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Your Instagram Posts May Hold Clues to Your Mental Health

1 week ago from NY Times Science

From the colors in photos to the filters chosen, Instagram users with a history of depression present the world differently, a study suggests.

Jacksonville Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye makes 5-foot box jump

1 week ago from UPI

Cornerback A.J. Bouye didn't leave his hops in Houston when he joined the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason. He showed them off recently in a video.

Study suggests yoga may boost the brain for older women

1 week ago from UPI

Older women who practice yoga may have greater "thickness" in areas of the brain involved in memory and attention, a small study suggests.

"Tough love" parenting makes a better guide dog, study finds

1 week ago from CBSNews - Science

A new study suggests puppies with overbearing mothers are less suited for the complexities of being a guide dog for the blind

Scans may detect brain abnormalities for some cases of autism

1 week ago from UPI

People with a particular genetic cause of autism show structural abnormalities in the brain that are readily detected with noninvasive imaging, a new study says.

Individuals with bipolar disorder need workplace support

1 week ago from Science Daily

People with bipolar disorder often find themselves unemployed due to exclusion, stigma and stereotypes directed at them at work, a new study found.

Stress heightens fear of threats from the past

1 week ago from Science Daily

Recognizing threats is an essential function of the human mind -- think 'fight or flight' -- one that is aided by past negative experiences. But when older memories are coupled...

Cultural engagement lowers reoffending rate

1 week ago from Physorg

Access to cultural programs for Indigenous prisoners decreases their chance of reoffending, a study by Swinburne researchers has found.

Optimizing e-mobility use for everyday life

1 week ago from Physorg

People choose different transportation methods for work commutes, leisure activities and running errands. Each activity in daily life might require a different form of mobility, and sometimes it makes sense...

Moody's: Energy-rich Qatar facing economic risks

1 week ago from UPI

Qatar's finances remains exposed to risks associated with lingering regional disputes and declining oil-related revenues, Moody's Investors Service said.

On This Day: President Richard Nixon resigns

2 weeks ago from UPI

On Aug. 8, 1974, facing impeachment over the Watergate scandal, President Richard Nixon became the first U.S. president to resign. He left office the next day.

Man dies defending gay friends from homophobic gunman, witnesses say

2 weeks ago from UPI

A man died while defending his gay friends from a homophobic gunman in Florida, witnesses told police.

Airbnb deletes accounts of people attending white supremacist rally

2 weeks ago from UPI

Airbnb said it is permanently deactivating the accounts of people who are attempting to use the website's service to attend an upcoming white supremacist rally.

Preview: Down Dilemma

2 weeks ago from CBSNews - Science

Over the past decade, Iceland has virtually eliminated new cases of Down syndrome through widespread use of genetic testing. But some are troubled by a society that can "pick and...

Jeremy Maclin says Baltimore Ravens WR trio should be best in NFL

2 weeks ago from UPI

The Baltimore Ravens have a deep class of receivers that have been impressive throughout training camp, despite the absence of starting quarterback Joe Flacco.

Which puppy will be a good guide dog? Ask mom!

2 weeks ago from LA Times - Science

Between all the suckling, snoozing, romping and tumbling they do, how can you look at a litter of puppies and pick out the ones who have what it takes to...

Largest-ever study of pets and kids' health finds no link

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

A large body of research has reported an association between the pet ownership and better health among children. But a new study that is the largest-ever to explore the issue...

Limiting access to fast-food restaurants unlikely to reduce obesity

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Living near fast-food restaurants and supermarkets has little impact on an individual's body mass index, according to new research. The researchers used results from the largest national study ever conducted...

Media portrayals of pregnant women, new moms unrealistic

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Media portrayals of pregnant, postpartum women unrealistic, women said in a new study. Exposure to unrealistic images and messages fostered a host of negative emotions, such as self-consciousness about their...

Bilingual babies listen to language

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Scientists report that bilingual infants as young as 20 months of age efficiently and accurately process two languages.

Google exec denounces employee's views on female workers

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Silicon Valley's efforts to promote workforce diversity haven't yielded many results—unless you count a backlash at Google, where a male engineer blamed biological differences for the paucity of female programmers.

Mindy Kaling enjoys beach day after pregnancy news

2 weeks ago from UPI

"The Mindy Project" star Mindy Kaling stepped out with Lena Dunham in Malibu following word she's expecting her first child.

Q&A: No Need to Smell Fear: Dogs Have Other Reasons to Bite

2 weeks ago from NY Times Science

Despite conventional wisdom, no one knows if dogs can smell fear. But humans give them plenty of other reasons to attack.

Woman, Scientist … Activist: Female Researchers Take Charge (Op-Ed)

2 weeks ago from Live Science

As women, and as scientists, we are here to stand up for public truth-telling and the value of the lives of all women — and all marginalized people.

Atheists thought immoral, even by fellow atheists: study

2 weeks ago from Physorg

A unusual social study has revealed that atheists are more easily suspected of vile deeds than Christians, Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists—strikingly, even by fellow atheists, researchers said Monday.

New paper lays out framework for understanding 'institutional corruption'

2 weeks ago from Physorg

In many ways, the polarizing 2016 U.S. elections inflamed public concern regarding the power of wealth over politics and policy, providing raw and emotional examples of "institutional corruption"—a term that...

Study examines social connections and impacts of financial fraud

2 weeks ago from Physorg

The infamous Bernie Madoff financial fraud scandal between 1980 and 2008 influenced far more than the 10,000 directly affected investors who lost billions.

'Little People, Big World' star Molly Roloff marries Joel Silvius

2 weeks ago from UPI

Molly Roloff tied the knot with Joel Silvius at an intimate wedding at her family's farm in Oregon.