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Roger Goodell no fan of Oakland's latest pitch

46 min ago from UPI

The City of Oakland's 11th-hour stadium plan appears to be too little, too late for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's liking.

Police: Fight led to Cincinnati nightclub shooting that killed one, wounded 15

1 hour ago from UPI

Police in Cincinnati said one person was killed and 14 injured during an early morning shooting inside a popular nightclub.

The Death and Rebirth of the Duncan Grapefruit

1 hour ago from NY Times Science

Once a breakfast staple, this white, seed-packed variety of the fruit has all but disappeared. Yet there are hints of a small-scale revival.

Bao Bao, an American-Born Panda, Steps Out in China

1 hour ago from NY Times Science

Culture shock is fading, say the handlers of Bao Bao, the panda from the National Zoo in Washington, as she settles into the land of her ancestors.

Trilobites: Headed North, Sandhill Cranes Squeeze In Where They Can

1 hour ago from NY Times Science

The Platte River in Nebraska is an important layover for hundreds of thousands of the birds as they head toward their summer homes.

'Beauty and the Beast' is the No. 1 movie in North America for a second weekend

1 hour ago from UPI

The live-action fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast" is the No. 1 movie in North America for a second weekend, earning $88.3 million in receipts.

Iraq denies airstrike caused civilian deaths in Mosul

4 hours ago from UPI

Iraq's military claims explosives rigged by the Islamic State -- rather than airstrikes -- killed civilians at a home in Mosul earlier this month.

Texas Rangers re-sign 2B Rougned Odor for 6 years, $49.5 million

9 hours ago from UPI

The Texas Rangers reached an agreement with second baseman Rougned Odor on a six-year, $49.5 million extension, according to multiple media reports Saturday.

Virginia police arrest man dressed as The Joker, carrying sword

1 day ago from UPI

Virginia police arrested a 31-year-old man dressed like The Joker from the 2008 The Dark Knight movie after he spooked several local residents.

Las Vegas Bellagio hotel locked down, guests flee in burglary attempt

1 day ago from UPI

The Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was locked down briefly, as guests poured into the surrounding streets following reports of an armed robbery.

South Carolina blows out Baylor

1 day ago from UPI

NEW YORK -- South Carolina coach Frank Martin paid homage to his Southeastern Conference rivals.

Scientists make new discovery about bird evolution

1 day ago from Science Daily

A team of scientists has described the most exceptionally preserved fossil bird discovered to date, in a newly published article. The new specimen from the rich Early Cretaceous Jehol Biota...

Amazon Shows Its Age: Scientists Say River No Younger Than 9 Million

1 day ago from Live Science

Understanding the river's origins will give scientists more information about a consequential body of water.

On the Lam: 10 of the Greatest Animal Escape Artists

1 day ago from Live Science

From an orangutan that broke free three times to a capybara duo that stole headlines, here are tales of some of the greatest animal escape artists.

Big data renews fight over animal origins

1 day ago from News @ Nature

Study is the latest in the long-running dispute over which lineage — sponges or comb jellies — is the ancestor to all animalsNature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21703

Nom Nom Nom: Prehistoric Human Bones Show Signs of Cannibalism

1 day ago from Live Science

Human cannibals likely took a big bite out of their fellow humans about 10,000 years ago, according to a study that examined prehistoric bones with scratch and bite marks on...

Ryan Gosling explains his laugh during Oscars mix-up

2 days ago from UPI

Ryan Gosling said he was "so relieved" nothing worse had happened when "Moonlight" was announced as the true Best Picture winner over "La La Land."

Remains of WWII Nazi pilot found in Denmark ID'd

2 days ago from UPI

The remains of a pilot in a German World War II warplane unearthed in Denmark recently have been identified as a 19-year-old from Bavaria, officials said.

'Love Connection' revival with Andy Cohen gets summer premiere date

2 days ago from UPI

Fox's upcoming reboot of dating show "Love Connection" hosted by Andy Cohen is set to premiere in the summer the network has announced.

Bilingual pig understands commands in English and Spanish

2 days ago from UPI

A zoological park in Florida boasts a "bilingual" pig that can understand commands in both English and Spanish.

Female Cockroaches Sync Up Their Virgin Births

2 days ago from Live Science

Female roaches are quicker to give virgin birth, or birth without sex, when in the company of other females.

Genetics Society of America Honors Richard Lewontin with 2017 Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal

2 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

The Genetics Society of America (GSA) is pleased to announce that Richard C. Lewontin, PhD is the 2017 recipient of the Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal for lifetime achievement in the...

Ancient rock carvings provide tantalizing glimpse of Egypt’s Stone Age

2 days ago from CBSNews - Science

Researchers uncovered rock carvings from Egypt's Stone Age showing mysterious mask-wearing dancer

German companies partner for German army contracts

2 days ago from UPI

Rheinmetall and Rohde & Schwarz are to jointly pursue German Army communications contracts.

King Tut's Grandmom? Huge Alabaster Statue Unearthed Along Nile

2 days ago from Live Science

A statue carved in alabaster that possibly represents King Tut's grandmother ― Queen Tiye ― has been unearthed on the west bank of Luxor along the Nile River.

NATO forces assemble in eastern Europe

2 days ago from UPI

Military vehicles and troops from Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands are deploying to Poland and the Baltic states to support NATO's forward presence.

Exmoor gardens raided by 'wily old stag'

A mature stag has learnt how to use its antlers to lift bird feeders off garden trees.

How our species got smarter: through a rush of blood to the head

2 days ago from Physorg

Anthropologists have been curious about the evolution of human intelligence for many decades. The main lines of research have involved archaeological finds concerning the use of fire, tools and so...