Wednesday th 21st of September 2016

Your Fitness Tracker May Be Holding You Back From Losing Weight - 16:01

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Commit $3 Billion To Cure All Diseases - 15:01

Your Probiotics Won’t Help Your Obesity - 14:01

Garlic Lovers Rejoice, Hot Lettuce Is Here To Save Your Breath - 13:31

Scientists Think They’ve Solved An Ancient Antarctic Mystery - 13:01

The Man Who Solves The Mysteries Of Evolution - 08:31

Tuesday th 20th of September 2016

Wireless Sensors Can Detect People's Emotions - 14:01

For Vikings, Murder Was A Family Affair - 13:31

Blind People Use 'Visual' Brain Regions For Math - 11:01

Human Remains Found In 2,000-Year-Old Antikythera Shipwreck - 10:31

The Losing Battle Against Bacterial STDs - 10:31

Monday th 19th of September 2016

Watch Grace Potter's New Music Video About The Women Of NASA - 16:31

Longest Lighting Strike Stretched Almost 200 Miles Across Oklahoma - 15:31

Teens Who Understand Food Marketing Make Healthier Choices - 15:03

New Research Shows How Bright Light Could Wake Up Men's Sexual Desire - 12:31

First Responders Give Google Glass A Second Life - 09:01

Friday th 16th of September 2016

How NASA Goes to Space Without Leaving the Earth - 16:41

Prenatal Mercury Exposure Cancels Out Cognitive Benefits of Exercise - 16:11

Solar-Powered Helicopter Takes Flight - 15:41

Driverless Ubers, Disappearing Stars, And More - 14:41

How We Swagger Speaks Volumes About Our Personalities - 11:31

People Who Claim They're Fine With Little Sleep May Be Fooling Themselves - 10:31

Feed Or Starve A Sickness? It Depends On The Infection - 09:11

Thursday th 15th of September 2016

Cards Against Humanity scholarship seeks to send women in STEM to college - 16:41

The 5-Second Rule Is Still Not Real - 10:31

Scientists Have Made Display Screens You Can Slice - 10:01

Scientists Unearth A Whole Mammoth Skull In California - 10:01

Wednesday th 14th of September 2016

Many Of The Eye’s Color-Sensing Cells Code For…Whiteness - 16:11

Why We Always Get Sick While Traveling – And How To Prevent It - 15:41

How To Make A Baby Without An Egg - 15:11

Science Press Site 'EurekAlert!' Offline After Being Hacked - 14:41

Your Blue Jeans Can Trace Their Origins To Peru, 6,000 Years Ago - 13:41

A spoonful of sugar helps the bacteria go down - 11:41

Tuesday th 13th of September 2016

Ice Cores From Melting Glaciers Will Be Stored In Antarctica - 16:41

A New Map Will Help Predict Earth's Response to Space Weather - 15:11

Nicotine Only Controls You Because You Believe In It - 14:11

The NIH Will Track Brains Of 10,000 Kids As They Grow Up - 11:41

The Woman Who Reimagines How The Brain Works - 09:11

The Possible Link Between Bacteria And Chronic Disease? - 09:11

Monday th 12th of September 2016

Solar-Powered Boat Preps For Around-The-World Trip - 14:31

A New Documentary Takes Us Inside Colorful, Dynamic Worlds - 12:31

New Evidence Shows The Moon Formed From Melted Bits Of Earth - 12:31

A Helmet Inspired By Woodpeckers Could Save Football Players From Concussions - 11:31

Friday th 9th of September 2016

Protein In Your Hair Is Better Than DNA At Identifying You - 16:01

Inky Black iPhones, Chipotle Delivery Drones, And More - 12:31

A Refrigerator Backpack Could Help Transport Vaccines And Organs - 12:31

The Man Who Designs Soft Robotic Suits For Superhuman Stamina - 09:41

Thursday th 8th of September 2016

This Battery-Free Generator Is Made From Fish Scales - 15:21

The Gulf's Flesh-Eating Bacteria Isn't Taking Over - 10:31

The Woman Who Predicts Septic Shock And Other Health Outcomes - 09:31