MSNBC: Science

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

Lawyer: Aaron Hernandez's Brain Is Being Held 'Illegally' - 15:01

A major pro-choice group is slamming Bernie Sanders and the DNC after di... - 14:31

How to Plan for This Summer's Once-in-a-Century Solar Eclipse - 14:01

This Is How Much Bill O'Reilly Will Get for Leaving Fox - 13:31

'Straw Hat Bandit' Suspect Has a History of Heists - 13:02

Coconut Oil: Health Hero or Dietary Disaster? - 13:02

Tennessee Teacher Suspected of Kidnapping 15-Year-Old Arrested - 13:02

Can Umbilical Cord Blood Rejuvenate Your Brain? - 12:01

Compromise seeks to bridge differences between moderate and conservative... - 12:01

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Dine with Trump - 10:05

Cassini Will Crash Into Saturn After Its "Grand Finale" Mission - 09:31

Scrapping Nuclear Deal May Embolden Iran's Hardliners: Analysis - 09:02

First Daughter Has Chinese Fan Club Worshiping 'Goddess Ivanka' - 09:02

TIME Reveals 100 Most Influential People of 2017 — Check Out Full List - 07:32

Australia Introduces 'Values' Test for Citizenship - 07:01

Venezuelan Officials 'Illegally' Seize General Motors Plant - 05:01

Why Life Really Is So Much Tougher For Millennials: Report - 05:01

How a Health Savings Account Could Save You Money - 04:01

'Mother of All Marches' Turns Violent in Venezuela - 04:01

Federal Regulator Faults Self for Missing Wells Fargo Issues - 01:32

Scientists Put Cameras on Whales to Learn About Antarctic Voyage - 00:02

Ice to Meet You: Newfoundland Sees First 'Berg of Season - 00:02

Wednesday the 19th of April 2017

SeaWorld's Last Baby Killer Whale Born at Texas Park - 22:31

Tillerson: 'Unchecked' Iran Could Follow North Korea's Path - 22:31

O'Reilly's Departure From Fox News Caps Tumultuous Career - 22:31

Google Wants to Map Your Health - 21:32

Let Robots Teach Our Kids? Here's Why That Isn't Such a Bad Idea - 21:32

Judge Curiel, Once Slammed by Trump, Gets Deported 'Dreamer' Case - 21:32

Navy, Marines Ban Distributing Nude Photos Without Consent - 20:31

They're Back: Russian Bombers Buzz Alaska, Again - 20:01

Inside the World's First All-Female Special Forces Unit - 19:32

Huge Asteroid to Give Earth a Very Close Shave on April 19 - 19:32

Powerful Image Captures War Zone Photographer Rescuing Child - 19:32

Guess Who Came to Dinner With Flynn and Putin - 19:32

Deported 'Dreamer' Sues Trump Administration for Answers - 19:32

This Newfound World Is the Best Place yet to Search for Alien Life - 19:32

Arkansas Inmates Ask SCOTUS to Block Remaining Executions - 19:32

Is Serena Williams Pregnant? Tennis Star Snapchats Baby Bump - 19:32

Most American Drivers Are Still a Little Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles - 19:32

10 Amazon Prime Workouts You Can Do Anywhere - 19:32

Husband of Dead New York Judge Asks for Help From Public - 19:32

Tom Brady Skips White House Ceremony, Trump Stays Mum on QB - 19:32

17 AGs Say Travel Ban Harms Colleges, Medical Institutions - 19:32

Fresno Gunman Targeted 'as Many White Males as Possible': Cops - 19:32

MLB Great Rod Carew Speaks on Heart From Tragic NFLer - 19:32

Two Years After Freddie Gray's Death, Baltimore Mends - 19:32

This Major Airline Just Cut Flights to the U.S. Due to Trump's Travel Bans - 19:32

GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Won't Run for Re-Election in 2018 - 19:31

Supreme Court Likely to Rule Against Missouri in Church-State Battle - 19:31

Ex-Patriots Star Aaron Hernandez Found Dead in Prison Cell - 19:31