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Monday th 10th of February 2020

'Parentese' is not just baby talk. It boosts baby's language skills - 14:00

U.S. accuses Chinese military hackers in massive Equifax breach over 2 years ago - 14:00

U.S. accuses Chinese military hackers in massive Equifax breach over 2 years ago - 12:10

New 'reaper of death' tyrannosaur is the oldest found in Canada - 11:10

Cyst-like abnormalities have been spotted in moose. Now Calgary scientists and Indigenous hunters pair up - 09:40

Solar Orbiter blasts off to capture 1st look at sun's poles - 09:40

Truth Decay: How digital technologies are helping shatter our shared sense of reality - 09:10

Google's expansion plans show why Canada's tech boom is here to stay - 09:10

Breaching tradition: Salt marshes replacing Nova Scotia's dikes - 08:40

EV plug-in rules spark frustration for Vancouver condo strata - 08:40

Climate change on the stage: N.L. theatre companies working to address carbon footprint - 08:40

Think your new online banking agreement sucks? So does a contract law expert - 08:40

Are dead bats connected to high methane levels at 2 federal buildings? Terrasses de la Chaudière? - 08:40

Privacy laws lag behind as police forces consider use of facial recognition technology - 08:40

Saskatoon-based tech team helping people access vital information through cellphone games, hotlines - 06:20

Sunday th 9th of February 2020

Federal government warning of voter coercion, foreign election interference through private messaging services - 04:10

A trillion trees will not be enough if emissions continue to rise - 04:10

Friday th 7th of February 2020

UN assesses if Antarctica temperature reading is record high - 12:10

Boeing's botched Starliner test flirted with 'catastrophic' failure, NASA finds - 09:10

Great Lakes ice coverage levels well below average: Canadian Coast Guard - 08:40

Labrador Sea using bubbles, marine trap door to help the ocean breathe - 08:10

Dubious screenshot claims Chinese website published 'real' coronavirus death toll - 08:10

Wood highrises: 2 environmental benefits for the price of 1 - 08:10

Thursday th 6th of February 2020

Google expands Canadian footprint with new jobs in Toronto, Montreal and Waterloo - 14:40

Buddhist temple recycles plastic bottles into monks' robes - 14:40

Privacy commissioner asks federal court to open hearings into Facebook's violation of privacy - 14:40

Hotter heat waves are wiping out bumblebees, study finds - 14:40

N.B.'s 1st net-zero energy home sits empty as builder struggles to find buyers - 09:10

Record-setting astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth - 09:10

$500M investment means construction to start on Canada's largest solar farm this year - 07:50

Thousands of blood-sucking ticks found on bodies of Canadian moose - 07:50

'Monster' galaxy that slammed brakes on forming stars stumps astronomers - 04:30

How ransomware insurance that protects companies and communities can also embolden criminals - 04:30

Wednesday th 5th of February 2020

'Grocery delivery wars' expected to create boom in online food shopping - 12:04

Fossil of sea monster with needle-sharp snout found on Alaskan island - 09:00

A U.S. court blamed Roundup for causing cancer. Then Canada defended the herbicide, emails show - 04:30

Tuesday th 4th of February 2020

Twitter to label deepfakes and other deceptive media ahead of 2020 U.S. election - 18:30

Renowned Canadian scientist Frank Plummer dies - 14:50

MacKay calls Paris climate targets 'aspirational' but isn't abandoning them - 08:30

The future is now: how exoskeletons are changing Canada's construction industry - 08:30

Monday th 3rd of February 2020

Blackberry ends agreement with Chinese-manufacturer TCL to make, sell phones - 15:00

Mining company Teck Resources aims to be 'carbon neutral' by 2050 - 12:05

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency dragged feet on oil spill dispersant rules, says lawsuit - 09:40

Eastern Africa locust swarms could affect several more countries: UN agency - 09:40

'It looked like paradise': Mi'kmaw elders reflect on how paper mill pollution changed their community - 09:10

Where are the wolves? Satellite collaring planned for wolves on caribou winter range - 09:10

Can a massive new oilsands mine be reconciled with Trudeau's 'net-zero' promise? - 08:40

Groups give notice they will sue to protect Alaska beluga whales - 08:40

Controversial Clearview AI app could 'end privacy.' So, what now? - 08:40

Teck mine approval could require Alberta to hit net-zero emissions by 2050 - 08:40