National Geographic

Monday the 31st of March 2014

New Climate Change Report Warns of Dire Consequences - 12:30

Clean Coal Test: Power Plants Prepare to Capture Carbon - 10:30

Sunday the 30th of March 2014

Pictures: World’s Iconic Buildings Go Dark for “Earth Hour” - 16:30

Ancient Virus DNA Gives Stem Cells the Power to Transform - 13:01

Saturday the 29th of March 2014

Searching for the Missing Malaysian Jet at the Ends of the Earth - 11:30

5 of the World's Most Worrisome Disputed Territories - 08:01

Is Nicaraguan Canal a Boon for Trade or a Boondoggle? - 08:01

World Not Ready for Climate Change, New Report Says - 08:00

Friday the 28th of March 2014

11 Museum Surprises: Rediscovered Treasures, from a Celtic Brooch to an Early Hitchcock Film - 20:30

"Increase" in Childhood Autism No Cause for Alarm, Experts Say - 20:30

No Real Animals Aboard Hollywood Noah's Ark - 15:00

Why Do Animals Sometimes Kill Their Babies? - 14:00

Ten Stray Dogs From Sochi Arrive in U.S. for Adoption - 14:00

Best Space Pictures: Martian Potholes, Space Diplomats, and an Erupting Star - 14:00

Developers and Preservationists Find Historic Common Ground in Miami - 12:00

Military Dolphins and Sea Lions: What Do They Do and Who Uses Them? - 08:31

Thursday the 27th of March 2014

Opinion: Killing Healthy Zoo Animals Is Wrong—And the Public Agrees - 17:20

Can an Iconic Lighthouse Site Be Saved From the Sea? - 16:30

Washington Mudslide's Speed Led to High Death Toll - 16:30

Why Is This Ebola Outbreak Spreading? - 14:30

Scientists Move Closer to Inventing Artificial Life - 14:30

Hey Kids, All Deer Aren't Like Bambi - 14:30

Climate Change Shrinks Salamanders - 12:00

How a Satellite May Help Find Missing Malaysian Plane - 10:00

To Keep Peace, Should the UN Wage War? - 07:30

Wednesday the 26th of March 2014

Elusive Whales Set New Record for Depth and Length of Dives Among Mammals - 17:10

First Asteroid With Rings Discovered - 14:00

Dwarf Planet Discovery Hints at Hidden World Orbiting Solar System - 14:00

"Fire Tornado" in Viral Video Explained - 12:30

Copenhagen Zoo Kills 4 Lions After Controversial Giraffe Death - 11:30

Tuesday the 25th of March 2014

WHO Report: Indoor Air Pollution Is Greatest Environmental Health Risk - 19:30

3 Surprising Sources of Oil Pollution in the Ocean - 18:30

Video: Inside Look at Insect Flight - 17:30

World Trade Center Arrests Shine Light on BASE Jumping - 15:31

In California, Demand for Groundwater Causing Huge Swaths of Land to Sink - 10:20

Q&A: Giant-Bird Research Illuminates “Chicken From Hell” Dinosaur - 09:20

Monday the 24th of March 2014

"Chasing Ice" Photographer Focuses on Melting Glaciers in Antarctica - 16:00

Shipwrecks Lost to Time That Archaeologists Would Love to Get Their Hands On - 14:31

On 25th Exxon Valdez Anniversary, Oil Still Clings to Beaches - 14:31

Galveston Oil Spill Threatening Crucial Bird Refuge - 14:31

Mudslides Explained: Behind the Washington State Disaster - 13:32

Sunday the 23rd of March 2014

Photos: Masters of Disguise—Amazing Insect Camouflage - 10:30

Saturday the 22nd of March 2014

Can Releasing Assassination Plotters Break Cycle of Violence? - 10:00

Historic "Pulse Flow" Brings Water to Parched Colorado River Delta - 09:00

Friday the 21st of March 2014

Q&A: How Can Our Noses Smell a Trillion Different Odor Mixtures? - 17:00

Week in Space: Cassini's Crescent, Cassiopeia's Soul, and Golden Knots - 09:01

Q&A: Neil Shubin Explores "Your Inner Fish" - 09:01

Thursday the 20th of March 2014

Word in the News: Cold War - 16:50

Confirmation of Malaysian Plane Debris Would Be Only Beginning of Investigation - 16:50

North American Natural Gas Seeks Markets Overseas - 14:21