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GM leads in clean energy patents: study

7 years ago from Physorg

General Motors received more clean energy patents in the past year than any other company, a study released Friday said.

Sharpened Focus: Improving the Numbers, Utility of Medical Imaging

7 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

A group of radiology specialists from a number of institutions has recently published a pair of papers that Lisa Karam of NIST describes as part of a major effort to...

The Heat Is On: NIST Zeroes In On Energy Consumption of Ice Makers

7 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

In tests of four different refrigerators, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) researchers found that ice makers increased rated energy consumption by 12 to 20 percent, with most of...

Time travel nixed in metamaterial world

7 years ago from

A desktop universe captures properties of the real thing

Mercury-containing oxides offer new perspective on mechanism of superconductivity

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- To diversify the applications of superconductors that currently operate at chilly temperatures below 135 kelvin (K), scientists are searching for new classes of superconducting materials that will show...

New spin on graphene makes it magnetic

7 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have found a way to make wonder material graphene magnetic, opening up a new range of opportunities for the world's thinnest material in the area of spintronics.

The 'quantum magnet': Physicists expand prospects for engineering unusual materials

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- Harvard physicists have expanded the possibilities for quantum engineering of novel materials such as high-temperature superconductors by coaxing ultracold atoms trapped in an optical lattice -- a light...

The bouncing gas

7 years ago from MIT Research

When two clouds of gas meet, they normally pass right through each other. But now, MIT physicists have created clouds of ultracold gases that bounce off each other like bowling balls, even...

Toward a 'green grid' for delivering solar and wind-based electricity

7 years ago from Science Daily

After years of neglect, scientists and policy makers are focusing more attention on developing technologies needed to make the so-called "green grid" possible, according to a new article. That's the...

New material could stop ash damage to jets

7 years ago from UPI

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 13 (UPI) -- U.S. researchers say a new class of ceramic coatings could offer jet engines protection against damage from ash shot into the air by...

Stale beer's chemistry examined

The exact chemical recipe of stale beer is elucidated, and researchers suggest simple ways to prevent the fresh taste of beer degrading.

New material removes radioactive risk

7 years ago from UPI

RALEIGH, N.C., April 13 (UPI) -- U.S. researchers say they can remove radioactive material from drinking water using a combination of forest byproducts and crustacean shells.

Dissecting DOM

7 years ago from C&EN

Chemical Analysis: New approach probes dissolved organic matter, one of Earth's most complex natural substances.

Researchers Advance Toward Hybrid Spintronic Computer Chips

7 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

Researchers here have created the first electronic circuit to merge traditional inorganic semiconductors with organic "spintronics" - devices that utilize the spin of electrons to read, write and manipulate data.

Europe pushes plans to hike diesel, coal taxation

7 years ago from Physorg

The European Commission pushed controversial plans Wednesday for a tax on carbon emissions to promote clean energy use by increasing the cost of dirty fuels such as coal and diesel.

Lightning-fast materials testing using ultrasound

7 years ago from Science Daily

For years, ultrasound has proven to be a valuable tool in non-destructive materials testing. However, the demands of modern production conditions are increasing all the time. Researchers have now developed...

New fracture resistance mechanisms provided by graphene

7 years ago from Science Daily

Graphene can be used to enhance the toughness of ceramics, new research shows. This discovery -- which increased the resulting ceramic composite's fracture resistance by over 200 percent -- could...

Accelerate data storage by several orders of magnitude? Ultra-fast magnetic reversal observed

7 years ago from Science Daily

A newly discovered magnetic phenomenon could accelerate data storage by several orders of magnitude. With a constantly growing flood of information, we are being inundated with increasing quantities of data,...

Researchers use electron beams for chemical reactions

7 years ago from Physorg

Electron microscopes use focussed electron beams to make extremely small objects visible. By combining the instrument with a gas-injection system material samples can be manipulated and surface structures measuring only...

A Pattern Of Feedback

7 years ago from

Methodological Stuff: 1. Introduction 2: Patterns3: Patterns, Objectivity and Truth4: Patterns and Processes The Pattern Library: read more

Flow dynamics work promises fuel efficiency, less pollution

7 years ago from Physorg

Marcus Herrmann is a kind of expert mixologist – but one who specializes in things that don’t mix well, like oil and water.

Kiev wants Russia's help with natural gas

7 years ago from UPI

KIEV, Ukraine, April 13 (UPI) -- Kiev aims to discuss ways in which Russia could increase the amount of natural gas it delivers through Ukraine to Europe, the country's...

Japan Tsunami Debris Expected on U.S. Shores in 3 Years

7 years ago from Live Science

Some concern about radioactive material among flotsam from Japan tragedy.

Hey, what's that sound: Nano guitar

7 years ago from The Guardian - Science

About the size of a single blood cell and inaudible to the human ear, is there any point in the nano guitar? Yes – it's really coolWhat is it? The world's smallest...

Nanofiltration for better energy storage

7 years ago from Chemistry World

Membranes with tunable pores could be key components in future batteries

Student creates clothes that trap harmful gases

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- A new Cornell cloth that can selectively trap noxious gases and odors has been fashioned by a senior into a mask and hooded shirts inspired by the military.

The art and science of glassblowing

7 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Who would ever have thought there was so much science in art -- or so much art in science? Besides the blowing-things-up aspect, the thing that I enjoy most about chemistry is...

Mixed Martial Arts Makes Inroads in Baseball Training

7 years ago from NY Times Health

Several baseball players have used the sport’s fighting methods to improve their fitness and mental toughness.