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Tuesday the 16th of June 2015

Listen: Lemur Calls Turned Into Beautiful Beatbox Jams - 07:31

Will Japanese Ban on Taiji Dolphins Stop Notorious Hunts? - 07:31

Where are the World’s Hungriest People? Take a Look - 07:31

Expedition Launched to Save Africa’s Largest Wetland - 07:31

Killer Fungus That's Devastating Bats May Have Met Its Match - 07:31

New Species of Human Ancestor Found in Ethiopia - 07:31

Texas, Oklahoma Floodwaters Contain Sewage, Other Pollutants - 07:31

One Man’s Dogged Search for Amelia Earhart - 07:31

15 Pictures Capture Photographer Cotton Coulson At Work - 07:31

Cotton Coulson, National Geographic Photographer, Dies - 07:31

Interactive: Asteroid Metals - 07:31

India’s Heat Wave: How Extreme Heat Ravages the Body - 07:31

How 4 Iconic Places in Los Angeles Are Saving Water - 07:31

Pictures: Black Rhinos Back in Tribal Africa After 25-Year Absence - 07:31

Week's Best Space Pictures: Champagne Flows, Pockmarked Moon - 07:31

Scary Beautiful Video Captures Japan Volcano's Violent Explosion - 07:31

Surf’s Up! 12 Pictures Capture the Thrill of Riding Waves - 07:31

Why Can't Dogs Recognize Us on Our Phones and Tablets? - 07:31

Solar Plane Launches on 'Earhart Leg' of Epic Flight - 07:31

In Age of Science, Is Religion 'Harmful Superstition'? - 07:31

Rare Fish Performs "Virgin Births"—First Known in The Wild - 07:31

Why This Hurricane Season May Be Quiet for Atlantic Ocean - 07:31

Solar Plane Aborts Dangerous 'Earhart Leg' of Epic Flight - 07:31

This Week's Night Sky: Look Up to Catch Venus in Prime Time - 07:31

What's a Ghost Moose? How Ticks Are Killing an Iconic Animal - 07:31

Why Did Swordfish Stab a Fisherman in Hawaii? - 07:31

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to Break Ground: 5 Things to Know - 07:31

Video: Learning to Ride the Hoverboard Was a Balancing Act - 07:31

Why Did Lion Kill Tourist in South Africa? - 07:31

Baghdad's Reopened Museum Battles Bombs, Sparse Attendance - 07:31

"Extinct" Amphibians Rediscovered After Nearly Half a Century - 07:31

Chimps Can't Cook, But Maybe They'd Like To - 07:31

Will the Rise of The Robots Implode the World Economy? - 07:31

Pluto’s Moons Dance to a Random Beat - 07:31

‘Engineering Marvel’ of Queen of Sheba’s City Damaged in Airstrike - 07:31

Why Did a Bison Attack Tourist at Yellowstone National Park? - 07:31

Seven New Mini-Frogs Found—Among Smallest Known - 07:31

Meet 'Hellboy': New Spiky-Headed Dinosaur Found - 07:31

Fish, Crabs Are Losing Homes as Oceans Lose Oxygen - 07:31

Science Challenges Claim That Global Warming Took a Hiatus - 07:31

Rare "Sea Serpent" Oarfish Found on California Island - 07:30

As MERS Virus Spreads, Key Questions and Answers - 07:30

Fracking Pollutes Some Water, But Harm is Not Widespread, EPA Says - 07:30

Saving an Ancient 'Lost' City in War-torn Syria - 07:30

Number of Starving Sea Lions in California 'Unprecedented' - 07:30

Week's Best Space Pictures: See An Arrow on the Sun - 07:30

Shipwreck Shines Light on Historic Shift in Slave Trade - 07:30

Watch: Octopus Carries Coconut—But Is It Using a Tool? - 07:30

How to Photograph Wild Animals (Without Getting Hurt) - 07:30

13 Pictures Capture Wonder and Bounty of Our Oceans - 07:30