MSNBC: Science

Thursday the 4th of June 2015

Frictionless Surface Could Smooth Trail to Nanotech - 17:00

Warmer Seas Push Marine Life Toward Poles, Study Says - 15:30

New Test Finds Every Virus You Ever Caught - 15:30

Seven Tiny Frog Species Found in Brazilian Forest - 14:30

Revised Records Show No Sign of Global Warming 'Hiatus' - 14:30

Texas Doctors Perform First Skull and Scalp Transplant - 14:30

EPA: Fracking Has No Widespread Impact on Drinking Water - 13:00

NASA Calls Off Its Flying Saucer Launch Due to Weather - 12:30

'Hellboy' Fossil Sports a New Look for Horned Dinosaurs - 12:30

IKEA Pledges $1.13 Billion to Help Slow Climate Change - 09:00

Wednesday the 3rd of June 2015

All Systems Go: Watch NASA's Flying Saucer Blast Off - 21:20

Rare 13.5-Foot Oarfish Washes Up on California Island - 19:20

Mystery of Greenland's 'Disappearing Lakes' Solved - 16:50

170-Year-Old Relics from Arctic Shipwreck Revealed - 15:50

Leonardo da Vinci Depicted in 500-Year-Old Engraving? - 15:20

Pluto's Tiny Moons Raise New Puzzles for NASA Probe - 12:20

Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015

2004 Nobel Chemistry Winner Irwin Rose Dies at 88 - 22:20

Chimps Have the Mental Skills to Cook, Study Finds - 19:30

'Suit Up': NASA Celebrates 50 Years of U.S. Spacewalks - 19:30

Study: Whale, Seal Recovery Presents New Problems - 18:30

Air Force Kicks Off Competition for New Rocket Engines - 18:30

LHC Gets Set to Kick Particle Physics Into High Gear - 15:30

Egg Emergency: Bird Flu Causes Egg Prices to Rise - 15:30

California Water Use Fell 13.5 Percent in April - 15:30

Flashy Brazilian Bird Was First on Ancient Continent - 13:30

Hail, Hyperion: Saturn's Spongy Moon Gets Final Close-Up - 13:30

Study: Greenhouse Gas Warming Is Felt in Just Months - 13:30

Beachfront Real Estate: Oysters Help Restore California Coastline - 10:30

Monday the 1st of June 2015

NASA's Flying Saucer Is Ready to Rise Again in Hawaii - 21:00

#GOTscience: Why Zombies Grab Us on 'Game of Thrones' - 20:00

Space Shuttle Veterans Join Astronaut Hall of Fame - 20:00

Mars Rover Curiosity Passes a Milestone - 17:30

Why Do We Love Zombies So Much? - 17:00

Boeing Gets First NASA Order for Commercial Crew Launch - 15:30

Virgin Birth: Giant Sawfish Reproduce Without Sex - 15:00

Blue Pools on Mars? Orbiter Captures Epic Photo - 13:30

Sunday the 31st of May 2015

These Pictures Will Put You in Orbit ... and Beyond - 05:00

'It's Alive!' Solar Sail Reboots Itself After Glitch - 03:00

Solar Sail Spacecraft Reboots Itself After Orbital Glitch - 02:00

Saturday the 30th of May 2015

In 'San Andreas,' It's the Science That's Shaky - 05:30

Friday the 29th of May 2015

Some Charges Against Telescope Protesters Will Be Dropped - 19:30

Pluto App Puts Dwarf Planet in the Palm of Your Hand - 18:30

Russia Rocket Crash Blamed on Engine Vibrations - 18:30

Seal May Be Oldest Art of Music and Revelry in Israel - 18:00

Tsunami Could Hit California, But Not Like 'San Andreas' - 15:30

Thursday the 28th of May 2015

Astronauts Move 'Closet' to Make Room for Spaceships - 21:30

Gay-Marriage Study Author Admits to Lies, Mag Says - 20:30

EPA Seeks New Limits on Pesticide Use to Protect Bees - 20:30

Manhattanhenge: Sun Puts on a Show in New York City - 20:00

Fossil of Previously Unknown Beaver Species Found - 19:30