Physics World

Tuesday th 10th of May 2016

Parallel-universe search focuses on neutrons - 20:01

Monday th 9th of May 2016

Elusive nuclear-clock transition spotted in thorium-229 - 19:50

Friday th 6th of May 2016

Physicists discover new state of the water molecule - 19:00

Thursday th 5th of May 2016

Superconducting quantum-dot turnstile singles out electrons - 19:00

Wednesday th 4th of May 2016

New algorithm puts time-scrambled data into chronological order - 18:30

Tuesday th 3rd of May 2016

Buckyball pioneer Harold Kroto dies at 76 - 18:10

Monday th 2nd of May 2016

Laser spectroscopy determines sex of a chicken egg - 18:20

Friday th 29th of April 2016

Are wormholes or 'gravastars' mimicking gravitational-wave signals from black holes? - 17:40

Thursday th 28th of April 2016

Why quantum cryptography could be a one-way street - 17:50

Wednesday th 27th of April 2016

Consortium sets out to build European laser plasma accelerator - 17:50

Tuesday th 26th of April 2016

Quantum filter integrates 20,000 Josephson junctions - 17:40

Monday th 25th of April 2016

Magnetic vortices record history of Earth's magnetic field - 17:20

Friday th 22nd of April 2016

Graphene doped with hydrogen reveals its magnetism - 16:50

Thursday th 21st of April 2016

Supernova sediments still rain down on Earth and the Moon - 16:30

Wednesday th 20th of April 2016

Carbon nanotubes light up on photonic chips - 16:30

Tuesday th 19th of April 2016

Theorizing about the LHC's 750 GeV bump - 16:30

Monday th 18th of April 2016

'Cool' Saharan ants' silver hairs cause total internal reflection - 16:11

Saturday th 16th of April 2016

Computer gamers solve quantum problems - 03:12

The single-atom engine that could - 03:12

Patterned liquid crystals guide light through planar lens - 03:12

Tuesday th 12th of April 2016

Diamond quantum bit is controlled using light and sound - 15:10

Monday th 11th of April 2016

Nanocrystal inks used to build flexible transistors - 15:11

Friday th 8th of April 2016

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium - 16:47

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium - 16:47

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium - 16:47

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium - 16:47

Laureates call for cut to highly enriched uranium - 16:47

Thursday th 7th of April 2016

Birds measure magnetic fields using long-lived quantum coherence - 14:20

Wednesday th 6th of April 2016

Finding the Earth-bound evidence for supernovae in the galactic neighbourhood - 20:20

Tuesday th 5th of April 2016

Gravitational background noise could be much louder than expected - 20:01

Monday th 4th of April 2016

Adding a topological fold to origami metamaterials - 20:10

Friday th 1st of April 2016

White dwarf with nearly pure oxygen atmosphere surprises astronomers - 19:40

Quantum computer defeats JENGA master in five straight games - 07:40

Thursday th 31st of March 2016

Rivers of stars could point to cold dark matter in the Milky Way halo - 19:20

Wednesday th 30th of March 2016

New gravimeter-on-a-chip is tiny yet extremely sensitive - 19:30

Tuesday th 29th of March 2016

New radio antenna avoids unwanted signals - 19:01

Monday th 28th of March 2016

Physicists upend conventional wisdom of how paint dries - 07:10

Thursday th 24th of March 2016

Nuclear contraband could be spotted using laser pulses - 18:50

Wednesday th 23rd of March 2016

Alice and Bob have their quantum fingerprints checked - 18:40

Tuesday th 22nd of March 2016

Medical imaging could benefit from new X-ray detector - 18:20

Monday th 21st of March 2016

CERN fails to confirm Fermilab tetraquark discovery - 18:20

Friday th 18th of March 2016

Origami-inspired metamaterial changes shape and stiffness on command - 17:50

Thursday th 17th of March 2016

'Quantum manifesto' for Europe calls for €1bn in funding - 17:40

Wednesday th 16th of March 2016

Rare-isotope decay links tiny grains to stellar explosions - 17:30

Tuesday th 15th of March 2016

Bacteria act as tiny lenses to move towards light - 17:10

Monday th 14th of March 2016

Mission to Mars launches in search of signs of life - 17:10

Friday th 11th of March 2016

Majorana 'zero modes' spotted in superconducting nanowires - 16:51

Thursday th 10th of March 2016

Einstein meets the dark sector in a new numerical code that simulates the universe - 16:30

Wednesday th 9th of March 2016

Fermionic microscope watches individual atoms in transition - 16:31

Tuesday th 8th of March 2016

Simple interactions cause micro-organisms to follow the crowd - 16:00