MSNBC: Science

Monday the 7th of April 2014

Musical Surprise: Virtuosos Prefer New Violins in Blind Test - 17:30

Droughts Worldwide May Have an Effect on American Dinner Plates - 15:32

Oldest Cardiovascular System Found in Ancient Shrimp-Like Creature - 15:32

Searchers Get Robot Squad Ready to Hunt for Malaysian Jet Debris - 15:03

Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home? Part 1 - 14:31

Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home? - 14:00

Ancient Monastery at Petra Likely Built to Track Sun - 13:31

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Arrives at Next Destination - 12:02

Weird Magnetic Anomaly Reveals Ancient Tectonic Crash - 11:31

Sunday the 6th of April 2014

Can Deserts Stop Global Warming? No, But They Help, Study Says - 12:31

Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home? - 10:30

Saturday the 5th of April 2014

Red Planet Rising: Mars Shines Brighter Than It Has in Years - 11:30

After Year of Extremes, Investigating Effects of Climate Change - 11:30

Newly Discovered Calif. Fault Line Could Cause Massive Damage - 11:30

Friday the 4th of April 2014

Blast Sensors Detect More Asteroid Strikes Than Expected - 20:02

Yellowstone Volcano Warning? It's Bunk, Park Officials Say - 18:20

Samsung's Graphene Research Leads To Flexible Devices And More - 17:50

Seismologist: We're Trying to 'Prevent the End of Los Angeles' - 17:50

U.S. vs. Russia: Why the space station will survive the storm - 17:20

Spacesuits, Apollo Moon Mission Items Go Up for Auction - 15:50

Another Chupacabra Monster Tale Bites the Dust in Texas - 13:20

The Science of 'Game of Thrones' - 12:50

Meteorite Misses Skydiver, Caught On Camera - 10:12

What's Causing Our Weather Extremes? - 09:20

Like Dinosaurs, With Wings! 5 Facts About Pterosaurs - 08:50

Thursday the 3rd of April 2014

Hummingbird Genes Trace Existence 'on the Extremes' - 20:30

Military Weather Satellite Launched After 15-Year Hold - 20:00

International Space Station Dodges Orbital Junk (Again!) - 20:00

European Space Launch Sends Satellite Soaring - 19:00

New Super-Accurate Atomic Clock Tells Time Like No Other - 18:30

Maps of Unborn Human Brains Point to Medical Frontiers - 18:30

Simulation Video Shows Ripple of Tsunami Waves After Chile Quake - 17:00

Anadarko Petroleum Settles Pollution Claims for $5.15 Billion - 17:00

UrtheCast Venture Unveils Its First Picture From Space Station - 15:00

Weird 'Techni-Quarks' May Lurk Inside Higgs Boson Particle - 14:00

Probe Detects Southern Sea Under Ice on Saturnian Moon Enceladus - 13:31

Milestones of Flight: Smithsonian Museum Overhauling Exhibits - 12:31

'Moving Into the Future': Smithsonian Updating Flight Exhibit - 12:31

Meet the Billionaire Who Wants to Harvest the Moon - 10:32

California Flower Fields Stun With Kaleidoscope of Color - 07:01

Bill Clinton: 'I Wouldn't Be Surprised' by Alien Visit - 04:31

Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014

Robotic Kangaroo Hopped Here From the Future - 19:30

Brainiac Says We'll All Be Part of the 'Brain-Net' Someday - 18:01

'Geologic Clock' Seeks to End Debate Over Age of Moon - 16:31

Tsunami Monitoring Technology Hits the Mark in Chile - 15:30

NASA Limits Contact With Russia, Except for Space Station - 15:30

Tsunami Monitoring Technology Hits the Mark in Chile - 15:01

Scientists Unveil First Wiring Diagram for Mouse Brains - 13:02

From Flight to Surgery, Scientists Mimic Nature's Tricks - 12:02

Stem Cell Controversy Sets Back Japanese Science - 10:32