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Quantum magnets doped with holes

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

In general, solid state physicists are not able to separate the two processes, so they cannot answer the question, whether the magnetic order is indeed reduced, or whether it is...

World’s smallest neutrino detector observes elusive interactions of particles

2 weeks ago from Science Blog

In 1974, a Fermilab physicist predicted a new way for ghostly particles called neutrinos to interact with matter. More than four decades later, a UChicago-led team of physicists built the...

Heat forces top-seeded Simona Halep to retire at Citi Open

2 weeks ago from UPI

Top-seeded Simona Halep was forced to retire due to heat exhaustion while losing her quarterfinal match against Ekaterina Makarova at the Citi Open on Friday at Washington.

Lightweight catalyst for artificial photosynthesis

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Nanochemistry meets macrostructures: Scientists report the synthesis of a macroscopic aerogel from carbonitride nanomaterials which is an excellent catalyst for the water-splitting reaction under visible-light irradiation. The study adds new...

Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Today's 3-D printers have a resolution of 600 dots per inch, which means that they could pack a billion tiny cubes of different materials into a volume that measures just...

Clever experiment documents multiscale fluid dynamics

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Physicists working in the nascent field of experimental vortex dynamics have, with unexpected help from a Sharpie marker, measured an elusive but fundamental property of fluid flow.

When Strontium Is Away, Iridium Comes Out to Play

2 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

Developing a highly active and acid-stable catalyst for water splitting could significantly impact solar energy technologies.

Gauge block guide supports dimensional measurement in industry

2 weeks ago from Physorg

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has published a new Good Practice Guide on the use of gauge blocks, designed to help UK industry prolong the life of its length standards.

Researchers produce long-lived radioisotope that generates a needed isotope on demand

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Using high-intensity proton beams, researchers made significant quantities of titanium-44 (44Ti), which is particularly useful to the astrophysics research community in their studies of supernovae. In pursuit of alternative uses...

New polymer inspired by crystalline silicon to build better computers and solar cells

2 weeks ago from Physorg

One of the challenges in making new electronic devices is the chemistry required to assemble the layers that make up the device. In this research, a new synthetic chemistry approach...

Software helps industry to design lighter, more efficient parts

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems help manufacturers to design parts with the ideal topology (inner and outer shape and structure) to withstand the conditions under which they will operate, such as...

Augmented reality platform could help students discover STEM concepts through interactive experimentation

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Explore! Interactive, a Purdue-related startup, is developing a platform that uses augmented reality to help K-12 students more effectively learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM subjects, and increase...

Engineers develop thoroughly modern magnesium process

2 weeks ago from Physorg

University of Colorado Boulder engineers have revamped a World War II-era process for making magnesium that requires half the energy and produces a fraction of the pollution compared to today's...

Reports: Mueller impanels grand jury in Russia probe

2 weeks ago from UPI

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury to investigate whether Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election, unnamed sources said.

Ever-Elusive Neutrinos Spotted Bouncing Off Nuclei for the First Time

2 weeks ago from Scientific American

A new technology for detecting neutrinos represents a “monumental” advance for science -- Read more on

How low-cost fuel cell catalysts work

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

New work is resolving difficult fuel-cell performance questions, both in determining efficient new materials and understanding how they work at an atomic level.

Low-power cold-atom source developed for atomic clocks, physics experiments

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

A reversible alkali atom source has been developed that runs at low power and low voltage, which is beneficial in applications such as smaller, more efficient, and ultimately portable atomic...

Louisiana tour guide kisses wild alligator on the nose

2 weeks ago from UPI

A fearless guide on a Louisiana air boat tour was filmed leaning out over the side of the craft to plant a kiss on the snout of a wild alligator.

Large-amplitude transfer motion of hydrated excess protons mapped by ultrafast 2D IR spectroscopy

2 weeks ago from Science NOW

Solvation and transport of excess protons in aqueous systems play a fundamental role in acid-base chemistry and biochemical processes. We mapped ultrafast proton excursions along the proton transfer coordinate by...

Direct atomic-level insight into the active sites of a high-performance PGM-free ORR catalyst

2 weeks ago from Science NOW

Platinum group metal–free (PGM-free) metal-nitrogen-carbon catalysts have emerged as a promising alternative to their costly platinum (Pt)–based counterparts in polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) but still face some major challenges, including (i) the identification...

Mechanochemical unzipping of insulating polyladderene to semiconducting polyacetylene

2 weeks ago from Science NOW

Biological systems sense and respond to mechanical stimuli in a complex manner. In an effort to develop synthetic materials that transduce mechanical force into multifold changes in their intrinsic properties,...

How US Navy's Futuristic Laser Weapon Uses Old-School Telephone Tech

2 weeks ago from Live Science

The U.S. Navy's recent demonstration of its new laser weapon, designed to blast enemy drones out of the sky, proves that these systems no longer solely exist in the world...

Permeable polymer is choosy about what gases it passes

2 weeks ago from C&EN

Advance may broaden application of low-cost polymer membranes for gas separation

LL Cool J, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie among 2017 Kennedy Center honorees

2 weeks ago from UPI

Carmen de Lavallade, Gloria Estefan, LL Cool J, Norman Lear and Lionel Richie are the 2017 Kennedy Center honorees.

First observation of the hyperfine splitting in antihydrogen

2 weeks ago from Science Blog

Swansea University scientists working at CERN have again made a landmark finding, taking them one step closer to answering the question of why matter exists and illuminating the mysteries of...

NASA team miniaturizes century-old technology for use on CubeSats

2 weeks ago from Physorg

A century-old technology that scientists use to probe the ionosphere—the important atmospheric layer that can interfere with the transmission of radio waves—is getting smaller.

Active machine learning for the discovery and crystallization of gigantic polyoxometalate molecules

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Who is the better experimentalist, a human or a robot? When it comes to exploring synthetic and crystallization conditions for inorganic gigantic molecules, actively learning machines are clearly ahead, as...

Low-power, high-performance optical receivers

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Thanks to IBM scientists, replacing copper wires with light to transfer data at improved speeds and with optimal energy efficiency is within reach.