MSNBC: Science

Monday the 4th of July 2016

NASA Orbiter Makes Historic Entry Into Jupiter's Orbit - 23:31

Watch Live: Juno Orbiter Begins Approach to Jupiter - 22:01

Fire Fight: Congress Split on How to Fund Blaze Battles - 04:01

NASA Probe Ready for July 4 Rendezvous With Jupiter - 02:31

Sunday the 3rd of July 2016

Arctic Chill: Russia's Nuclear Icebreakers Worry the U.S. - 05:31

Friday the 1st of July 2016

Why Florida's Waterways Are Fouled With Gross Green Gunk - 10:21

State of Emergency Declared Over Algae Blooms in Florida - 02:51

Thursday the 30th of June 2016

Stem Cell Clinics Pop Up Across the U.S. - 14:21

This City Believes Rising Seas May Be an Opportunity - 02:51

Wednesday the 29th of June 2016

The Road to Mars Starts With This Rocket - 09:31

Tuesday the 28th of June 2016

New Studies Show Just How Tricky the Zika Virus Is - 19:11

Thursday the 23rd of June 2016

Solar Plane Lands in Spain After Trans-Atlantic Voyage - 10:21

'Autism Glass' App Helps Kids Read Emotions - 09:21

Daring South Pole Rescue Mission: Sick Workers Evacuated - 07:51

Zero-Fuel Plane Solar Impulse 2 Completes Trans-Atlantic Flight - 06:00

Wednesday the 22nd of June 2016

You Can Tour Secret 'Manhattan Project' Lab With an App - 08:31

Extreme Cold Threatens South Pole Rescue Mission - 08:01

Tuesday the 21st of June 2016

How Mosquito Spit Might Affect Zika Risk - 17:31

Rare Newborn Planet May Be the Youngest Ever Detected - 11:01

South Pole Rescue Mission Is Fight Against the 'Unknown' - 07:31

Solar Impulse Begins Trans-Atlantic Leg of Global Voyage - 03:01

Monday the 20th of June 2016

Watch Solar-Powered Plane Take Off for Flight Across Atlantic - 07:30

Desperate South Pole Mission Aims to Rescue Ailing Scientist - 07:30

Friday the 17th of June 2016

NASA's Juno to Meet Jupiter July 4 - 10:01

234 Pregnant Woman in U.S. Have Zika Virus, CDC Says - 07:31

Thursday the 16th of June 2016

Surprise! Newfound Asteroid is 'Quasi-Moon' of Earth - 10:30

Wednesday the 15th of June 2016

Scientists See Black Holes Collide Again - 17:21

Kermit Sutra: New Mating Position Reported for Frogs - 16:00

SpaceX Launches Satellites, Narrowly Misses Sea Landing - 12:01

Monday the 13th of June 2016

'Hobbits' Probably Barbecued Mini-Elephants - 03:30

Sunday the 12th of June 2016

Meet the Man Who Controls the Water at Niagara Falls - 22:00

Thursday the 9th of June 2016

Meet the Man Who Controls the Water at Niagara Falls - 04:21

Wednesday the 8th of June 2016

Fossils Show 'Hobbits' Lived 700,000 Years Ago - 17:50

Plague Came to Europe Just Once, Study Shows - 17:20

Meet the New Elements: Moscow, Japan, Tennessee - 14:50

Don't Fear These Genetically Modified Mosquitoes - 11:21

Ex-Astronaut Charged With Murder in Deaths of 2 Girls - 04:50

Tuesday the 7th of June 2016

Fish Can Recognize Your Face. Really. - 17:50

Solar-Powered Plane's Flight to New York City Postponed - 08:31

Thursday the 2nd of June 2016

Was the First Dog Domesticated in Asia or Europe? Yes - 19:10

Scientists: Let's Build a Map for Making People - 16:50

Praying Mantis Named for Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 16:00

Wednesday the 1st of June 2016

How NASA Will Get Us to Mars - 16:00

Amazing Pluto Shines in Best Close-Up Views Yet - 12:10

Not Cool: Millions of A/C Units Would Worsen Emissions - 08:50

Tuesday the 31st of May 2016

Go Inside the Lab That Found the Latest Superbug - 04:31

Saturday the 28th of May 2016

NASA Inflates 1st Expandable Room on Space Station - 20:00

Friday the 27th of May 2016

SpaceX Lands Another Rocket After Satellite Delivery - 17:50

Here's Why Doctors Are So Worried About the New Superbug - 13:01

Mars is Shaking Off an Ice Age, New Research Shows - 08:31