MSNBC: Science

Thursday the 30th of October 2014

Antares Launch Pad Escaped Major Damage, Orbital Says - 23:00

Study: Mislabeled Shrimp Rampant at Restaurants and Grocers - 18:00

World's Salamanders Threatened by Skin-Eating Fungus - 17:00

Nikon Celebrates 40 Years of Seeing the Invisible - 15:30

Earth's Water Existed Earlier Than Thought: Study - 15:30

Hawaii Official: Overall Lava Flow Has Slowed - 13:30

Up Close: Lava Oozes Toward Hawaii Homes - 11:31

Up-Close Look at Lava Oozing Toward Homes - 10:30

Wednesday the 29th of October 2014

1,800-Year-Old Mexican Tunnel May Lead to Royal Tombs - 19:31

Gene Trawls Haul in New Finds on Autism, MS - 18:00

Solar-Powered Water Wheel is Cleaning Baltimore's Inner Harbor - 18:00

Antares Rocket Blast Puts NASA Through Trial by Fire - 18:00

Antares Rocket Explosion: Wreckage Could Yield Clues - 17:00

Liftoff! Atlas 5 Rocket Carries GPS Satellite to Space - 16:30

Rocket Blast Teaches Teens Cost of Discovery - 16:30

Bombs and Walls Might Slow Lava, But Not Stop It - 15:30

Students Watch as Blast Destroys Science Projects - 14:00

Liftoff! Atlas V Rocket Carries GPS Satellite to Space - 14:00

Lava's Path of Destruction Captured in Aerial Tour - 14:00

Mini-Stomachs Let Scientists Study Ulcers in a Lab Dish - 13:31

Metal Patch May Be From Earhart's Lost Plane: Report - 10:30

Up in Smoke: Science Projects Lost in Rocket Blast - 10:30

Fragment May Be From Earhart's Lost Plane: Report - 10:00

Failure to Launch: Final Moments of Antares Rocket - 10:00

Watch Live: Atlas V Rocket Launch - 1:21p ET - 09:00

Russia Sends Cargo to Space After U.S. Setback - 09:00

Timelapse Video of Russian Cargo Ship Docking With ISS - 09:00

Rocket Explosion Hit Virginia 'Like an Earthquake' - 06:00

Russia Sends Cargo to Space Station After U.S. Setback - 04:03

Tuesday the 28th of October 2014

Holy Science! Pope Says Evolution, Big Bang Are Real - 22:30

Student Experiments Blow Up With Antares Rocket - 21:30

Rocket Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch - 19:00

Spaceship Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch - 18:00

NASA Rocket Explodes During Launch - 18:00

Watch Live: NASA Launches the Orbital Sciences' Antares Rocket - 17:00

Farewell, 'Mouse-tronauts': Zero-G Lab Mice Dissected - 17:00

NASA Kicks Space Station Tech Up to the Next Level - 08:30

Monday the 27th of October 2014

Space Station Cargo Launch Spoiled by a Wayward Boat - 22:00

Burning Questions: What's Going on With the Hawaiian Lava Menace? - 19:10

Tons of BP Oil Still Lines the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico - 16:50

Tons of BP Oil Still at Bottom of Gulf of Mexico - 14:50

Sunday the 26th of October 2014

Hawaii to Locals: Get Ready for Volcano Lava Evacuation - 19:20

Saturday the 25th of October 2014

Big One Ahead? Huge Quakes Surge in Past Decade - 16:30

SpaceX Dragon Comes Home After Space Mouse Delivery - 15:30

SpaceX Dragon Coming Home After Space Mouse Delivery - 12:30

Friday the 24th of October 2014

Drones Give Archaeologists a Bird's-Eye View of Past - 18:20

Ancient City Ruled by Genghis Khan's Heirs Revealed - 16:20

Google Exec's 136,000-Foot Space Jump Breaks Record - 16:20

Google Exec's 136,000-Foot Jump Breaks Record - 16:20

Scientists Make Progress on Hybrid Mammoth-Elephant - 13:20