MSNBC: Science

Monday the 21st of December 2015

SpaceX Successfully Launches, Lands Falcon 9 Rocket - 21:00

Neil deGrasse Tyson Debunks 'Star Wars' Science - 15:13

SpaceX Preps for First Launch Since Falcon 9 Explosion - 13:44

Watch Astronauts Go on Spacewalk to Fix Railcar - 13:44

Force Is With Astronauts During Unexpected Spacewalk - 12:00

Sunday the 20th of December 2015

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Delayed by One Day - 18:50

Prague Zoo Claims to Have the Longest Salamander on Earth - 10:50

Why These 'Happy' Christmas Trees Don't Have to Die - 06:20

Friday the 18th of December 2015

LHC Experiment Hints at Possibility of New Particle - 15:10

Omega Watch Flown to Moon Sells for $245K - 13:31

Astronauts Could Take Unexpected Holiday Spacewalk - 12:33

Watch Baby Turtles Take First Dip in the Amazon - 03:50

Thursday the 17th of December 2015

7 Losers in Congress' Massive New Spending Bill - 20:50

King Tut Is Back With His Beard Intact - 03:00

Wednesday the 16th of December 2015

Where Do Visions of Sugarplums Dance? - 20:51

That Scary Movie Really Is Blood Curdling - 20:50

Groovy, Baby: Study Finds Toothy English Grins Match Yank Smiles - 19:50

Brain-Like Computer System IDs Most 'Memorable' Photos - 18:50

Inside the Search for the Next-Generation Sports Helmet - 13:37

Tuesday the 15th of December 2015

Why Does Vladimir Putin Walk Like That? - 18:11

A Photographer's Dive Into Palau's Jellyfish Lake - 17:13

How Doctors Sneaked Bob Dylan Into Their Reports - 14:30

Look Inside Cockpit as Soyuz Lifts Off From Baikonur - 10:30

Rocket With Three-Man Crew Blasts Off to Space Station - 10:29

Forget About a White Christmas If You Live on East Coast - 03:21

Monday the 14th of December 2015

Algae Causing Sea Lion Brain Damage, Study Shows - 17:10

Xprize Offers $7 Million For Ocean-Scouring Robots - 15:10

World War III Could Ruin Mars Mission, Elon Musk Says - 13:08

NASA Want Ad: Astronauts Needed to Help Get to Mars - 12:32

World Leaders Agree to 'Historic' Deal on Climate Change - 05:01

Obama: Climate Deal Is Our 'Best Chance' to Save Planet - 05:00

Climate Deal: The Good, the Bad, the Still Unknown - 05:00

What to Know About Historic Paris Deal on Climate Change - 03:31

Saturday the 12th of December 2015

Obama On Global Climate Deal: It's Our Best Chance to Save the Planet - 18:30

Final Text of Climate Deal Expected Early Saturday - 01:10

Friday the 11th of December 2015

Scientists Are Teaching Computers to Learn More Like You - 11:32

Astronaut Trio En Route Back to Earth After Leaving ISS - 07:36

Disputes Send Paris Climate Talks Into Overtime - 05:00

Paris Climate Deal May Be Too Late for These Islanders - 04:39

Thursday the 10th of December 2015

Oh, Pits! Thousands of Holes Dot Pluto's Surface - 19:42

Elon Musk Confirms Date for Next SpaceX Launch - 12:05

Climate Change Activists Pull Stunts Ahead of Paris Conference Deadline - 10:52

What Do You Learn When You Get Your Genome Sequenced? - 09:31

New Dinosaur Discovered in China - 03:30

Wednesday the 9th of December 2015

World's First Test-Tube Puppies Are Born - 16:45

No Aliens: Dwarf Planet Ceres' Bright Spots Made of Salt - 15:18

First U.S. Space Station Shipment in Months Arrives - 11:37

Tuesday the 8th of December 2015

Wet, Stretchy Bandage Could Deliver Drugs, Test Blood - 17:31

Beneath Mona Lisa Lies Second Portrait, Scientist Claims - 17:00

Stonehenge Rocks Might Have Come From Other Monuments - 16:02