MSNBC: Science

Tuesday the 24th of February 2015

Russia Plans to Keep Space Station Modules After 2024 - 20:30

Rocket Re-Entry Lights Up Sky over Utah - 19:00

East Coast Flooding Blamed on 'Unprecedented' Sea Surge - 17:00

More Siberian Craters Prompt Call for Urgent Investigation - 16:00

Ancient Hippo Ancestor Was Hardly Bigger Than a Sheep - 16:00

Chinese Space Junk Puts on a Fiery Show in U.S. Skies - 16:00

Red Planet or Bust? Mars One Faces Earthly Challenges - 15:30

Brazil Detains Alleged Deforestation King of Amazon - 13:30

Stephen Hawking: Aggression 'Could 'Destroy Us All' - 12:30

Crater Creep? Siberian Black Holes Spark Fresh Concern - 08:00

Siberian Black Holes Prompt Call for Urgent Investigation - 08:00

Monday the 23rd of February 2015

Antarctica Home to Scientists Solving Mysteries - 20:50

Crater Creep? Siberian Black Holes Stir Fresh Concern - 20:50

Microscopic Life Thrives in the Ocean's Lowest Depths - 19:20

'NASCAR on the Moon': Teams Pair Up to Seek Lunar Prize - 18:00

Surprise! 1,000-Year-Old Mummy Found in Buddha Statue - 16:00

Astronauts Kick Off Spacewalk Trilogy With a Selfie - 16:00

'Proud of You': Stephen Hawking Hails Redmayne's Oscar - 15:30

Eddie Redmayne and Stephen Hawking Share Oscar Triumph - 15:30

Conservationists to Chinese President: End Ivory Trade - 12:00

Sunday the 22nd of February 2015

Could Patch Be the Cure for Those With Peanut Allergies? - 23:30

Could Patch Could Be the Cure for Those With Peanut Allergies? - 20:00

Oscar Nominees Put Science in the Spotlight - 11:30

Saturday the 21st of February 2015

Spacewalkers Get Station Ready for New U.S. Spaceships - 15:30

Spacewalking Astronauts Begin Preparing for Space Taxis - 12:30

How Scientists Plan to Spark Battery Breakthroughs - 00:01

Friday the 20th of February 2015

Search for Life on Mars May Make Evidence Self-Destruct - 23:00

Search for Life on Mars May Make Evidence Self-Destruct - 22:30

Fire Ants Hitched Ride Around Globe on Spanish Galleons - 17:00

Stephen Hawking Masters the Universe ... With Telescope - 16:30

Mars Dinosaur? It's Another Curio From Curiosity Rover - 15:00

Maya Mural Reveals Ancient 'Photobomb' - 14:30

Eco-Drones Join Fight to Save the Environment - 13:30

Ancient Fortune-Telling Shrines Unearthed in Armenia - 13:30

Thursday the 19th of February 2015

Black Hole's Belch Could Transform an Entire Galaxy - 19:00

NASA Delays Space Station Spacewalk for Suit Check - 19:00

New Horizons Probe Watches Pluto's Tiny Moons Go Round - 18:00

Cope's Rule Rules When It Comes to Marine Mammals - 17:00

Nature's Strongest Material? It's Not Spider Silk - 14:30

California Sea Lion Die-Off Linked to Warmer Ocean - 14:30

Scientists Can't Explain Massive Martian Plume - 12:01

Earthquake Warnings Tested in Washington State - 10:30

Wednesday the 18th of February 2015

Scientists Map the Epigenome, Our Second Genetic Code - 23:00

Great Ball of Fire! Meteor Lights Up Pennsylvania Sky - 18:20

Nature's Strongest Material? It's Not Spider Silk - 16:30

Future of New York Could Be Hot and Flooded: Report - 12:30

Washington State Man Among Finalists for Trip to Mars - 11:30

Divers Stumble Upon Large Stash of Medieval Coins - 10:00

Phew! Alien Star Missed Us by Less Than a Light-Year - 02:00

Tuesday the 17th of February 2015

UMass Bans Iranians From Science Classes, Stirs Backlash - 22:30