CBSNews - Science

Wednesday th 3rd of October 2018

What to know about that alert you just got from Trump - 14:00

U.S. infrastructure vulnerable to cyberattacks designed to suppress voter turnout - 12:30

Nobel in chemistry awarded to 2 Americans and a Brit - 05:30

Japanese spacecraft drops observation device toward asteroid - 02:10

Tuesday th 2nd of October 2018

Veterans on a new mission to save damaged coral reef - 18:50

Americans to receive cellphone alert from president in 1st national test - 17:00

Americans to receive cellphone alert from Trump in first national test - 15:50

DHS secretary: “No indication” of foreign attacks on election infrastructure - 14:30

NBA star Kyrie Irving apologizes for saying Earth is flat - 06:10

American, 2 others win 2018 physics Nobel for laser breakthroughs - 05:41

Ruby Rose named most "dangerous" celeb on the internet - 05:17

Monday th 1st of October 2018

NASA releases 60-second video celebrating its 60th anniversary - 17:24

Woz U: Former students, employees raise concerns about Apple co-founder's program - 15:26

Apple co-founder's Woz U program "flawed," some students say - 07:50

Sunday th 30th of September 2018

California governor signs tough net neutrality bill, and Justice Dept. sues - 21:00

Facebook hack exposed personal information of millions of users - 16:40

Facebook security breach: How to know if you got hacked - 16:40

Turn up the volume: The latest in hearing aids - 09:30

Almanac: The inventor of the Geiger Counter - 09:00

Hearing aids: You ain't heard nothing yet - 08:30

Almanac: The inventor of the Geiger Counter - 08:30

Saturday th 29th of September 2018

"48 Hours" disrupts alleged dark web hitmen in potential murder-for-hire plots - 22:30

Elon Musk settles with SEC, stepping down as chairman of Tesla board - 19:00

Can blockchain save journalism? - 08:30

Friday th 28th of September 2018

What is the dark web? - 19:00

PCBs threaten to wipe out half the world's killer whales within decades - 17:21

Facebook said to use people's phone numbers for ad targeting - 16:30

Facebook: 90 million accounts could be at risk from hackers - 12:30

"Click for a Killer": Hit men hired through dark web? - 08:00

$3 billion project hopes to turn Hoover Dam into giant battery system - 08:00

$3 billion project hopes to turn Hoover Dam into giant battery system - 07:30

Thursday th 27th of September 2018

Bezos' Blue Origin wins key rocket engine contract - 17:50

Tech giants testify on data privacy - 16:30

"48 Hours" investigation goes inside the dark web, leads to the disruption of four potential murder plots - 13:00

Japanese cargo ship reaches space station - 10:20

Seal slaps kayaker with octopus in viral video - 09:00

Wednesday th 26th of September 2018

WhatsApp co-founder: "I sold my users' privacy" to Facebook - 22:00

Uber to pay $148 million settlement for data breach - 17:00

Roundup weed killer may play role in widespread bee deaths, study finds - 15:50

The dark web is where hackers buy the tools to subvert elections - 11:00

Instagram founders' exit raises worries among fans - 08:30

How technology transformed a rural Idaho school district - 03:18

Tuesday th 25th of September 2018

Dutch chef uses 3D printers to create tasty works of art - 21:50

Delta Air Lines hit with "technology issue," says "all IT systems" restored - 21:00

Trump administration takes steps on crafting data privacy framework - 20:30

How technology transformed a rural Idaho school district - 18:40

Mars rover spotted from orbit after going silent - 13:50

Florence crippled electricity and coal -- solar and wind were back the next day - 10:30

Florence crippled electricity and coal, but not renewable energy - 10:02

Florence shows renewable energy is resilient, too - 09:10