CBC: Health

Monday th 5th of May 2008

Manitoba gives $2.8M boost to mental health services - 14:49

Miramichi pathology test inquiry begins hearings - 14:49

Online health records: Convenience vs. privacy - 11:07

Don't let cancer inquiry be 'for nought,' judge says - 11:07

Peanuts fed to squirrels put allergic daughter at risk: Calgary mom - 09:56

China rushes to quell viral outbreak as Olympics approach - 08:28

Saturday th 3rd of May 2008

Get chequebook out, doctors tell N.L. over pathologist shortage - 09:35

Friday th 2nd of May 2008

Younger women unaware of heart attack symptoms, study finds - 15:56

Booster seats now mandatory in N.B. - 13:42

UBC medical staff wrote PM to support supervised injection site - 13:21

Attitudes towards children with disabilities need improvement, parents say - 11:49

Eastern Health should have dealt with cancer tests alone: former deputy minister - 10:42

Obesity leads to heart-damaging inflammation, researchers find - 10:42

May be difficult to handle all cancer tests, Eastern Health warns - 09:35

Medical journal calls for review of Taser safety - 08:49

Thursday th 1st of May 2008

Anti-depressants could help bowel disease victims, study finds - 16:42

Left because of understaffing, pathologist says - 13:21

7 per cent of Ontario students say they've tried choking game: survey - 12:56

Calgary toddler dies after family calls 911 on internet phone - 11:28

Hospital assault highlights security need - 11:28

Wednesday th 30th of April 2008

U.S. food and drug regulator to add 1,300 jobs - 14:28

Exposure to daycares in early childhood could protect against leukemia - 13:46

Colorectal cancer drug to be sold in Canada - 13:46

Radiology errors could aggravate backlog - 13:46

Still no known cause for cancer test woes: Eastern Health CEO - 13:46

Manitoba university to train physician assistants - 13:46

Water fountains at Yukon school off limits over bacteria concerns - 13:46

Nova Scotia to fund Avastin - 13:46

An aspirin a day could keep diabetes at bay: study - 13:46

International consortium to initiate cancer research, share data - 13:46

New HIV finding could prevent drug resistance, toxic side-effects - 13:46

Peer review considered for P.E.I. radiologists - 13:46

Treating patients in hallways the 'new norm' in Calgary: CHR head - 13:46

Another Eastern Health pathologist quits - 13:46

Research tackles breast cancer cells that stay behind - 13:46

Progesterone improved outcome after severe brain trauma: new research - 13:46