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Vote on Health Bill Today Caps a Journey Back From the Brink

8 years ago from NY Times Health

That President Obama has come within a whisper of passing historic social legislation is remarkable in itself. But the story of how he did it is not his alone.

Lonely, under pressure

8 years ago from LA Times - Health

Loneliness doesn't just cause wear and tear on the psyche -- it may also affect blood pressure. University of Chicago researchers surveyed 229 people ages 50 to 68 who were...

The Most Influential Video Games of the Last 50 Years

8 years ago from Live Science

Electronic games have had a global impact on society and culture, changing how people play, learn and connect with each other.

Young Britons see significantly more smoking in movies than US peers

8 years ago from

Young Britons see significantly more on-screen smoking in movies than their US peers, finds research published ahead of print in the journal Tobacco Control...

Mother is 'more essential' to orphans than breadwinner father, research suggests

8 years ago from Science Daily

The role of a mother in African families is even more essential to the well-being of a child than the role played by the breadwinner father, according to a new...

Media reports may paint overly optimistic view of cancer

8 years ago from Science Daily

Newspaper and magazine reports about cancer appear more likely to discuss aggressive treatment and survival than death, treatment failure or adverse events, and almost none mention end-of-life palliative or hospice...

Google China Partners Face Uncertainty

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Google Advertising Partners In China Appeal For Information On Company's Plans

Scientists urge treaty panel to reject ivory sale by Tanzania, Zambia

8 years ago from

The fate of many African elephants, according to a group of scientists, hinges on a decision to be made this week in Qatar by a host of countries operating under...

Childhood adversity may promote cellular ageing

8 years ago from

Children who suffer physical or emotional abuse could be faced with accelerated cellular ageing as adults, according to new research published by Elsevier in Biological Psychiatry...

Anti-obesity drugs unlikely to provide lasting benefit according to scientists

8 years ago from

Scientists at the University of Liverpool argue that anti-obesity drugs fail to provide lasting benefits for health and wellbeing because they tackle the biological consequences of obesity, and not the...

Goodies behaving badly | Julian Baggini

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Doing good deeds as a way of earning naughtiness points shows ethics has become a form of unenlightened self-interestBeing virtuous is wonderful thing, but feeling virtuous is a shortcut to vice. That seems...

Smoking May Cause Memory Impairment In Women

8 years ago from

A history of alcohol abuse is unlikely to cause long-term memory impairment in men and women, but smoking just might in women, a new study has found. The findings are based...

Ireland's ethnic minorities want more self-expression in St. Patrick's parades

8 years ago from Physorg

Those members of Ireland's ethnic minorities who participated in last year's St Patrick's Day parade in Dublin want to be able to express their own cultures more fully in future...

Ball catchers track motion

8 years ago from Science Alert

Researchers have a new theory on how people figure out where a ball will land, based on tests with an outfielder and a virtual ball.

Getting women into science | Latoya Peterson

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

It's not a lack of ability holding women back in scientific careers but gender-based stereotypingWhat is to blame for the persistent lack of women in the hard sciences and in technology? The...

Psychosurgery makes gentle comeback

8 years ago from

Psychosurgery is making a comeback. Recently published case series have shown encouraging results of so-called deep brain stimulation (DBS) in treatment-resistant obsessive-compulsive disorder, depressive disorders, and Tourette syndrome. In the...

Rwandan genocide survivors provide new insights into resilience and PTSD

8 years ago from

The 1994 genocide in Rwanda resulted in the mass killing of up to one million people over the course of about 100 days. Although the exact death toll is unknown,...

New study reveals prevalence of cyberbullying and its psychological impact on nonheterosexual youth

8 years ago from

Schools are typically on guard against students who bully by inflicting repeated violence on other students. But technology has given rise to a relatively new form of bullying which inflicts...

What your brain does in an emergency

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Research into people's reactions to emergencies aims to make sure there are more survivors in futureImagine you're stuck in a burning building, trying desperately to escape. After stumbling to the end of a...

Advertising: Rebellion Against the UsuallyEvasive Feminine Care Ad

8 years ago from NY Times Health

A campaign for U by Kotex skewers the indirect approach taken in ads for products like tampons and pads while pushing for more frank discussion.

Yellow fever strikes monkey populations in South America

8 years ago from Science Daily

A group of Argentine scientists have announced that yellow fever is the culprit in a 2007-2008 die-off of howler monkeys in northeastern Argentina, a finding that underscores the importance of...

'Mean' girls and boys: the downside of adolescent relationships

8 years ago from

Psychology researchers exploring relational aggression and victimisation in 11-13 year olds have found adolescent boys have a similar understanding and experience of 'mean' behaviours and 'bitchiness' as girls...

Video: The Power of Pigeons

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

A former LA gang member found a new start when he decided to help kids by using pigeons. Steve Hartman has this week's "Assignment America."

New study could help predict suicidal behaviour in older adults

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Focussing too much on the present and not using past experience to make decisions could be linked to suicide in elderly depressed adults, researchers from Cambridge and Pittsburgh...

New teaching tools aid visually impaired students in learning math

8 years ago from Science Daily

Mastering mathematics can be daunting for many children, but researchers have found that children with visual impairments face disproportionate challenges learning math, and by the time they reach the college...

Neil Armstrong, First Moonwalker, Lands in New York

8 years ago from

Neil Armstrong touched down in rainy Manhattan Sunday and urged the public to take a more active interest in the military conflicts facing the United States.

Babies see human hand behind ordered events

8 years ago from

Experiments find that infants attribute actions to people

Amid Fraud Allegations, Researchers say Vaccine Science Solid

8 years ago from Science NOW

The anti-vaccine movement has been buzzing over a fraud investigation involving Poul Thorsen, a... [Read more]