Physics World

Tuesday th 19th of July 2016

'Radiation friction' could make huge magnetic fields with lasers - 14:21

Monday th 18th of July 2016

Nearby supernovae could have affected life on Earth - 14:11

Friday th 15th of July 2016

Dark-energy study maps 1.2 million galaxies in the early universe - 13:51

Thursday th 14th of July 2016

Blue is the colour of the universe's first supernovae - 13:32

Wednesday th 13th of July 2016

Electrical waves travel through bioengineered tissue - 15:50

Neural networks provide deep insights into the mysteries of water - 15:50

Monday th 11th of July 2016

Relativistic electrons trapped within graphene quantum dots - 13:21

Friday th 8th of July 2016

Thirty Meter Telescope may not be built in Hawaii, say astronomers - 12:41

Giant planet orbits three stars and enjoys multiple sunsets - 00:21

Thursday th 7th of July 2016

Molecules break up under quantum control - 00:11

Tuesday th 5th of July 2016

NASA's Juno craft arrives at Jupiter - 12:11

Monday th 4th of July 2016

New electron-microscopy technique measures magnetism at the atomic scale - 11:51

Friday th 1st of July 2016

Tiny 3D-printed lens can pass through a syringe needle - 11:11

Thursday th 30th of June 2016

Quantum computer simulates fundamental particle interactions for the first time - 23:21

Wednesday th 29th of June 2016

NIST-4 watt balance weighs in on Planck's constant - 23:11

Tuesday th 28th of June 2016

Relativistic codes reveal a clumpy universe - 23:11

Monday th 27th of June 2016

KM3NeT neutrino sea-scope takes shape - 23:10

Friday th 24th of June 2016

UK physics faces huge uncertainty after EU referendum result - 10:40

Thursday th 23rd of June 2016

How LIGO's merging black holes formed from two massive stars - 22:40

Wednesday th 22nd of June 2016

Experiment is first to see kicking photons heat up nanoparticles - 10:01

Tuesday th 21st of June 2016

ITER fusion-reactor schedule slips by five years - 10:11

Monday th 20th of June 2016

Atomic clocks in space could detect gravitational waves - 13:10

Friday th 17th of June 2016

Twisted light beams sent 143 km across the sea - 12:31

Thursday th 16th of June 2016

NASA hits back at millionaire in asteroid spat - 12:01

LIGO detects second black-hole merger - 00:01

Tuesday th 14th of June 2016

Chiral molecules spotted in interstellar cloud - 23:50

Monday th 13th of June 2016

Lasers transform infrared into broadband white light - 11:31

Friday th 10th of June 2016

Google gains new ground on universal quantum computer - 11:10

Thursday th 9th of June 2016

Quantum simulator entangles hundreds of ions - 23:11

Wednesday th 8th of June 2016

Soft hairs help resolve the black-hole information paradox - 10:51

Tuesday th 7th of June 2016

Bumble-bees use their fuzz to detect electric fields - 10:51

Monday th 6th of June 2016

UK physics faces EU choice - 10:40

Friday th 3rd of June 2016

Particle 'X' may have snuffed out cosmic lithium - 10:00

Thursday th 2nd of June 2016

High-efficiency flat lenses shrink down to the nanoscale - 22:11

Wednesday th 1st of June 2016

New Horizons lifts the lid on Pluto's peculiar polygons - 22:10

Tuesday th 31st of May 2016

Huge magma reservoir could be lurking under the South Korean island - 21:51

Monday th 30th of May 2016

Ingredients for life spotted on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko - 09:31

Friday th 27th of May 2016

Schrödinger's cat lives and dies in two boxes at once - 21:10

Thursday th 26th of May 2016

Jailed Iranian physicist freed temporarily after cancer treatment - 08:31

Wednesday th 25th of May 2016

Coherent terahertz radiation created in laser plasmas - 20:30

Tuesday th 24th of May 2016

Did solar superflares spark life on Earth? - 20:11

Monday th 23rd of May 2016

Protons swim with ease through shark jelly - 20:10

Friday th 20th of May 2016

'Magnetic-charge ice' slides into view - 19:10

Thursday th 19th of May 2016

Mega-tsunamis shaped ancient Martian shoreline - 19:10

Wednesday th 18th of May 2016

Artificial optical nanostructure outperforms butterfly wings - 06:40

Tuesday th 17th of May 2016

Ultrasensitive magnetic-field sensor could be made from a wobbling compass needle - 06:10

Monday th 16th of May 2016

Photons with half-integer angular momentum are the latest twist on light - 21:01

Friday th 13th of May 2016

IceCube's search for sterile neutrinos draws a blank - 20:41

Thursday th 12th of May 2016

Ultrafast light pulses drive quasiparticle collider - 20:10

Wednesday th 11th of May 2016

Plans for a laser-driven gamma-ray beam are unveiled by physicists - 20:00