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Climate change might help spread malaria

8 years ago from UPI

ATLANTA, March 4 (UPI) -- U.S. and Dutch scientists say they've found climate change is increasing the spread of malaria in some countries, along with migration and land-use changes.

Spell-covered burial chamber found in Egypt's Saqqara

8 years ago from Reuters:Science

CAIRO (Reuters) - Archaeologists have unearthed the intact sarcophagus of Egypt's Queen Behenu inside her 4,000-year-old burial chamber near her pyramid in Saqqara, chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass announced Wednesday.

'Avatar' inspires a high-tech fair in glorious 3D

8 years ago from Physorg

Hot on the heels of the stunning success of James Cameron's 3D adventure "Avatar," the world's top high-tech fair this year was definitely best viewed through 3D glasses.

Researchers Identify Fossil of Dinosaur-Eating Snake

8 years ago from NY Times Science

In a fossilized scene found in India more than 20 years ago, scientists discovered a prehistoric snake ready to feast on dinosaur hatchlings.

Modern man found to be generally monogamous, moderately polygamous

8 years ago from Science Daily

New research has found that modern man, or Homo sapiens, would have been monogamous while exhibiting tendencies toward polygamy over the course of evolutionary history. These findings are consistent with...

'Missing link' fossil was not human ancestor as claimed, anthropologists say

8 years ago from Science Daily

A fossil that was celebrated last year as a possible "missing link" between humans and early primates is actually a forebear of modern-day lemurs and lorises, according new research.

Archaeologists Revise History Of China's First Emperor

8 years ago from

Archaeologists have integrated textual evidence with archaeological research in order to further understand the impact of China's first emperor Qin Shihauangdi, responsible for initiating construction of the Great Wall. The...

Woolly mammoths resurfacing in Siberia

8 years ago from LA Times - Science

The bones and tusks of the ancient creatures are becoming more prevalent as permafrost thaws. Now entire villages are surviving on the trade in mammoth bones. ...

Giant stone head of ancient Egypt's King Amenhotep III discovered

8 years ago from Science Daily

A colossal red granite head of ancient Egypt's King Amenhotep III (circa 1390-1352 BC) has been discovered in his funerary temple of the Kom El-Hettan area on Luxor's West Bank.

Bringing bison back to North American landscapes

8 years ago from Physorg

The next 10 to 20 years could be extremely significant for restoring wild populations of American bison to their original range, including the Canadian Rockies; but for this to happen,...

How to hunt for exoplanets

8 years ago from Physorg

A new report launched by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Exoplanets - The search for planets beyond our solar system explains how new technological advances have seen the discovery of...

Egg shells illustrate human story

Etched ostrich shells from South Africa are among the earliest examples of the use of symbolism, scientists say.

New scan could nose out criminals

Noses could be an even better method of identification than iris and fingerprint scanning, says a UK study.

Engraved Eggs Suggest Early Symbolism

8 years ago from Science NOW

Ancient humans carved designs into possible water containers 60,000 years ago [Read more]

Cases: Old Age, From Youth’s Narrow Prism

8 years ago from NY Times Health

Often we imagine that life ends at the nursing home door, a myopic view that hurts the aging as well as ourselves.

Study looks at nanoplankton extinction

8 years ago from UPI

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., March 1 (UPI) -- A U.S. study suggests an asteroid strike may not only have killed ocean and land life 65 million years ago, but it...

Basics: Bringing New Understanding to the Director’s Cut

8 years ago from NY Times Science

Shot by shot, films have evolved to resemble the natural rhythms of the brain.

FOR KIDS: Message in a dinosaur's teeth

8 years ago from

Giant dino that was T. rex rival may have spent most of its time in the water

Germany's Merck To Acquire Millipore

8 years ago from C&EN

Life Sciences: Deal will stabilize diversified company by adding lab and bioproducts business.

If bonobo Kanzi can point as humans do, what other similarities can rearing reveal?

8 years ago from Science Daily

You may have more in common with Kanzi, Panbanisha and Nyota, three language-competent bonobos living at Great Ape Trust, than you thought. And those similarities, right at your fingertip, might...

Pterodactyls in Japan hung out with birds

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Five well-preserved trackways found in Japan reveal a relatively small pterosaur with hook-like claws on each foot. Pterosaur - Japan - Asia - Evolution - University...

All-Star Lineup of Speakers Planned for Origins '10 Series at Florida State University

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

World-famous anthropologist Richard Leakey will be the opening act as The Florida State University presents "Origins '10: Celebrating the Birth & Life of Beginnings," a reprise of last year's popular...

Evolution of Minerals (preview)

8 years ago from Science Blog

Once upon a time there were no minerals anywhere in the cosmos. No solids of any kind could have formed, much less survived, in the superheated maelstrom following the big...

Tree-dwelling mammals climb to the heights of longevity

8 years ago from Science Daily

The squirrels littering your lawn with acorns as they bound overhead will live to plague your yard longer than the ones that aerate it with their burrows, according to a...

Jurassic coast becomes landscape of learning

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Natural History Museum starts courses at Dorset heritage siteHilary Penrose, an artist from Oxfordshire, was feeling soggy but inspired. Soggy because she had misjudged a wave during a windy walk on Britain's Jurassic...

Campaigners hit £200,000 target to save Colchester's Roman circus

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Money raised for only chariot-racing site discovered in BritainCampaigners in Colchester hit their target yesterday of raising £200,000 towards saving the only Roman chariot-racing circus ever found in Britain. Nothing remains above ground...

'Pompeii-like' excavations tell us more about Toba super-eruption

8 years ago from Science Daily

Newly discovered archaeological sites in southern and northern India have revealed how people lived before and after the colossal Toba volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago.

DNA sequence of extinct ancient cattle uncovered

8 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers, based in Ireland and Britain, have found the complete mitochondrial DNA genome sequence of ancient wild cattle using a sample from a 6,700 year-old bone.