Physics World

Thursday th 17th of November 2016

Texas gravitational-wave research centre returns misused funds - 22:51

Flash Physics: Spider inspires structural colour, the roundest star, quantum simulator is very fast - 10:51

Wednesday th 16th of November 2016

New aeroplane wing changes shape to boost performance - 22:41

Flash Physics: New solar-energy model, Persis Drell named Stanford provost, gas sensors in a jiffy - 10:21

Tuesday th 15th of November 2016

Flash Physics: Asteroid missions, mathematical physicist bags C N R Rao Prize, ultrashort electron emission - 18:21

Gold nanospheres confine light to smallest volume ever - 18:21

Monday th 14th of November 2016

Flash Physics: IOP honours six physicists, APS retracts Trump statement, quantum physicists advise World Economic Forum - 18:01

Schistosomiasis parasite moves using an unusual swimming stoke - 18:01

Friday th 11th of November 2016

Flash Physics: Supernova monitor for Super-Kamiokande, Brookhaven technologies bag R&D 100 Awards, quantum-liquid droplets spotted in ultracold gas - 19:21

Loops of ribbon inspire physicists - 19:21

Thursday th 10th of November 2016

US physicists anxious over Trump administration - 12:21

Flash Physics: Starving black hole dims active galaxy, Australian and Chinese particle-physics labs come together, rapidly cooled freestanding graphene - 12:21

Flash Physics: Spotting supersolids, Perimeter Institute and South American Institute for Fundamental Research partner up, measuring photoionization in zeptoseconds - 00:21

Wednesday th 9th of November 2016

Trump election shock threatens US science - 12:02

Tuesday th 8th of November 2016

Flash Physics: Antiprotonic helium passes symmetry test, Parkes radio telescope kicks off alien search, Nanobionic spinach detects explosions - 12:21

Spiralling spin liquid revealed by neutron scattering - 12:21

Monday th 7th of November 2016

Flash Physics: NASA and FEMA conduct asteroid-impact exercises, tiny lasers for microscopy, NSF reviews its Arecibo and Green Bank funding - 11:51

Atom assembler makes defect-free arrays - 11:51

Friday th 4th of November 2016

Flash Physics: Space telescope passes milestone, quantum-cryptography record broken, making gold nanostructures - 11:21

Scientific facilities hit by Brazilian budget woes - 11:21

Thursday th 3rd of November 2016

Flash Physics: LHC smashes luminosity record, gender bias in astronomy, calculating axion masses - 11:41

Cosmic-ray showers create more muons than expected - 11:41

Wednesday th 2nd of November 2016

Bacteria nanospheres may help camouflage tiny crustaceans - 23:31

Flash Physics: A superconducting non-superconductor, best of Russian physics, NPL backs instrumentation - 11:32

Tuesday th 1st of November 2016

Flash Physics: Thirty Meter Telescope could go to Spain, artificial muscles flex, light switches light - 11:51

Neutron holograms image the interiors of objects - 11:51

Monday th 31st of October 2016

Flash Physics: Detector nears the quantum limit, why Saturn has rings, monolayer emits photon pairs - 11:31

New Ising-machine computers are taken for a spin - 11:31

Friday th 28th of October 2016

Flash Physics: Particle pioneers bag J J Sakurai Prize, Brian Bowsher appointed new head of STFC, colliding light waves may create magnetic monopoles - 10:51

Building-block metamaterials shape 3D acoustic holograms - 10:51

Thursday th 27th of October 2016

Flash Physics: CubeSats could soon self-propel, ALMA unveils the birth of stellar siblings, patent award for US plasma lab - 10:41

Liquid flow in capillaries contradicts conventional wisdom - 10:41

Wednesday th 26th of October 2016

Flash Physics: Designer magnets from 3D printers, creating silicon-germanium glass fibres, towards a space-based gravitational-wave observatory - 10:41

Physicists break record for laser-electron interaction - 10:41

Tuesday th 25th of October 2016

Flash Physics: 3D stars shrink when hot, new laser sensor for gases, tracking solar waves - 10:41

US unfazed by Russia ending reactor co-operation - 10:41

Monday th 24th of October 2016

Flash Physics: Oldest planet-forming disc spotted, Greek researcher wins 2016 Farinella Prize, nanoantennas produce fast optical switches - 09:31

Societies seek action on rising helium prices - 09:31

Friday th 21st of October 2016

Flash Physics: Physicists call for food strategy, LHC trio bag prize, cosmic rays elude geomagnetic field - 13:31

Supernovae analysis finds scant evidence for dark energy - 13:31

Thursday th 20th of October 2016

Uncertainty surrounds fate of European–Russian Mars lander - 14:31

Flash Physics: Ocean tides are magnetic, speedy electrons, new millimetre-wavelength telescope camera - 14:31

Wednesday th 19th of October 2016

Flash Physics: L'Oréal-UNESCO lauds physicists, graphene protects glass, CERN maps disasters - 14:11

Tuesday th 18th of October 2016

Flash Physics: Tiny spheres made from proteins, shape-shifting nuclei, long-lived silicon qubits - 14:02

Consciousness is tied to 'entropy', say researchers - 14:02

Monday th 17th of October 2016

Flash Physics: Mapping the universe’s superclusters and voids, new plasma pressure record, predicting rogue ocean waves - 14:11

Frequency combs power new spectrometer-on-a-chip - 14:11

Friday th 14th of October 2016

Flash Physics: A nanotube balloon, quantum coherence forever, two trillion galaxies in the universe - 13:41

'Movies' of electron motion in solar cell made using femtosecond laser - 13:41

Thursday th 13th of October 2016

Flash Physics: FAST joins alien search, warm dense matter, trio bags accelerator prize - 13:21