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People Who Wear Rose-colored Glasses See More, Study Shows

9 years ago from Science Daily

A new study provides the first direct evidence that our mood literally changes the way our visual system filters our perceptual experience suggesting that seeing the world through rose-colored glasses...

Predictive powers: a robot that reads your intention? (w/Video)

9 years ago from Physorg

( -- European researchers in robotics, psychology and cognitive sciences have developed a robot that can predict the intentions of its human partner. This ability to anticipate (or question) actions...

Needle Biopsies Safe In 'Eloquent' Areas Of Brain, Study Suggests

9 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have concluded that performing a stereotactic needle biopsy in an area of the brain associated with language or other important functions carries no greater risk than a similar biopsy...

Cell phones allow everyone to be a scientist

9 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Cell phones let you chat with friends, send emails and even guide you to the nearest pizza joint. But now these toys are acquiring more serious roles: They're turning into...

Why White Men Get Paid More

9 years ago from Live Science

Customers prefer them, and managers frequently hire and set pay based on customer preferences.

Monkey See, Monkey Steal

9 years ago from Live Science

Capuchin monkeys make fake predator calls, then steal food left by those who scattered.

Women May Not Be So Picky After All About Choosing A Mate

9 years ago from Science Daily

Men and women may not be from two different planets after all when it comes to choosiness in mate selection, according to new research. Women, it turned out, were not...

The limits of science diplomacy

9 years ago from SciDev

Using science for diplomatic purposes has obvious attractions and several benefits. But there are limits to what it can achieve.

Why dishing does you good: U-M study

9 years ago from

Why does dishing with a girlfriend do wonders for a woman's mood? A University of Michigan study has identified a likely reason: feeling emotionally close to a friend increases levels...

Single women gaze longer

9 years ago from

In the study, published in the March issue of Human Nature, women both with and without sexual partners showed little difference in their subjective ratings of photos of men when...

Despite Increased Danger, Youth Gang Members Still Feel Safer

9 years ago from Science Daily

Children who join gangs feel safer despite a greater risk of being assaulted or killed, according to federally funded research.

Musical Diaper Alarm Can Help With Toilet Training Children

9 years ago from Science Daily

A new study evaluates the use of a daytime diaper that uses a musical "wetting alarm" for children in day-care centers. The findings show that wetting alarm diaper training is...

Be your best friend if you'll be mine: Penn's Alliance Hypothesis for Human Friendship

9 years ago from

University of Pennsylvania psychologists studying the cognitive mechanisms behind human friendship have determined that how you rank your best friends is closely related to how you think your friends rank...

Cell phone ringtones can pose major distraction, impair recall

9 years ago from

A flurry of recent research has documented that talking on a cell phone poses a dangerous distraction for drivers and others whose attention should be focused elsewhere. Now, a new...

Mexican president acknowledges lack of science

9 years ago from SciDev

The Mexican president says that the country's poverty and underdevelopment is partly due to the lack of attention paid to science.

Resonance Causes Choppers to Shake Themselves to Bits

9 years ago from PopSci

The next time you land a helicopter, remember the phenomenon of ground resonance: it's no joke. Notice in the first video how the Boeing Chinook helicopter flings itself into pieces....

Cybersecurity expert says White House lack of 'czar' is subpar

9 years ago from Physorg

A Purdue University cybersecurity expert is skeptical that the new U.S. cybersecurity coordinator will have enough clout to serve as more than a glorified cheerleader with the way the White...

Potion Put a Smile on Dead Faces

9 years ago from Live Science

A plant-based potion forced smiles on the faces of the condemned 2,800 years ago.

Young Australians not as 'sex savvy' as they think

9 years ago from Physorg

( -- Young Australians need to be better informed about the use of emergency contraception to reduce terminations and unwanted pregnancies.

Calls grow for action on stalled Amazon reserve proposals

9 years ago from

WWF and 33 other NGOs delivered a letter on Tuesday to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva asking him to take decisive action to create new protected areas in...

Recent smoking-cessation research highlights importance of keeping teens from smoking

9 years ago from

Despite the efforts of college students to quit smoking, recent research conducted by Joyce M. Wolburg at Marquette University suggests that an extended trial and error period is necessary. Given...

Doctors see more cases of 'cellphone elbow'

9 years ago from CBC: Health

As people spend more time gabbing on cellphones, doctors in the U.S. say they are seeing more cases of numbness, tingling and pain from "cellphone elbow."

People with Down syndrome oppose universal prenatal testing

9 years ago from CBC: Health

Some people with Down syndrome say Quebec's health minister should spend time getting to know them before bringing in universal prenatal testing for the chromosomal disorder, which they would consider...

Parents Beware: Bing Previews Video Porn

9 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Kids can find porn with Google and other search engines, but Larry Magid writes Bing makes it easy to kids to bypass filters.

Role reversal undermines speed-dating theories

9 years ago from News @ Nature

Women become less choosy when they, rather than men, move from table to table.

Economist's research sheds light on consumption patterns of nation's poor

9 years ago from Physorg

( -- The research of University of Notre Dame economist James X. Sullivan sheds light on how best to measure the well-being of the nation`s poorest families so policies can...

Much riding on success -- or failure -- of Palm Pre

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- When Palm Inc.'s and Sprint Nextel Corp.'s latest bundle of smart phone joy, the Pre, arrives Saturday, it will be entering an increasingly crowded market backed by...

Women Bridging Gap in Science Opportunities

9 years ago from NY Times Science

Although women continue to face inequalities in salary, prospects for female scientists and engineers at major research universities have improved.