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Monday th 15th of October 2018

Chinese intelligence officer charged in U.S. with economic espionage - 01:21

Two-man Soyuz crew set for space station launch - 01:21

Hurricane Michael is the most powerful storm to hit Florida Panhandle on record - 01:21

Rocket failure forces emergency landing for U.S., Russian astronauts - 01:21

How Hurricane Michael intensified before landfall - 01:21

Rocket failure forces astronauts to make emergency landing - 01:21

First look inside Waymo's self-driving taxis - 01:21

Your first look inside the self-driving taxis poised for public use - 01:21

Day after rocket failure, Russia says it will try again in spring - 01:21

3 companies win major Air Force rocket contracts - 01:21

Robot runs and leaps through obstacle course - 01:21

Facebook hackers accessed 29 million accounts, fewer than previously thought - 01:21

Gay penguin couple given egg to raise - 01:21

Own one of Neil Armstrong's flight suits. Starting bid: $10,000 - 01:21

Sculpture that unravels in space could become most widely viewed artwork of all time - 01:21

Climate change provided high octane fuel for Hurricane Michael - 01:21

The Flat Earth movement: People who ignore science - 01:21

The Flat Earth movement: A society of disbelievers in scientific fact - 01:21

Sen. Ben Sasse says the digital revolution is "undermining" our sense of local community - 01:21

Tuesday th 9th of October 2018

U.N. releases gloomy report on global warming - 16:41

How clean energy demand could fuel conflict in Congo - 16:41

Which brown bear will be crowned winner of Alaska's Fat Bear Week? - 16:14

Google gives Pixel phones bigger screens and prices below iPhones - 15:50

How will digital assistants like Alexa or Siri change us? - 12:31

Snap stock hits all-time low as it runs out of cash - 11:40

How hurricane could shrink – or spread – red tide in Florida - 11:10

How will digital assistants like Alexa change us? - 08:00

Global warming: How you can help the environment right now - 06:50

Elon Musk's 1st space passenger explains his trust in the SpaceX boss - 06:50

Monday th 8th of October 2018

Google shutters Google+ after users’ personal data exposed - 21:00

U.N. report warns of devastating climate change in years to come - 18:20

NASA puts Hubble in "safe mode" after gyro failure - 16:50

Data exposed for up to 500,000 Google+ users - 15:10

Google Plus shutting down after user data exposed - 15:10

How climate change research snared a Nobel prize - 14:10

Google data breach reportedly affects hundreds of thousands - 13:40

Facebook hoax: Cloned account message is a fake - 08:50

2 Americans win Nobel for working climate, tech into economic analysis - 05:50

Sunday th 7th of October 2018

SpaceX stages California launch — and landing — in a new first - 22:37

U.N. report about global warming warns of "life-or-death situation" - 21:30

Moscow's stunning new park, designed by Americans - 17:30

In a first, SpaceX to bring Falcon 9 rocket landings to California - 14:30

Almanac: Carbon paper - 09:30

Almanac: The invention of carbon paper - 09:00

Thursday th 4th of October 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson says the proposed space force is a "good idea" - 22:00

NASA revises launch targets for Boeing, SpaceX crew ships - 19:30

Dog with 3D-printed skull gives researches hope - 18:30

Dog with 3D-printed skull gives hope to human patients - 18:30

Dentist's 30-second procedure helps tongue-tied boy speak - 17:30

Farm run entirely by robots - 15:00