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"Oldest Church" Discovery "Ridiculous," Critics Say

9 years ago from National Geographic

Experts are skeptical of an archaeologist's claims to have found the world's first Christian church in a cave in Jordan.

Ancient Mineral Shows Early Earth Climate Tough on Continents

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

A new analysis of ancient minerals called zircons suggests that a harsh climate may have scoured and possibly even destroyed the surface of the Earth's earliest continents.

New tree from old seeds doing well

9 years ago from UPI

JERUSALEM, June 13 (UPI) -- Researchers say a 4-foot-high date tree grown from a 2,000-year-old seed is doing well along the bone-dry cliffs of Masada, Israel.

Human Ancestors Shuffled Before Walking, Study Says

9 years ago from National Geographic

The ancient split between primates and humans may have roots in an early ancestor's simple, energy-saving shuffle.

VIDEO: "Unicorn" Roams Italy Park

9 years ago from National Geographic

A deer nicknamed "Unicorn" that has a single antler in the center of its head is drawing attention to a Tuscan nature reserve.

"Artistic" Spiders Trap Prey With Light, Study Finds

9 years ago from National Geographic

A type of Australian spider builds bizarre patterns into its webs to reflect certain wavelengths of light that lure prey to their deaths.

Lizards pull a wheelie

9 years ago from Biology News Net

Why bother running on hind legs when the four you've been given work perfectly well? This is the question that puzzles Christofer Clemente. For birds and primates, there's a perfectly...

Dino bones discovered could be new species

9 years ago from MSNBC: Science

A prospecting geologist stumbled upon a ragtag bunch of bones in the northern part of British Columbia, more than three decades ago. A new study suggests these fossils could represent...

'Elephant legs' woman set for operation in Taiwan

9 years ago from Physorg

A desperate young Chinese woman with a rare condition which has caused her legs to deform and treble in size is dreaming of a normal life after upcoming surgery in...

Nanoparticles Aid Bone Growth

9 years ago from Science Daily

In the first study of its kind, bioengineers and bioscientists have shown they can grow denser bone tissue by sprinkling stick-like nanoparticles throughout the porous material used to pattern the...

Scientists: 115-year-old's brain worked perfectly

9 years ago from AP Science

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- A Dutch woman who was the oldest person in the world when she died at age 115 in 2005 appeared sharp right up to the end,...

Maritime 'treasure trove' raised

A cannon and other key artefacts are raised from an Elizabethan ship wreck off the coast of the Channel Islands.

Endangered sea dragon pregnant

9 years ago from MSNBC: Science

A weedy sea dragon at the Georgia Aquarium has something to celebrate this Father's Day. One of the rare creatures is pregnant for only the third time ever at a...

More disease outbreaks in Europe with climate change: experts

9 years ago from Physorg

Europe could face an increase in outbreaks of diseases carried by insects and rodents as the climate on the continent becomes hotter and wetter, EU health experts said Friday.

Extinct Tree From Christ's Time Rises From the Dead

9 years ago from Live Science

Scientists have grown an ancient Israeli tree from an excavated seed.

Namibia begins world's largest census of animals

9 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- The world's largest land-based census of wildlife began Wednesday across a huge swath of northwestern Namibia, World Wildlife Fund officials said.

Fossils Found In Tibet Revise History Of Elevation, Climate

9 years ago from Science Daily

About 15,000 feet up on Tibet's desolate Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau, an international research team was surprised to find thick layers of ancient lake sediment filled with plant, fish and animal fossils...

Montezuma’s palace unearthed in Mexico

9 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Mexican archaeologists say they have unearthed the remains of an Aztec palace once inhabited by the emperor Montezuma in the heart of what is now downtown Mexico City.

Diamonds reveal deep source of platinum deposits

9 years ago from Physorg

The world's richest source of platinum and related metals is an enigmatic geological structure in South Africa known as the Bushveld Complex. This complex of ancient magmas is known to...

Among Scientific Treasures, a Gem

9 years ago from NY Times Science

A collection of scientific writings to be auctioned off next week constitutes pretty much a history of science and Western thought.

Aussie fossil shows South American link

9 years ago from Science Alert

Researchers have found a dinosaur fossil in Australia similar to some South American fossils, showing that the two regions exchanged dinosaurs long ago.

Prehistoric beta testing led to perfected weapons

9 years ago from Science Blog

In today's fast-paced, technologically advanced world, people often take the innovation of new technology for granted without giving much thought to the trial-and-error experimentation that makes technology useful in everyday...

Living near green areas doesn't mean more exercise

9 years ago from Reuters:Science

LONDON (Reuters) - Living near green space makes little or no difference in how much people exercise during their leisure time, Dutch researchers said on Wednesday.

Island Birds Can Adapt to Predators, Study Suggests

9 years ago from National Geographic

A study of New Zealand bellbirds runs counter to the long-held theory that island birds adapt too slowly to survive invasion by exotic predators.

Toronto woman seeks bone marrow transplant from donor of Chinese descent

9 years ago from CBC: Health

A bone marrow agency is stepping up its campaign to find a match for a Toronto woman of Chinese descent suffering from leukemia.

'Cursus' is older than Stonehenge

9 years ago from Physorg

Archeologists have come a step closer to solving the 285-year-old riddle of an ancient monument thought to be a precursor to Stonehenge.

Jon Henley on the Komodo dragon

9 years ago from The Guardian - Science

The world's largest lizard is a powerful predator with razor-sharp teeth, but is the Komodo dragon really as fearsome as we think? Jon Henley reports

Uncovering the truth behind the largest marsupial to walk the Earth

9 years ago from Physorg

University of Queensland research is uncovering the truth behind the largest marsupial ever to walk the earth - the 2.5 tonne wombat-like Diprotodon.