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Nord Stream funded for April construction

8 years ago from UPI

VIENNA, March 16 (UPI) -- Financing from banks and credit agencies gives the Nord Stream gas pipeline consortium the revenue it needs to start April construction, executives said.

MRI Research at UIC Gets $3 Million Federal Grant

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

University of Illinois at Chicago researchers have been awarded a highly competitive National Institutes of Health grant from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds to develop a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance...

Pink Floyd triumphs in online fight with EMI

8 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

British rockers Pink Floyd have won a lawsuit against their own record company over royalty payments for online sales with the courts ordering EMI to stop selling individual songs over...

South Pole dome for U.S. Navy Seabees museum?

8 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, March 10 (UPI) -- After more than 30 years of service, the iconic dome at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station has been deconstructed for possible display in a...

N.L. lab head quits after drug error fiasco

8 years ago from CBC: Health

Dr. Nash Denic has resigned as head of laboratory services at Newfoundland and Labrador's largest health authority after a drug-testing fiasco in which lab officials are accused of reacting to...

Oryx And Crake

8 years ago from

End of the World Sci-Fi Oryx and Crake (2003)The Year of the Flood (2009)by Margaret Atwood In Atwood's world of Oryx and Crake, biotechnology has ruined the world, in more ways than...

AUTM to Debate Gene Patenting, Inventor Roles in Licensing

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

The Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) will host two debates on controversial topics at the AUTM 2010 Annual Meeting, Building a Stronger Community, March 18 - 20, in...

How America Could Get Rich by Going Green

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

China is Cashing in its Emerging Energy Sector - What Solutions Will Help the U.S. Catch Up?

Video: Green Energy is the 21st Century

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Barbara Finamore, from the National Resources Defense Council says renewable energy is essential in the 21st century.

Video: Prius Driver's Frantic 911 Call

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Toyota Prius driver Jim Sikes frantically called 911 when his car speed out of control on a stretch of San Diego highway. Ben Tracy reports the U.S. government wants to...

UCS: Obama needs to protect scientists

8 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, March 9 (UPI) -- President Barack Obama has not kept a pledge to protect U.S. government scientists from political interference, a scientists' advocacy group said.

Seeing triple at the 3-D movie? Films can cause dizziness, nausea

8 years ago from Physorg

Thousands of people are packing movie theaters across the country to see the new "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D, and dozens of them will likely leave with headaches.

Letters: A Hippocratic oath for scientists

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

I agree with George Monbiot (Comment, 9 March) about the problems of communicating science, but it is a pity he did not mention the large amount of outreach work being done by...

Hackers target freshly uncovered Internet Explorer hole

8 years ago from Physorg

Microsoft on Tuesday warned that hackers are targeting a freshly-uncovered weakness in some earlier versions of its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser software.

Behavior Changes Linked to March Madness

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Millions of Americans, including President Obama, fill out their `brackets` when the NCAA Tournament field is announced each March, but does that really affect their work? It certainly...

Redefining Geometric Skeletons

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Geometric skeletons are fundamental concepts in many areas of science and engineering.

How a candidate moves influences how you vote (w/ Video)

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- The perceived health of an election candidate can predict how people will vote according to recently published research- and voters can form opinions about how healthy a candidate...

High-Speed Pipeline Revs Up Biomass Analysis

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- High throughput system can analyze enzymes, poplars, switch grass, thousands at a time to help determine which plants are best suited for biofuels.

Company to sell 'world's first practical jetpack' for $75,000 (w/ Video)

8 years ago from Physorg

Taking a leap into the future, the New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company plans to start selling commercial jetpacks to anyone with an interest and $75,000.

'Nobel of computing' goes to early PC designer

8 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- A Microsoft Corp. researcher won the $250,000 Turing Award, one of technology's most coveted prizes, on Tuesday for his work helping design and build what is widely...

Late Is The New Early

8 years ago from

A reader was aghast-- outraged, I say-- at my suggestion that this precious music satellite, Project Calliope, might launch a few months late. Now, the rocket people at InterOrbital Systems are...

Green Mecca ... Detroit?

8 years ago from

Having once been an environmental activist, one thing that bothers me about modern day environmental activists (*) is their insistence, despite any evidence, that jamming people into cities and going...

On latest guitar game, players strum real strings

8 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- A new musical video game lets players strum a real six-string electric guitar instead of tapping buttons on a fake instrument.

DOE Backs Electrochemical Developer

8 years ago from C&EN

Loan Guarantee: Minnesota company to expand high-tech window production.

Shell, PetroChina make bid for Arrow

8 years ago from UPI

SYDNEY, March 9 (UPI) -- Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell made a joint $3.3 billion bid with PetroChina Monday to acquire Australian coal-seam gas developer Arrow Energy Ltd.

First 3-D TV Channels from DirecTV Available in June

8 years ago from Live Science

In June, DirecTV will become the first pay-TV provider to offer 3-D channels compatible with the new 3-D TVs.

NASA offers communication simulation

8 years ago from UPI

WASHINGTON, March 9 (UPI) -- NASA says it is now offering the public an interactive computer program that allows virtual explorers to experience many space-related simulations.

Battle Lines Redrawn in Web Sales Tax War

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

Customers Up in Arms After Being Dropped by Amazon Affiliate Program; Company Blames States Like Colo. Seeking Revenue