National Geographic

Friday th 23rd of September 2016

National Park Service Faces Sex Harassment Scandal - 23:01

Arsenic Pills and Lead Foundation: The History of Toxic Makeup - 09:53

How We'll Tackle Diseases That Are Becoming Untreatable - 09:52

Here's What Was in the First Issue of 'National Geographic' Magazine - 09:52

These 7 Obscure Animals May Get More Protection From Humans - 09:52

Pictures Capture the Bond Between Politicians and Their Dogs - 09:51

Map Shows Every River That Flows to the Mighty Mississippi - 09:51

Keys to Our Early Ancestry Provide Plenty More to Unlock - 09:51

Wednesday th 21st of September 2016

Can Mexico's Bat Man be Tequila's Super Hero? - 14:31

Black Slime Is Coating World Monuments—And That May Be Good - 14:31

One Snow Leopard Needs a Protected Range Bigger Than Aruba - 14:31

Cape Fur Seal Trade Remains Shrouded in Secrecy - 14:31

Pioneering Conservation Biologist Reshaped Our Understanding of Bears and Yellowstone - 14:31

Computers Decipher Burnt Scroll Found in Ancient Holy Ark - 14:31

How Male Widow Spiders Avoid Being Cannibalized During Sex - 00:01

Tuesday th 20th of September 2016

The Autumn Equinox Is Almost Here—What You Need to Know - 15:31

New Book Calls for Removal of Outdoor Cats 'By Any Means' - 15:31

Monday th 19th of September 2016

Can Reusing Spent Nuclear Fuel Solve Our Energy Problems? - 19:01

How Protecting Animals Led to Allegations of Torture and Rape - 19:01

Indigenous ‘Chola’ Clothing Comes to Fashion Week - 19:01

Boomerangs Were Lethal Weapons of War, Skeleton Suggests - 19:01

Sunday th 18th of September 2016

Venomous Animals Kill in Horrible Ways—And Also Cure - 21:51

Saturday th 17th of September 2016

Should We Be Worried About North American Moose? - 23:01

Was This Masterpiece Painted With Ground Mummy? - 01:01

This Popular Aquarium Fish Might Vanish From the Wild - 01:01

John Kerry Says Saving the Oceans Is a ‘Life or Death’ Issue - 01:01

How Mapmakers Make Mountains Rise Off the Page - 01:01

Cottonmouth vs. Copperhead: Watch First Mating Duel Seen in the Wild - 01:01

These Are the Forgotten Victims of the West's Drought - 01:01

Friday th 16th of September 2016

Making Toothpaste at Home, From Ancient Times to Today - 03:31

A Legal Trade in Ivory Would Wipe Out Elephants, Study Finds - 03:31

Dolphins Recorded Having a ‘Conversation?’ Not So Fast. - 03:31

Extreme Human Spaceflight: What Will It Take to Get to Mars? - 03:31

Thursday th 15th of September 2016

Saving Rwanda's Endangered Species, One at a Time - 17:31

Philanthropy with a Mission and Purpose - 17:31

Unlikely Tip Leads to Discovery of Historic Shipwreck - 06:01

See a Spooky Harvest Moon Eclipse, the Last Until 2024 - 06:01

New Milky Way Map Is a Spectacular Billion-Star Atlas - 06:01

The Super-Ancient Origins of Your Blue Jeans - 06:01

The Truth Behind the Five-Second Rule Revealed - 06:01

This Dinosaur Wore Camouflage - 06:01

Orca Shows and Breeding Banned in California - 06:01

Obama Creates Connecticut-Size Ocean Park, First in Atlantic - 06:01

Wednesday th 14th of September 2016

An Adorable Baby Orangutan Was Just Born at the National Zoo - 08:01

Stingrays Chew? Who Knew? - 08:01

Unlikely Tip Leads to Discovery of Historic Shipwreck - 08:01

Tuesday th 13th of September 2016

An Up-Close Look at Refugee Rescues on the Mediterranean - 10:31

Top Takeaways From Presidential Candidates’ Views on Science - 10:31

Most Young Americans Can’t Pass a Test on Global Affairs—Can You? - 10:31

Monday th 12th of September 2016

This Cape Rain Frog May Sound Funny, but It's Terrified - 18:01