CBC: Technology & Science

Monday th 9th of March 2020

Business success of paperless papers may signal next step in mainstream news: Don Pittis - 07:20

Canada needs to address risks of aging IT to fend off threats that come with digital government - 07:20

Sunday th 8th of March 2020

The tale of the two female pilots who could have been the first women in space - 09:20

Early toolkits and toolmakers more diverse than previously thought - 03:20

Canada's cyber intelligence agency working on 'Holy Grail' of encryption - 03:20

Saturday th 7th of March 2020

The label says 100% compostable plastic. But it's likely ending up in a landfill - 04:30

Friday th 6th of March 2020

Scientists make cake with butter from bugs instead of cows - 15:40

Federal budget will focus on coronavirus response, climate change - 15:10

'Clean hands', climate change and the problem with saying Canada's not the problem - 08:00

More than a pipe dream: How turning on your tap could create electricity - 08:00

Thursday th 5th of March 2020

Liberals give big 3 wireless providers two years to cut prices by 25 per cent - 17:00

Mars 2020 rover gets new name ahead of July launch: Perseverance - 16:30

Alberta move to 'delist' parks called another download onto rural municipalities - 12:11

Oil spill at New Brunswick wharf raises environmental stewardship concerns - 11:50

Supreme Court of Canada will not hear B.C. groups' challenges against Trans Mountain pipeline expansion - 11:20

Yukon to stay on daylight savings as territory scraps seasonal time change - 10:00

Fears of coronavirus contamination prompt Starbucks to temporarily ban reusable mugs - 09:30

Australia bushfires have clear link to climate change, scientists say - 09:30

Canadian software company grows business in U.S. by pretending to be more American - 08:30

Why do waxworms and bacteria love eating plastic? Brandon University research aims to find out - 08:30

Next-generation missiles could hold leaders hostage in times of conflict: top general - 08:00

Plant-based? Compostable? What you need to know about bioplastics - 08:00

Wednesday th 4th of March 2020

Insurers warn federal government Canada can't wait a decade to update flood maps - 13:50

Time to vote for Canada's national lichen — the 'spectacular' organisms that carpet the country - 13:20

Indigenous Guardians learn how to map permafrost changes in new workshop - 13:20

Time to vote for Canada's national lichen — the 'spectacular' organisms that carpet the country - 08:30

From Russia, with fruit: Arctic mission gets record resupply - 08:30

'We did fall down there': Tim Hortons apologizing after app wiped out balances for some users - 08:00

Groups linked to oil companies funded Facebook ads denouncing the rail blockades - 08:00

RCMP denied using facial recognition technology - then said it had been using it for months - 08:00

Why it's time to end corporate welfare for Canada's fossil fuel industry - 04:10

'That's super exciting': New study finds this 'mini-Neptune' exoplanet could be potentially habitable - 04:10

Tuesday th 3rd of March 2020

Baffin Bay polar bears spending more time on land, but population stable for now - 10:03

Warm winter means Germany can't make any ice wine - 09:40

Trudeau says mining sector has a role to play in fighting climate change - 08:20

Mi'kmaq-designed software helps communities see how climate change could impact them - 08:20

Tornadoes in Tennessee leave at least 7 dead - 08:20

Fewer boys were born in Ontario after Trump was elected president: study - 08:20

Don't buy new, fix the old: The repair business is booming - 08:20

Fossil identified as 'great-grandfather' of wolverines - 06:00

Monday th 2nd of March 2020

Twitter can be used to track spread of diseases like COVID-19: Guelph researchers - 13:20

Apple will pay up to $500 million US to settle slow iPhone lawsuit - 12:00

We've been cloud seeding for decades, but now we finally know it works - 10:40

First robot-to-robot docking a big step towards dealing with space junk - 10:40

UBC astronomy student finds 17 new possible planets, 1 may have water - 09:20

McMaster researchers developed 'fish hooks' to catch samples of coronavirus - 08:21

'They're a real problem': Yukon buys baling machine for unwanted clothes - 08:21

Chris Hall: Can net-zero and the energy sector co-exist? - 08:21

Oil industry's polar bear detection methods fails often: study - 08:21

Trudeau's crisis calendar is overflowing - could climate change get pushed to the margins? - 08:00