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Tulips from the air: Artist drawn to beauty of Norfolk flowers

It is their "beauty of colour and space that makes me keep coming back", artist says.

Salt Lake temple to close 4 years for renovations

6 days ago from UPI

The iconic Salt Lake Temple, headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is expected to close for four years to undergo renovations, church officials announced Friday.

Jesus Wasn't the Only Man to Be Crucified. Here's the History Behind This Brutal Practice.

6 days ago from Live Science

The most famous crucifixion in the world took place when, according to the New Testament, Jesus was put to death by the Romans. But he was far from the only...

Ancent Peruvian microbrewery, sour ale helps explain longevity of the Wari empire

6 days ago from UPI

The study of an ancient microbrewery in Peru and its supply of a sour beer has provided scientists new insights into the stability of the Wari empire.

Christians re-enact cross procession worldwide to mark Good Friday

6 days ago from UPI

Christians around the world observed Good Friday -- the acknowledged date of Jesus Christ's crucifixion -- with traditional ceremonies, prayers and re-enactments.

Mysterious river dolphin could provide new insights into marine mammal communication

6 days ago from UPI

A mysterious river dolphin in Brazil, previously thought to be quiet, could offer new insights into the evolutionary origins of marine mammal communication.

Seoul official says he’ll push for North Korea temple stay program

6 days ago from UPI

South Korea's unification minister said he will push for a South Korea-style temple stay program at a Buddhist temple in North Korea.

Marines to replace LAV with new armored vehicle in next decade

6 days ago from UPI

The U.S. Marine Corps plans to replace its light-armored vehicle, around since the 1980s, with a modern armored reconnaissance vehicle late in the next decade.

Study: 10,000 more died in Yemen over last 5 months

6 days ago from UPI

The report -- which tracks political violence and protests in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America -- said more than 7,600 of the new deaths occurred...

Watch: Prehistoric giant shark tooth found on beach in North Carolina

6 days ago from UPI

A girl visiting a North Carolina beach with her family made an unusual and rare discovery -- a shark tooth that could be up to 3 million years old.

In photos: Christians observe Good Friday in Jerusalem

6 days ago from UPI

Christians walk the path where they believe Jesus Christ carried his cross on Good Friday in the Old City of Jerusalem on April 19, 2019. Holy Week leads up to...

Watch: Man breaks Guinness record with 116 'Captain Marvel' viewings

6 days ago from UPI

A Wisconsin man said he broke a Guinness World Record -- his fifth such accomplishment -- by going to see Captain Marvel 116 times in the theaters.

Mesopotamian King Sargon II envisioned ancient city Karkemish as western Assyrian capital

6 days ago from Physorg

In "A New Historical Inscription of Sargon II from Karkemish," published in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Gianni Marchesi translates a recently discovered inscription of the Assyrian King Sargon...

Infamous ‘death roll’ almost universal among crocodile species

6 days ago from Science Blog

The iconic “death roll” of alligators and crocodiles may be more common among species than previously believed, according to a new study published in Ethology, Ecology & Evolution and coauthored by a...

Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction

6 days ago from Science Blog

The American Bumblebee – a species once more commonly seen buzzing around Southern Ontario – is critically endangered, according to a new study led by York University. The finding, published in Journal of...

BAE awarded $23.9M for USS Ignatius post-shakedown work

1 week ago from UPI

BAE Systems was awarded a $23.9 million contract for post-shakedown availability of the Paul Ignatius, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer.

Watch: James Corden, Andrew Garfield audition for 'Game of Thrones' on 'Late Late Show'

1 week ago from UPI

James Corden and Andrew Garfield try to land roles on HBO's "Game of Thrones" in a new "Late Late Show" sketch.

Daily grind: The biography of a stone axe

1 week ago from Physorg

Tom Breukel analysed some 250 stone axes from the Caribbean and reconstructed their biographies, thus increasing our knowledge of production and trade in the period around the arrival of Columbus....

Sonar Anomaly Leads to Discovery of 500-Year-Old Shipwreck in North Sea

1 week ago from Live Science

The wreck was filled with a trove of copper.

U.N. Command: 'Peace trails' to open soon on Korea's DMZ

1 week ago from UPI

Tourists may soon be able to hike on "DMZ Peace Trails" into the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea, the United Nations Command said.

Weapons trade reveals a darker side to dark web

1 week ago from Physorg

Debates over gun regulations make headlines across the world, but there's an underground operation for weapons that has drawn very little attention – until now. Researchers from Michigan State University...

Notre Dame: the public and private lives of France's spiritual home

1 week ago from Physorg

While flames engulfed Notre Dame on the evening of April 15 and the world watched in despair, French president Emmanuel Macron told news cameras that the Paris cathedral was part...

New Montana law aims to protect fossil discoveries for landowners

1 week ago from UPI

A new law enacted in Montana this week declares fossils are part of surface rights -- not mineral rights, drawing support from fossil hunters, paleontologists, museums, landowners and dinosaur lovers.

Canadian man sentenced to life for 2017 Michigan airport attack

1 week ago from UPI

A Canadian citizen was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing a police officer in the neck at a Michigan airport in 2017.

Suspect in abduction of Kimberly Sue Endicott faces kidnapping, robbery charges

1 week ago from UPI

A man suspected of being behind the abduction of an American tourist and her guide in Uganda appeared in court Thursday, where he was charged with kidnapping and robbery.

Mumps outbreak at Indiana University reaches 16

1 week ago from UPI

Sixteen students at Indiana University have contracted the mumps, according to reports.

Scientists Uncover California's Hidden Earthquakes

1 week ago from Scientific American

Nearly two million tiny tremors could help explain the inner workings of key faults -- Read more on