 15:20

Trump’s Order to Open Arctic Waters to Drilling Was Unlawful, Federal Judge Finds - 12:50

Friday th 29th of March 2019

Fossil Site Reveals Day That Meteor Hit Earth and, Maybe, Wiped Out Dinosaurs - 19:00

Plastic Bags, or Paper? Here’s What to Consider When You Hit the Grocery Store - 13:20

Mary Warnock, Who Offered Guidance on Embryo Use, Dies at 94 - 13:20

Why Do Garfield Phones Keep Washing Up on This Beach? - 11:20

Trilobites: Injecting Marshmallow Peeps With Fungi, for Science - 11:20

The Saturday Profile: He Helped Create A.I. Now, He Worries About ‘Killer Robots.’ - 10:40

Trilobites: Volcanoes! Lightning! And Radioactive Gas, Too - 09:20

Thursday th 28th of March 2019

Trilobites: A Crew of Mini-Moons That Sculpts Saturn’s Rings - 14:00

Matter: The Plague Killing Frogs Everywhere Is Far Worse Than Scientists Thought - 14:00

David Bernhardt, Former Oil Lobbyist and Trump’s Pick to Lead Interior Dept., Faces Senate Panel - 10:10

New York Sues Sackler Family Members and Drug Distributors - 10:10

Scientists Say a Canadian T. Rex ‘Scotty’ Is Heaviest Found - 04:10

Wednesday th 27th of March 2019

Climate Fwd:: One Thing You Can Do: Brew a Greener Cup of Coffee - 14:20

Turing Award Won by Three Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence - 13:10

Tuesday th 26th of March 2019

U.S. Will Lead World ‘In Human Space Exploration,’ Pence Says - 17:10

New York Suburb to Declare Measles Emergency, Barring Unvaccinated Children From Public - 14:10

American Astronauts to Return to Moon Within 5 Years, Pence Pledges - 14:10

Interior Nominee Intervened to Block Report on Endangered Species - 11:40

Trilobites: What Termites Can Teach Us About Cooling Our Buildings - 11:00

Tip: How to Talk to Dogs - 04:40

Out There: When Sky & Telescope Had No Limit - 02:50

Spinning Water Droplets That Defy Physics - 02:50

ScienceTake: This Water Drop, It’s the Greatest Dancer - 02:50

Monday th 25th of March 2019

NASA Cancels First All-Female Spacewalk Over Spacesuit Sizes - 21:50

Duke University to Pay $112.5 Million to Settle Claims of Research Misconduct - 20:30

Two Top Medical Groups Call for Soda Taxes and Advertising Curbs on Sugary Drinks - 19:10

Duke University to Pay $112.5 Million to Settle Claims of Research Misconduct - 19:10

A Colonial-Era Cemetery Resurfaces in Philadelphia - 15:30

California Company Recalls Avocados From Six States Over Listeria Fears - 10:41

Q&A: How Diamonds Gain Color - 10:41

Copenhagen Wants to Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change - 03:10

Saturday th 23rd of March 2019

The Northern Lights Are Expected in the Northern U.S., but Don’t Get Too Excited - 08:40

Under the Influence of a ‘Super Bloom’ - 06:50

Friday th 22nd of March 2019

‘I Do It From My Couch’: The Next Generation of Explorers - 19:00

Tyson Recalls 69,000 Pounds of Chicken Strips After Metal Fragments Are Found - 17:50

What Makes a Catastrophic Flood? And Is Climate Change Causing More of Them? - 15:20

Trilobites: An Elusive Whale Is Found All Around the World - 12:50

Trilobites: Sun Bear See, Sun Bear Do - 11:00

Thursday th 21st of March 2019

Trilobites: DNA Clues to an Ancient Canary Islands Voyage - 15:00

25 States Are at Risk of Serious Flooding This Spring, U.S. Forecast Says - 13:00

Deer Park in Texas Orders Residents to Shelter Indoors After Chemical Fire - 11:00

The Fight to Tame a Swelling River With Dams Outmatched by Climate Change - 04:40