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Intensive Program in Biorenewables Shows Students the Action

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Iowa State University's first Intensive Program in Biorenewables attracted 46 students from across the country and around the world. They're spending two weeks in talks, tours, demonstrations and tests that...

Team effort needed to report on science, U of Alberta study says

9 years ago from Science Blog

Trust in science is diminishing, according to recent studies, especially in the area of biomedicine, biotech and genetics. University of Alberta researchers Tim Caulfield and Tania Bubela blame it on...

Tech in Training: The Search for an Online Coach

9 years ago from PopSci

Editor Mike Haney is training for the New York City Marathon with all the help from high-end running tech he can get. I don’t run for the pure spiritual joy...

Hurricanes: Increased Technology Offers Better Ways For Officials And Public To See The Storm Ahead

9 years ago from Science Daily

The Wave-Current-Surge Information System for Coastal Louisiana now offers graphic, easy-to-understand model outputs projecting wave height, current depths and tracks, salinity ratios and water temperature measurements that not only provide...

Frans Spaepen named interim director of Center for Nanoscale Systems

9 years ago from Harvard Science

Frans Spaepen, director of the Rowland Institute, will serve as interim director of Harvard University’s Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS) starting July 1, upon completion of his term as interim dean of

Robotic Ferret Will Detect Hidden Drugs And Weapons

9 years ago from Science Daily

A new type of robot being developed will make it easier to detect drugs, weapons, explosives and illegal immigrants concealed in cargo containers.

Officials commend UH's leadership in creation of ship channel security district

9 years ago from Science Blog

The University of Houston is being credited with playing a pivotal role in the creation of the Houston Ship Channel Security District, which was approved unanimously by Harris County Commissioners...

Rambus settles EU antitrust probe, avoids fines

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Memory chip company Rambus Inc. said Friday that European Union antitrust regulators had provisionally agreed to drop a probe and any fines if the company reduced its...

Q&A: Tadataka Yamada and wild science ideas

9 years ago from SciDev

The executive director of the Gates Foundation tells SciDev.Net why he is throwing conventional research proposals into the bin.

MPs demand proper scrutiny of science policy

9 years ago from The Guardian - Science

A House of Commons committee warned today that despite the government's reassurances, science and engineering risk being lost in the 'black hole' of the newly created Department for Business, Inno

INFORMS Management Insight contrasts online highbrow and lowbrow movie rentals

9 years ago from Science Blog

Comparing the characteristics of 'highbrow' and 'lowbrow' films, online DVD rental services like Netflix can project the length of time that customers will rent films, according to the Management Insights...

Plasma Waves Studied for New Electronics

9 years ago from Live Science

Bill Stillman leaves a long career as an engineer to go back to school and learn a new field.

New "Wave" E-Mailing

9 years ago from CBSNews - Science

One of the most interesting experiments in electronic communication I've ever seen is coming from Google. It's called Wave. It's real-time e-mail.

Yahoo picks a new CFO likely to shake things up

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Yahoo Inc. has hired a cost-cutting specialist as its new chief financial officer, signaling the Internet company's determination to weed out the bureaucracy that has been dragging...

AOL buys two Web startups

9 years ago from Physorg

Internet pioneer AOL, which Time Warner plans to spin off into an independent company later this year, announced on Thursday that it had bought two small Web startups focused on...

Scientists 'disprove' fingerprints friction theory

Scientists have disproved the long-held theory that fingerprints improve our grip by increasing friction.

Rule may allow officials to play role of scientists in toxic chemical regulation

9 years ago from Physorg

The Obama administration has promised to end political meddling in scientific decisions, but some critics say the White House has botched an early test of that pledge on a key...

Some oil- and gas-drilling leases may be reinstated

9 years ago from LA Times - Science

The leases, auctioned near the end of the Bush administration, were blocked by Obama's Interior Department. Now a report opens the door to 30 of them being reissued. ...

Obama promotes healthcare overhaul in Green Bay, Wis.

9 years ago from LA Times - Health

As senior Democrats craft proposals and Republicans and interest groups work against a government plan, he says at a town hall meeting that the U.S. can't afford to wait for...

Microsoft to sell Windows minus browser in Europe

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it will make a separate version of the Windows 7 computer operating software for Europe that does not include its Internet Explorer Web...

Publisher warms to Scribd store

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The publisher of Stephen King and Chelsea Handler will be selling books through Scribd, the online document-sharing service that the industry has criticized for enabling the downloading...

US video game sales slide 23 pct in May

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- U.S. video gamers spent less on games, hardware and accessories in May compared with a year ago, a sign that this year's release schedule couldn't compete with...

Poultry Is No. 1 Source of Outbreaks, According to C.D.C. Report

9 years ago from NY Times Health

After poultry, leafy vegetables and fruits and nuts were the most commonly identified source of food poisoning in the United States in 2006.

Friends of Medicare launch campaign against Alberta health cuts

9 years ago from CBC: Health

Friends of Medicare will use billboards, print ads and messages posted on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to mobilize the public against cuts the province is making to...

Microsoft to Offer Free Antivirus Protection

9 years ago from Physorg

Microsoft is gearing up to offer Windows users a free real-time antivirus protection. Code name Morro, the antivirus product will be a hosted service. Morro works by routing all users...

Ecological Society of America Announces Its 94th Annual Meeting

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Registration is now open to the press for the Ecological Society of America's (ESA) 94th Annual Meeting, which will be held Aug. 2-7 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The meeting will...

New Role For Web In Iranian Politics

9 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Iranians tap away at computers in their new headquarters. Their mission: to post videos, messages, blogs and anything else to further the Web-savvy campaign that hopes to bring down President...

Medtronic pacemaker recall announced

9 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, June 11 (UPI) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced the recall of 21,000 Medtronic Inc. Kappa and Sigma pacemakers that might cause serious problems...