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Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old female statue at citadel gate complex in Turkey

4 days ago from Science Blog

The remains of a majestic female statue uncovered at the archaeological site of Tayinat in Turkey may challenge our understanding of the public role of women in the ancient world....

Minnesota Vikings still struggling to protect Sam Bradford

5 days ago from UPI

MANKATO, Minn. -- The Minnesota Vikings opened the preseason looking a lot like they did when they closed last season. And that's not good when it comes to the offensive...

On This Day: President Bush announced the completion of NAFTA

6 days ago from UPI

On Aug. 12, 1992, President George H.W. Bush announced the completion of the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada.

Victoria Beckham and her family visit 'Modern Family' set

6 days ago from UPI

"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson shared a photo of Victoria Beckham, David Beckham and their kids in the Dunphy living room.

The Latest: Report: Egg scandal suspect denies involvement

6 days ago from AP Health

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) -- The Latest on the contaminated egg scare in Europe (all times local):...

Stop hoarding ancient bones, plead archaeologists

6 days ago from News @ Nature

Scientists call for wider access to rare samples rich in DNA.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.22445

U.S. hits Somali militants with drone strikes; leader killed

6 days ago from UPI

The Pentagon conducted drone attacks on against Al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab militants in Somalia this week, U.S. Africa Command said.

Man hosts late night talk show on New York subway train

6 days ago from UPI

A New York man is making some nighttime commutes a little more interesting by hosting a late night talk show aboard a subway train.

Pregnant California woman finds huge rattlesnake in back yard

6 days ago from UPI

A pregnant California woman said she and her unborn child were lucky to evade injury or worse when she found a massive rattlesnake in her yard.

North Carolina house cat museum features Egyptian mummy

6 days ago from UPI

The founder of The American Museum of the House Cat in North Carolina estimated he's spent about $250,000 building the collection, which includes a mummy.

Idlib residents split over support for al-Qaida-linked militants

1 week ago from UPI

Idlib, Syria, is split between those who accept Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham's military dominance and those who are pushing back against its rise to prominence.

Bombed and looted ancient Cambodian city poised for rebirth

1 week ago from Physorg

It has survived centuries of monsoon rains, a US bombing campaign and rampant looting.

All that glitters: Ghana battles illegal mining

1 week ago from Physorg

Ghana has long been known for its bountiful gold reserves and was called "the Gold Coast" during its colonial era.

St. Louis Cardinals top Kansas City Royals behind Dexter Fowler slam

1 week ago from UPI

ST. LOUIS -- Dexter Fowler crushed a tiebreaking grand slam in the seventh inning Thursday night as the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Kansas City Royals 8-6 at Busch Stadium.

Study determines Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns most 'Hardcore Fans'

1 week ago from UPI

A new study proclaimed the NFL's most hardcore fans and also found Carolina Panthers fans the most likely to eat cockroaches for a Super Bowl ring.

Scientists are naming new species after musicians, and it’s kind of amazing

1 week ago from PopSci

Animals From Beyoncé to Shakira. No one really knows how many species actually inhabit planet Earth—some say millions, others trillions—but regardless, it's the job...

Turkey DNA helps scientists track Mesa Verde migration

1 week ago from UPI

Sometime in the late 13th century, the Ancestral Puebloans of Colorado's Mesa Verde abandoned their homes, ending 700 years of continuous human occupation.

Britney Spears flees after man rushes her onstage

1 week ago from UPI

Britney Spears was ushered offstage after security tackled a man mid-performance at her "Piece of Me" show in Las Vegas.

Comment on "Permanent human occupation of the central Tibetan Plateau in the early Holocene"

1 week ago from Science NOW

Meyer et al. (Reports, 6 January 2017, p. 64) suggest a new chronology for permanent human occupation of Tibet based on their dating of the travertine and colluvium deposits that...

San Salvador pupfish acquired genetic variation from island fish to eat new foods

1 week ago from Physorg

Pupfish living in salty lakes on San Salvador Island were able to diversify into multiple species with different eating habits, in part, by interbreeding with pupfish from other islands in...

Arrival of modern humans in Southeast Asia questioned

1 week ago from Science Daily

Humans may have exited out of Africa and arrived in Southeast Asia 20,000 years earlier than previously thought, a new study suggests. Findings also suggest humans could have potentially made...

New insights into the survival techniques of a prehistoric beast

1 week ago from Physorg

Imagine a rhinoceros-like beast with a sprawling, lizard-like gait and you will picture quite a good portrait of what Moschops looked like. They are certainly among the most fascinating monsters...

Leslie Jones has 'Game of Thrones' viewing party with Seth Meyers

1 week ago from UPI

Leslie Jones provided commentary for the latest episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones" alongside Seth Meyers on "Late Night."

Growing a startup with a big impact from a tiny fungus

1 week ago from Physorg

Entrepreneur Tyler Huggins grew up in rural Montana in a family of loggers and miners. But he wanted to have a larger impact on society as a whole, so he...

Britain shouldn't sell arms to the Saudis, no matter what they promise

1 week ago from UPI

Since the catastrophic Yemeni civil war began in 2015, the British public has woken up to a serious problem: the use of U.K.-manufactured arms by Saudi Arabia.

Giant dinosaur slims down... a bit

Scientists revise their estimate of the bulk of a colossal titanosaur, but not by much.

Fire and Fury: How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

1 week ago from Live Science

While a nuclear attack by North Korea would be horrific, there are still things emergency responders can to do prepare for such an event.

Why Are These Water Buffaloes Covered with Tiny Frogs?

1 week ago from Live Science

Water buffaloes wallowing in the wetlands of northern Turkey are carrying some unlikely passengers on their backs — tiny frogs.