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Sunday th 1st of March 2020

Calgary police now admit 2 officers used controversial Clearview AI facial-recognition software - 14:50

Solar storms may be linked to mass grey whale strandings - 04:30

Saturday th 29th of February 2020

'This shows we are winning': Greta Thunberg responds after sexually graphic illustration surfaces on Facebook - 14:10

Friday th 28th of February 2020

RCMP acknowledges using facial recognition technology, but won't say where - 11:30

Scientists discover 1st animal that doesn't breathe oxygen - 04:10

Fallout from coronavirus outbreak triggers 25% decrease in China's carbon emissions - 04:10

Even if geoengineering can help mitigate climate change, is it ethical? - 03:40

Thursday th 27th of February 2020

Astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion seen in the universe - 17:22

Alphabet faces new questions over data privacy for proposed Toronto smart city project - 14:40

Earth has captured a new mini-moon - 13:40

1950s Japanese cat's brain helps Canadian researchers solve mercury poisoning mystery - 10:20

There are 2 different species of red pandas, genetic study shows - 09:20

Hopes for supernova are dimming as Betelgeuse brightens - 04:30

Wednesday th 26th of February 2020

Fossil fuel, climate change research 'being done in secret,' says university prof behind lawsuit - 13:50

Seagull fights eagle while entangled in a plastic bag, and this photographer captures it all - 12:20

Archeologists create digital blueprints of historic sites on Yukon's Herschel Island - 10:20

Contract could land Western University tech on the moon - 08:20

Canada to conduct flight tests on grounded Boeing 737 Max fleet - 08:20

Why oilsands emissions look so different in federal and provincial reports - 04:30

Tuesday th 25th of February 2020

'It gives us hope,' says Gwich'in leader as JPMorgan Chase bank ends Arctic drilling funding - 15:10

'Doomsday' food vault in the Arctic to welcome one millionth crop seed variety - 13:40

These could be the oldest plant fossils ever found - 09:00

How Teck Frontier became a symbol of the future Canada refuses to confront - 08:30

Monday th 24th of February 2020

'We've seen some weird stuff': Scientists release 1st findings from Mars InSight mission - 11:30

Why the way we talk about climate change makes some people stop listening - 11:00

Let's put the idea of garbage in the trash - 11:00

NASA's building a robot to explore Jupiter's moon Europa — from underneath its icy shell - 11:00

Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician portrayed in 'Hidden Figures,' has died - 11:00

Researchers find new parasite species in northern wolverines - 10:00

Man dies in rocket crash after launching to see if Earth is flat - 09:30

First Nations partner with B.C., Canada to protect endangered caribou - 08:30

Going green: Why some are 'letting nature do its thing' when it comes to burials - 08:00

Canadian businesses rush to plug a gap in electric-vehicle charging: Don Pittis - 04:00

Saturday th 22nd of February 2020

Ban on heavy fuel oil full of holes, environmental groups say - 16:10

Friday th 21st of February 2020

Mars rocks: Edmonton geologist to steer Mars rover in collection of rock, soil samples - 14:20

Canadian Space Agency searching for young astronauts - 13:30

Privacy watchdogs to probe Clearview AI's facial-recognition technology - 13:30

Telus would cut 5K jobs and $1B in spending if CRTC approves virtual wireless network operators - 10:00

MacKay faces backlash over now-deleted tweet that critics say promoted vigilantism - 09:30

Quebec couple startled to find huge live grasshopper in arugula container - 08:30

We bought dozens of products from AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Wish. Over half were suspected fakes - 08:30

The man who made Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V a part of life has died - 08:30

Zero-waste grocery shopping: Tricky but not impossible - 08:00

Thursday th 20th of February 2020

Artifacts recovered from HMS Erebus offer tantalizing links to sailors on doomed Franklin Expedition - 14:20

Neanderthals had funerals with flowers, study suggests - 09:10

Maple syrup maker tapping into faster production process - 08:10

Strategy aims to have 80 per cent of Windsor homes retrofitted for energy-efficiency by 2041 - 08:10

Wednesday th 19th of February 2020

Tim Hortons changes Roll Up the Rim contest to go greener - 15:20

Oilsands on 'collision course' with Canada's climate goals, global market changes: report - 10:40

Melting ice threatens safety, way of life for Indigenous people says Inuit leader - 08:10