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Doctors signal they'll work with Obama

9 years ago from AP Health

CHICAGO (AP) -- The nation's largest group of doctors began their annual meeting as a potential obstacle to President Obama's health care overhaul. After a big...

WHO's pandemic declaration imminent: officials

9 years ago from CBC: Health

The World Health Organization is on the cusp of declaring a global pandemic, officials said on Thursday as flu experts convened in an emergency meeting in Geneva.

Low science investment in Dominican Republic

9 years ago from SciDev

The Dominican Republic is investing very little in science and technology

'End of Bling is Nigh' warns new study

9 years ago from Physorg

New research at the University of Leicester reveals that the recession will bring with it a new ‘economic ethic` which will curtail the display of ostentation and conspicuous consumption.

Obituary: Rajeev Motwani

9 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Brilliant computer scientist who mentored the founders of Google

Kennedy's healthcare plan meets resistance

9 years ago from LA Times - Health

The senator's long-awaited bill to revamp the way Americans are insured is hotly criticized by many Republicans, even most moderates. ...

A healthcare reform bill will affect nearly everyone

9 years ago from LA Times - Health

Despite the looming brawl in Congress, the Democratic majority is expected to pass some form of legislation. ...

House Republicans Draft Energy Bill With Heavy Focus on Nuclear Power

9 years ago from NY Times Science

The Republican proposal was introduced as an alternative to the Democratic plan barreling toward a House vote this month.

Writing In Air Not Pie In The Sky: Student Device Turns Phone Gestures Into Email

9 years ago from Science Daily

Engineering students have taken advantage of the accelerometers in emerging cell phones to create an application that permits users to write short notes in the air with their phone, and...

Bees swarm Kansas City ballpark

9 years ago from UPI

KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 9 (UPI) -- Bee swarms have become so common in Kansas City two have had to be removed from the stadium where the Kansas...

Calgary job seekers Tweet to find work

9 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Job seekers in Calgary are using social networking sites such as Twitter to improve their odds of landing work, as a survey released Tuesday indicates the majority of employers in...

Physiotherapy tricycles stolen from special needs school

9 years ago from CBC: Health

Calgary police are trying to track down four tricycles stolen from a school for children with disabilities.

Councillor pitches hand sanitizers for Ottawa's buses

9 years ago from CBC: Health

An Ottawa councillor said Tuesday that he wants hand sanitizers installed on all OC Transpo buses.

New Canadian Science Festival in Waterloo

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Dr. Neil Turok, Director of Perimeter Institute, and John Matlock, Director of External Relations and Outreach, will announce details on June 12th, 2009, of an innovative, public science festival coming...

Math Professor Looking to Mathematical Theories for Clues on Origins and Future of Life in the Universe

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Louis Crane, K-State professor of mathematics, is studying new theories about why the universe is the way it is. He has a grant from the Foundational Questions Institute to study...

Bing luring Internet searchers: comScore

9 years ago from Physorg

Microsoft's new Internet search engine Bing boosted the software giant's share of the US market in the week following its release, industry tracking firm comScore reported Tuesday.

Green but costly, hybrid buses far from mass production

9 years ago from Physorg

Fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly, hybrid buses starred at a public transportation congress in Vienna this week, but they still face a long road before becoming cost-effective on a mass scale.

What to know before buying supplements

9 years ago from AP Health

The federal Food and Drug Administration does not analyze the content of dietary supplements, which do not need proof of safety or effectiveness before they go on sale. Here are...

Would-be Nortel buyers seek $1B loan from government

9 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

A group for former Nortel executives say they want to buy and keep the embattled technology company in Canada, but need a federal loan of at least $1 billion in...

Are Socialists Happier Than Capitalists?

9 years ago from Science Daily

Do economic concerns outweigh political reforms in their impact on subjective well-being? A new study finds that overall well-being initially plummeted in countries directly affected by the fall of the...

Margaret Cavanaugh Wins ACS Volunteer Service Award

9 years ago from C&EN

National Science Foundation deputy assistant director has headed numerous American Chemical Society committees.

Grant applications swamp agency

9 years ago from News @ Nature

Peer-review system for National Institutes of Health grants is stretched to its limits.

Herbal sales dominated by sizable companies

9 years ago from AP Health

Some people who buy supplements to avoid Big Pharma drug companies may find themselves doing business with Big Herba, instead....

New Robot Opens Doors, Plugs Self In

9 years ago from PopSci

For those worried about a dystopian future where humans serve robot overlords, there has always been one brake on full robot autonomy: power. Whether it’s the batteries in a Roomba...

California schoolbooks going digital

9 years ago from Physorg

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced plans to phase out school textbooks in favor of digital learning aids as the state looks to plug its massive budget hole.

Defence job for science minister

Science minister, Lord Drayson, will oversee UK military research spending in addition to his civil responsibilities.

How is Whois? Internet registry seeks your feedback on privacy

9 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Internet users are being asked what they think about a year-old policy that boosts privacy protection for individuals who have registered dot-ca domain names.

Music industry battles Spanish computer buff

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Pablo Soto's story may be every computer whiz kid's dream - or nightmare. After leaving school at 16 to support his family, he managed to eke out...