NY Times Science

Monday th 19th of November 2018

Science Times at 40: Hope for the Great Apes, and Maybe for Us - 21:30

NASA Mars 2020 Rover Gets a Landing Site: A Crater That Contained a Lake - 19:40

‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters - 11:50

Sigrid Johnson Was Black. A DNA Test Said She Wasn’t. - 05:50

The New Health Care: Why Standing Desks Are Overrated - 05:50

Sunday th 18th of November 2018

Trump Says California Can Learn From Finland on Fires. Is He Right? - 16:30

Rich, Ancient City Is Unearthed in Greece - 11:20

Friday th 16th of November 2018

The Kilogram is Dead. Long Live the Kilogram! - 20:40

Zhores Medvedev, 93, Dissident Scientist Who Felt Moscow’s Boot, Is Dead - 16:50

Trump Says He’ll Nominate Andrew Wheeler to Head the E.P.A. - 15:30

Global Health: Rapid Cure Approved for Sleeping Sickness, a Horrific Illness - 07:50

Thursday th 15th of November 2018

Trilobites: Hurricane Harvey Passed Over, but These Fish Kept Making Babies - 13:00

Wednesday th 14th of November 2018

Dorothy Cheney, Who Studied Primates Up Close, Dies at 68 - 17:00

Trilobites: Ice Age Asteroid Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier - 17:00

Trilobites: Ancient Cycle of Italy’s Volcanic Giant Seems to End in a Large Eruption - 15:00

Part of the Answer to Climate Change May Be America’s Trees and Dirt, Scientists Say - 15:00

Tuesday th 13th of November 2018

Trilobites: Why Komodo Dragons Haven’t Conquered the World - 20:00

Trilobites: Male Insect Fertility Plummets After Heat Waves - 17:00

Monday th 12th of November 2018

Clean Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Solve Global Warming - 19:50

A ‘Time Capsule’ for Scientists, Courtesy of Peter the Great - 16:51

Q&A: ‘Touch Not the Cat’ - 13:10

The Wheels on These Buses Go Round and Round With Zero Emissions - 06:30

In Brazil, Animals Cross a Road of No Return - 06:30

Where Will Science Take Us? To the Stars - 06:30

Saturday th 10th of November 2018

Watch Rocket Lab Try to Launch an Electron Rocket to Orbit From New Zealand - 20:20

The Chemists’ War - 09:40

Friday th 9th of November 2018

Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires? - 20:14

The New Old Age: Dementia Is Getting Some Very Public Faces - 13:40

Judge Blocks the Disputed Keystone XL Pipeline in a Setback for Trump’s Energy Agenda - 08:10

Thursday th 8th of November 2018

Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair and Thesis Fetch More Than $1 Million at Auction - 23:00

Devah Pager, Who Documented Race Bias in Job Market, Dies at 46 - 17:00

Matter: Crossing From Asia, the First Americans Rushed Into the Unknown - 15:00

Wednesday th 7th of November 2018

Climate Change and the Elections: Five Takeaways - 16:20

Matter: In an Indonesian Jungle, Scientists Find the Oldest Figurative Art in the World - 14:20

Three Deep Red States Vote to Expand Medicaid - 07:40

Feature: What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick? - 06:20

Tuesday th 6th of November 2018

Kitty O’Neil, Stuntwoman and Speed Racer, Is Dead at 72 - 20:40

How To Give a Spider An Eye Test - 03:40

ScienceTake: How the Jumping Spider Sees Its Prey - 03:40

Monday th 5th of November 2018

Ruth Gates, Who Sought to Rescue Coral Reefs, Is Dead at 56 - 20:50

Trilobites: Tiniest Ape Ever Discovered Hints at the Rise of the Monkeys - 19:00

Nonfiction: A History of the Heart, That Most Vital of Organs - 15:40

Q&A: In Ports Everywhere, It’s Push Versus Pull - 06:20

Saturday th 3rd of November 2018

More Evidence Points to China as Source of Ozone-Depleting Gas - 21:00

Minorities Are Most Vulnerable When Wildfires Strike in U.S., Study Finds - 04:40

In a Land of Quakes, Engineering a Future for a Church Made of Mud - 04:40

Friday th 2nd of November 2018

Trilobites: When Human Relatives First Visited a Green Arabian Peninsula - 16:10

Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Russia Set to Resume Astronaut Trips to the International Space Station - 14:40

It’s Not Just Pre-Existing Conditions. Voters Weigh Many Health Issues on State Ballots - 12:40

NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt Says Good Night - 12:40