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Is my robot happy to see me?

9 years ago from Science Blog

People are social creatures. Robots ? not so much. When we think of robots, we think of cold, metallic computers without emotion. If science fiction has taught us anything, though,...

Fear Of Being Laughed At Crosses Cultural Boundaries

9 years ago from Science Daily

Laughter is an emotional expression that is innate in human beings. This means laughing at others is also believed to be a universal phenomenon. However, the fear of being laughed...

Bosses Who Feel Inadequate Are More Likely To Bully

9 years ago from Science Daily

Bosses who feel incompetent are more likely to bully their employees, according to new research. But flattery, the study warns, may not be the best way to soothe the savage...

Identifying ID theft and fraud

9 years ago from

If the wife of FBI boss Robert Mueller has warned him not to use internet banking because of the threat of online fraud, then what hope is there for the...

Increased success a 'virtual' certainty for rugby players

9 years ago from

Rugby players worldwide could benefit from a new virtual reality training programme created at Queen's University Belfast...

Action Video Game Players Experience Diminished Proactive Attention

9 years ago from Science Daily

Video game players are often accused of passively reacting to tasks that are spoon fed to them through graphics and stimuli on the screen. Researchers show that playing lots of...

VA to ease way for vets to get stress disability

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Female soldiers and others in dangerous roles that once were behind front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan have long complained about how hard it is to prove...

Sniff: women cry more than men, and for longer

9 years ago from Physorg

It was already widely assumed, but German experts provided confirmation on Wednesday: women cry more often than men, for longer -- and in a more dramatic fashion.

Candy bar or healthy snack? Free choice not as free as we think

9 years ago from

If you think choosing between a candy bar and healthy snack is totally a matter of free will, think again. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research shows...

How does media exposure affect self-esteem in overweight and underweight women?

9 years ago from

Overweight women's self-esteem plummets when they view photographs of models of any size, according to a new study in Journal of Consumer Research. And underweight women's esteem increases, regardless of...

People who work after retiring enjoy better health, according to national study

9 years ago from

Retirees who transition from full-time work into a temporary or part-time job experience fewer major diseases and are able to function better day-to-day than people who stop working altogether, according...

Study finds rise in rate of undesirable events at start of academic year

9 years ago from

The rate of undesirable events in teaching hospitals increases at the beginning of the academic year, regardless of trainees' level of clinical experience, concludes new research from Australia published on...

Apps golden for Vancouver IPhone programmer

9 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

A Vancouver programmer has had cause to celebrate as the hugely popular iPhone passed a major milestone last month - the two-billionth download of an iPhone app.

Like humans, monkeys fall into the 'uncanny valley'

9 years ago from

Princeton University researchers have come up with a new twist on the mysterious visual phenomenon experienced by humans known as the 'uncanny valley.' The scientists have found that monkeys sense...

Scanner seeks suicide phrases

9 years ago from Science Alert

Researchers have created a system that can search social networks for people who may be at risk of depression or suicide.

The 12-step path to white-collar crime

9 years ago from

Adelphia Communications, Barings Bank, Enron, HealthSouth, HIH Insurance, Hollinger International, Tyco International, WorldCom/MCI, Xerox... the white collar crime list goes on. But, did the executives at these companies start out...

Saving labor: Political scientist says our system of improving factory conditions around the world is broken

9 years ago from Physorg

The existence of harsh labor conditions in factories around the world is a pressing moral issue. But to improve those conditions, we should regard it as a logistical issue, too.

An Nhon Tay Journal: Exiled From School, H.I.V.-Infected Orphans Learn a Bitter Lesson

9 years ago from NY Times Health

Children from the Mai Hoa orphanage in Vietnam were prevented from attending a local school by fearful parents of the school’s pupils.

Microchips Result In Higher Rate Of Return Of Shelter Animals To Owners

9 years ago from Science Daily

Animals shelter officials housing lost pets that had been implanted with a microchip were able to find the owners in almost three out of four cases in a recently published...

Analysis of cellphone studies finds tumor risk

9 years ago from LA Times - Science

Scientists looking at 23 studies involving almost 38,000 people initially see no connection. But a closer look at the highest-quality studies tells another story. ...

Will this trip be exciting? Consumers respond best to vacation ads that match current emotions

9 years ago from Science Blog

Most of us won't respond to the call of adventure while soaking in a relaxing bath. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, we're more likely...

Confidence may not be convincing when recommending products or services

9 years ago from Science Blog

Sometimes people can gain influence by expressing uncertainty, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

How to win by concession and avoid unproductive conflict

9 years ago from Physorg

A new study published in Economic Inquiry explores the seminal question: "If we can make a deal, why fight?" The authors conclude that a combination of common knowledge and a...

Colon cleanser sold on dead mom's Facebook page

9 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Shelby Breimer couldn't believe it when she found out her dead mother was promoting colon cleanser on Facebook.

Spain is the second country in the world where divorce is better accepted socially

9 years ago from Physorg

Spain is the second country in the world where divorce is better accepted socially, only exceeded by Brazil. Likewise, 79 per cent of the Spanish people think that, when a...

Professor uses video games to explore facets of autism

9 years ago from Physorg

( -- Matthew Belmonte, assistant professor of human development, is looking for order behind the many behavioral and physiological features of autism.

Recruiting Laboratory Participants

9 years ago from Science Blog

Where do research participants come from? I am in the process of revamping the Internet laboratory, as I'm trying to increase the number of participants. Some very successful websites recruit ~500/day....

Better Smellers are More Sympathetic, Study Says

9 years ago from National Geographic

People with sharper senses of smell really have a nose for relating to others' emotions, new research suggests.