National Geographic

Thursday th 1st of September 2016

The Case for Mass Slaughter of Predators Just Got Weaker - 17:31

World’s Oldest Fossils Discovered Due to Climate Change - 17:31

SpaceX Explosion a Stark Reminder of Spaceflight's Risks - 17:31

Alaska Has Finally Been Mapped as Precisely as Mars - 17:31

Wednesday th 31st of August 2016

Rare Video Shows Elephants 'Mourning' Matriarch's Death - 20:01

One More Reason Dogs Are More Like Us Than We Thought - 20:01

See How Swimsuits Evolved From Wool Dresses to Bikinis - 20:01

African Elephant Numbers Plummet 30 Percent, Landmark Survey Finds - 20:01

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse This Week: How to See It - 20:01

Giant Anaconda Skin Stokes Mystery of Maine’s Elusive 'Wessie' - 20:01

Rare Double Hurricane May Be Good News for Hawaii - 20:01

Tuesday th 30th of August 2016

Critical Reefs Destroyed in Poachers' Quest for World's Biggest Clams - 22:31

Watch Bubbling Alaska Lakes Catch on Fire - 22:31

Triumphant Tarantula Survives Being Eaten by Toad - 22:31

Your Dog Knows Exactly What You’re Saying - 22:31

That ‘Alien’ Signal? New Observations Are Coming Up Empty. - 22:31

Newest Superbug Has Been in U.S. Longer Than Thought - 22:31

Take a Look Inside a House Meant for Mars - 22:31

Cat-Size Flying Reptile Shakes Up Pterosaur Family Tree - 22:31

Monday th 29th of August 2016

One of the World's Biggest Fisheries Is on the Verge of Collapse - 21:31

Did a Fall From a Tree Kill Lucy, Our Famous Ancestor? - 21:31

Lightning Kills More Than 300 Reindeer in Rare Mass Death - 21:31

How New Zealand's Glaciers Shaped The Origin of the Kiwi Bird - 21:31

This Week’s Night Sky: See an Eerie Pyramid of Light - 21:31

Here’s What It Feels Like to Spend a Year on 'Mars' - 21:31

Florida Man Explains His State's Weirdness - 03:01

Saturday th 27th of August 2016

Non! Nein! No! A Country That Wouldn’t Let Women Vote Till 1971 - 08:01

World’s Northernmost Islands Added to Russian National Park - 08:01

See a Surprise Comet Landslide and a Gleaming Dwarf Galaxy - 08:01

How to See a Rare Planetary Close Encounter - 08:01

A Plant That Looks Like Poop and Other Sneaky Disguises - 08:01

Friday th 26th of August 2016

Rare Desert Lions of 'Five Musketeers' Fame Poisoned - 10:43

'Sleeping Beauty' Frog with Bright Red Groin Discovered - 10:43

Hawaii Is Now Home to an Ocean Reserve Twice the Size of Texas - 10:43

National Parks Were America’s Best Idea. Let’s Bring Them Underwater - 10:43

Zika's Accidental Ally: Miami's Luxury High-Rises - 10:43

Our Favorite Instagram Photos: Birds of Prey and Campfire Stories - 10:43

Go Way Back to School With These Vintage Photos - 10:43

Experimental Glider to Attempt Record-Breaking Flight Into Space - 10:43

Watch a Python Devour, Then Regurgitate, an Antelope - 10:42

Thursday th 25th of August 2016

See the Beauty of National Parks Captured From Space - 12:31

24 Photos Show the Enduring Wonder of U.S. National Parks - 12:31

Wednesday th 24th of August 2016

Venomous Snakes Ride Ocean Currents Around the World - 14:31

Can You Identify These National Parks From Their Pictures? - 14:31

Why Some Countries Don't Want to Do More to Protect Elephants - 14:31

Earthquakes in Italy, Myanmar Show Power of World’s Fault Lines - 14:31

New National Monument Created in Maine's North Woods - 14:31

Potentially Habitable Planet Found Orbiting Star Closest to Sun - 14:31

Looking For Life on Proxima b? Try Glowing Aliens. - 14:31

Are the Earthquakes in Myanmar and Italy Related? - 14:31