MSNBC: Science

Monday the 13th of July 2015

After Nine Years, It's Showtime for NASA's Pluto Probe - 08:30

Sunday the 12th of July 2015

Probe Focuses on Pluto's Moon ... and Vader Crater? - 21:00

Short Trip? More People 'Microdosing' on Psychedelic Drugs - 14:00

Saturday the 11th of July 2015

Pluto's Spots Turn Into Splotches in Probe's New View - 18:30

Friday the 10th of July 2015

Pluto's Surface Geology Visible as Probe Approaches - 19:30

Venus in Transit Across Sun Yields Stunning Photos - 18:30

First Global Shark Census Will Aid Conservation - 14:50

Philae Comet Lander Phones Home After Two-Week Silence - 13:20

El Nino Likely into N. Hemisphere Spring: Forecaster - 11:30

Why Would a Carnivorous Plant Attract Bats? The Poop - 11:00

'Self/Less' Imagines a World With Mind Transplants - 10:00

Explore Mars With NASA's Google Earth-Like Map - 10:00

Thursday the 9th of July 2015

NASA Probe Is in Holding Pattern at Ceres After Glitch - 21:00

Latest Views Hint at More Mysteries on Pluto and Charon - 19:00

Bear Necessities: How Pandas Survive Eating Just Bamboo - 18:00

Real-Life Mind Meld? Scientists Link Animal Brains - 16:00

Bumblebees Are Being Bumped Off by Climate Change - 13:31

NASA Picks Four Astronauts for Commercial Spaceflights - 12:00

Wednesday the 8th of July 2015

Risk of Shark Attack in California Has Plummeted - 23:30

Surprise! Spiders Are Sensitive When It Comes to Sex - 18:30

Massive 'Magnet' May Have Powered Cosmic Explosion - 17:00

Gene Therapy Brings Hearing to Deaf Mice - 15:00

Find the Heart and the Whale in This Picture of Pluto - 15:00

'Wendy' Adds a Hook to the Tale of Horned Dinosaurs - 14:00

Hot Water: Tom Selleck Accused of Swiping H2O - 13:00

Piecing the Past Together: Inside an Archeological Dig - 04:00

Tuesday the 7th of July 2015

What do Dolphins and Bats Have in Common? Brains - 20:50

Scientists Say Genome Data Could Outgrow YouTube, Twitter - 18:30

Pluto Mission Team Cheers Official Start of Encounter - 18:00

SpaceX Still Hunts for Cause of Falcon Rocket Failure - 16:30

Opals Could Point to Evidence of Life on Mars on Mars - 15:30

Women Outlive Men Today - But It Wasn't Always That Way - 15:30

Mount Spock? Pluto Name List Will Please Sci-Fi Fans - 13:00

NASA Mission Puts Pluto's First Family in the Spotlight - 08:30

Why We'll Never Know How Many Relics ISIS Has Destroyed - 04:30

Monday the 6th of July 2015

Secrets of 15-Million-Year-Old Monkey Skull Revealed - 20:20

NOAA Raises Alarm Over Warmer Seas and Coral Bleaching - 20:20

All Systems Go for NASA Probe's Final Approach to Pluto - 18:50

'Pac-Man' Spacecraft to Devour Space Junk - 18:20

Satellite Would Snap High-Def Pics From a Million Miles Out - 15:30

Alien Life on a Comet? Microbe Musings Spark Skepticism - 15:00

Secrets of 15-Million-Year-Old Monkey Skull Revealed - 12:00

Robot Cabs Could Cut Greenhouse Emissions: Study - 10:40

Sunday the 5th of July 2015

It's 'Christmas in July' After Space Station Delivery - 03:20

NASA Works to Revive Pluto-Bound Probe After Glitch - 00:30

Saturday the 4th of July 2015

Beachgoers Beware: Toxic Sea Creatures Invade Jersey Shore - 17:30

California Towns Cancel Fireworks Amid Drought - 06:30

Friday the 3rd of July 2015

Solar Impulse Lands in Hawaii After Historic Flight - 14:00

After Tragic Setback, Spaceport America Goes to Plan B - 11:30

Solar Impulse Lands in Hawaii After Historic Flight - 11:30