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Cyprus bird trapping hits record low, says NGO

4 days ago from Physorg

The mass killing of migratory birds in Cyprus has reached a record low mainly due to a clampdown on illegal trapping in British military-controlled areas, a conservationist group said Monday.

Why you shouldn't bury your pet in the backyard

4 days ago from Physorg

Companion animals are part of our families, but inevitably the time comes for us to say goodbye to them due to old age or disease.

Earliest known mariner's astrolabe described in new study

4 days ago from UPI

Guinness World Records has verified that a mariner's astrolabe recovered from the wreckage of a sunken Portuguese ship is indeed the earliest of its kind.

Rukwa Rift Basin Project names new Cretaceous mammal from East African Rift System

4 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers announced a new species of mammal from the Age of Dinosaurs, representing the most complete mammal from the Cretaceous Period of continental Africa, and providing tantalizing insights into the...

Benjamin Netanyahu vows more Israel settlements after knife attack kills 2

4 days ago from UPI

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday a knife attack that killed two won't deter his government from building more settlements in disputed territory.

Teenage Priestess from the Bronze Age Was Probably No Globetrotter

4 days ago from Live Science

Two Bronze Age women — one likely a teenage priestess — probably didn't travel far and wide across Europe, as previous research suggested, but instead were real homebodies who likely...

Watch: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thanks Giants for trading Odell Beckham Jr.

5 days ago from UPI

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is thankful the New York Giants traded wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns.

Fossilized 'riot of worms' in N.W.T. rocks make scientists rethink ancient sea life

The discovery of fossilized worm burrows in ancient rocks from the the Northwest Territories is challenging what scientists have long thought about prehistoric life deep under the ocean.

Earliest known Mariner's Astrolabe research

5 days ago from Science Daily

Guinness World Records have independently certified an astrolabe excavated from the wreck site of a Portuguese Armada Ship that was part of Vasco da Gama's second voyage to India in...

Dick Dale, surf guitar icon, dead at 81

5 days ago from UPI

Dick Dale, a legendary guitarist credited with pioneering the genre of surf rock, has died at the age of 81.

Gunman opens fire on tram in the Netherlands; 1 dead

5 days ago from UPI

A shooting aboard a tram in the Netherlands killed at least one person Monday and investigators say it appears to be terror-related.

Shawn Mendes dominates 2019 Juno Awards

5 days ago from UPI

Shawn Mendes won big at the 2019 Juno Awards which honors the best in Canadian music.

The Future's Coming: Why We Need to Prepare for Sci-Fi Tomorrows Today

5 days ago from

The technological utopias of science fiction may still be centuries away, but building the culture of that future starts now.

New Zealand police: Only 1 attacker in mosque shootings

5 days ago from UPI

New Zealand police said there was only one attacker responsible for last week's shooting in Christchurch that killed 50 people and injured dozens.

Historic flooding kills 3 as more rain approaches Midwest

5 days ago from UPI

The Midwest is bracing for more rain after record flooding forced hundreds to evacuate, swelled rivers beyond their banks and overran failed levees, authorities said.

Alberta dinosaur bones 're-excavated' at Smithsonian Museum

The Smithsonian is renovating its famous fossil hall in Washington and some dinosaur specimens are getting re-excavated in the process, including one discovered in Alberta more than a century ago.

What is killing Sable Island's horses?

Researchers are conducting necropsies on Sable Island's unique feral horse population to learn what causes them to die.

Earliest known Mariner's Astrolabe research published today to go in Guinness Book of Records

5 days ago from Physorg

Guinness World Records have independently certified an astrolabe excavated from the wreck site of a Portuguese Armada Ship that was part of Vasco da Gama's second voyage to India in...

Famous birthdays for March 18: Adam Levine, Lily Collins

5 days ago from UPI

Singer Adam Levine turns 40 and actor Lily Collins turns 30, among the famous birthdays for March 18.

North Carolina man arrested for murdering second wife; police to re-examine first wife's 2006 death

5 days ago from UPI

A North Carolina man has been arrested for the murder of his second wife, prompting police to re-examine the 2006 death of his first wife, authorities said.

Deutsche Bank confirms merger talks with Commerzbank

5 days ago from UPI

Deutsche Bank confirmed Sunday that is engaged in talks with Commerzbank for a merger that would bring together two of Germany's largest banks.

Where eagles flirt: A DC tale of love, loss and raccoons

5 days ago from Physorg

It's a tale with everything you'd need for a soap opera: star-crossed lovers, a stable relationship threatened by younger suitors, pregnancy and loss, and a hungry raccoon.

Facebook removed 1.5M videos of New Zealand shooting in 24 hours

5 days ago from UPI

Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of the mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand in the day after the attack on Friday.

'Captain Marvel' No. 1 in North America for a 2nd weekend

5 days ago from UPI

The Brie Larson-led superheroine adventure "Captain Marvel" is the No. 1 movie in North America for a second weekend, earning an additional $69.1 million.

Peter Jackson, Taika Waititi urge unity, love after New Zealand mosque attack

6 days ago from UPI

New Zealand filmmakers Peter Jackson and Taika Waititi are sharing messages of unity and love in the wake of Friday's deadly attack on Christchurch mosques.

It's a boy! April the Giraffe gives birth again

6 days ago from Physorg

April the Giraffe gave birth once again in front of an enthralled YouTube audience on Saturday.

Fujifilm will acquire a Biogen plant

1 week ago from C&EN

Danish site will add to the Japanese firm’s growing stable of contract production facilities

Derek Hough: 'Dramatic, cinematic' changes coming to 'World of Dance'

1 week ago from UPI

Dancing icon Derek Hough, who is preparing to embark on a nationwide tour, said Sunday's episode of "World of Dance" will feature a ""dramatic" change for the show.