National Geographic

Sunday the 10th of July 2016

Nearly 2,000 Pounds of Illegal Shark Fins Found in Cargo - 19:31

Discovery of Philistine Cemetery May Solve Biblical Mystery - 13:01

How Dad and Daughter Survived the Alaskan Wilderness - 13:01

Saturday the 9th of July 2016

Geckos May Be Famously Sticky, but Here's What Stumps Them - 16:01

Friday the 8th of July 2016

See a Galaxy Get Robbed and Jupiter From Juno's Eyes - 18:01

2016 Will Be One Second Longer Than Expected - 18:01

Beyond Yoga: Explore Life Inside a Hindu Spiritual Center - 18:01

Antique Dealers Come Face-to-Face With Ivory Ban - 18:01

This Week @NatGeo - 18:01

Thursday the 7th of July 2016

See Photos From the World’s Oldest Operating Photo Studio - 16:11

Zoo Poo and Glitter Reveal Animal Health Secrets - 16:11

A Super Typhoon Is About to Wreak Havoc: What You Need to Know - 16:11

Watch: Tough Bear Powers Through Injury by Walking Upright - 16:11

New Planet Is an Oddball With Three Suns - 16:11

New Hubble Picture Gives First Peek Inside Crab Nebula - 16:11

Erupting Volcano May Have Destroyed Huge Penguin Colony - 13:51

Natural Lube Powers One of World's Fastest Fish - 13:51

Wednesday the 6th of July 2016

These Are the Top Drone Photos in the World - 17:01

Watch a Mother Rat Rescue Her Baby From a Dramatic Snake Attack - 17:01

These Sick Animals Could Be Key to Understanding Cancer - 17:01

Fish Found to Change Sex Up to 20 Times a Day - 17:01

Pucker Up With These Photos of Sweet Smooches - 17:01

Astronauts Embark on a Training Mission Deep Beneath the Earth - 17:01

Bible Scenes Uncovered in Ruins of Ancient Synagogue - 00:31

Exclusive: This Is Africa's New Elephant Poaching Hot Spot - 00:31

Ten Things You Need to Know About the Juno Mission - 00:31

Roly-Poly Hedgehogs Loving Life in the City - 00:31

Monday the 4th of July 2016

This Week’s Night Sky: See Jupiter as a NASA Probe Closes In - 22:31

See Jupiter Through the Eyes of NASA’s Juno Spacecraft - 22:31

The Most Feared Dogs May Also Be the Most Misunderstood - 00:01

Dried Seahorses Seized—All Eight Million - 00:01

Sunday the 3rd of July 2016

How Fireflies Glow (and What Really Turns Them On) - 02:31

Elie Wiesel Taught the World How to Confront Atrocities - 02:31

Saturday the 2nd of July 2016

NASA's Juno Mission Risks Daring Plunge to Reach Jupiter - 09:31

Friday the 1st of July 2016

Shark Gives Rare 'Virgin Birth' to Three Pups - 09:41

2 Weeks, 4 Deaths, and the Beginning of America's Fear of Sharks - 09:41

The Surprising Connection Between the Philippines and the Fourth of July - 09:41

What a Toilet Shows About Life During the American Revolution - 09:41

Unexpected Canada: A Different Side of the Great White North - 09:41

Thursday the 30th of June 2016

See a Firework-Shaped Galaxy and Jupiter's Incredible Aurora - 16:21

See Captivating Photos of Refugees in a Converted School - 16:21

Cecil the Lion Died One Year Ago—Here's What's Happened Since - 16:21

Remember the Ozone Hole? Now There's Proof It's Healing. - 16:21

Amazing Things We’ve Learned From 800 Ancient Skull Surgeries - 12:52

Watch Elephant Charge Famous Conservationist - 11:21

Is Iceland Really Green and Greenland Really Icy? - 11:21

Wednesday the 29th of June 2016

We Can Now Tell a Person’s Age Range From Crime Scene Blood - 16:51

Antarctica Could Lose Most of Its Penguins to Climate Change - 16:51

Love in the Time of Tarantulas: New Spider Shocks Scientists - 16:51

Whale Sharks Move in Mysterious Ways: Watch Them Online - 12:01