Science Daily

Saturday th 12th of July 2008

Over 100 Species Of Bats Found Within Several Acres Of Rainforest In Ecuador - 14:21

'Tommy John' Surgery For Elbow Reconstruction Effective, But Number Of Baseball Players Requiring It Alarming - 09:28

Friday th 11th of July 2008

Pressured Proteins: A Little Pressure In Proteomics Squeezes 4-hour Step Into A Minute - 22:14

Coming Epidemic Of Type 2 Diabetes In Young Adults - 22:14

Children Are Naturally Prone To Be Empathic And Moral - 22:14

Molecular Motor Works By Detecting Minute Changes In Force - 22:14

Insect Warning Colors Aid Cancer And Tropical Disease Drug Discovery - 22:14

Unsuspected Gene Mutation Found For Atrial Fibrillation - 22:14

Model For Automated, Wearable Artificial Kidney Designed - 22:14

Learning Suffers If Brain Transcript Isn't Transported Far Out To End Of Neurons - 22:14

Decadent, Convenient Banana Dessert Débuted At Food Expo - 22:14

Detecting Early Forms Of Cancer By Analyzing Structure of Specific Sugar Molecules - 22:14

Superfast Vocal Muscles In Songbirds: Hundred Times Faster Than Blink Of An Eye - 22:14

Magnolia Compound Hits Elusive Target In Cancer Cells - 21:07

Nanoencapsulation Of Low Soluable Cancer Drugs - 17:21

Scientists Discover Key Patterns In The Packaging Of Genes - 16:35

Binge Drinking Tied To Conditions In The College Environment - 16:35

Reducing Global Warming And Working For Common Good: What Inspires Collective Cooperation? - 14:21

Non-parental Care Of Infants Tied To Unfavorable Feeding Practices - 13:14

Lead Shot And Sinkers: Weighty Implications For Fish And Wildlife Health - 13:14

Researchers Locate And Image Prostate Cancer As It Spreads To Lymph Nodes - 13:14

Big Predatory Mammals Such As Felines Need Between 5 And 7 Different Types Of Prey To Meet Their Dietary Needs - 13:14

The Brain Hides Information From Us To Prevent Mistakes - 13:14

Treating Rare Breast Cancer With Radiation Therapy May Lower Recurrence Rate - 12:28

Forget The Stethoscope, New Technology Sounds Out Wide Range Of Heart Problems Automatically - 11:21

Reading, Math Scores Up For 4th And 8th Graders, Federal Report Shows - 11:21

Program Discourages HIV Transmission In Russia - 11:00

Deep Brain Pacemaker Offers Hope For Parkinson's Sufferers: 'Cross Fire' From Brain Makes Patients Tremble - 09:14

Identifying And Disrupting Key Elements Of Malaria's 'Sticky Sack' Adhesion Strategy - 09:14

150-meter Ice Core Drawn From McCall Glacier In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - 09:14

Disproving Conventional Wisdom On Diversity Of Marine Fossils And Extinction Rates - 09:14

'Fuel For Thought' On Transport Sector Challenges - 09:14

Biological Marker For Alzheimer's Holds Promise For Earlier Diagnosis And Treatment - 09:14

Genetic Variations Put Youth At Higher Risk For Lifetime Of Tobacco Addiction - 08:28

Gender, Time Of Day Affect Response To Vaccination - 08:28

Most Effective Dental Braces Are Least Attractive - 08:28

Solar Spin Put On Asteroid Moon Formation - 08:28

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Transport Anti-Cancer Drugs Directly To Tumors - 08:28

What's My Age? Mystery Star Cluster Has 3 Different Birthdays - 08:28

Gene Therapy Research In Developing World Raises Ethical Red Flags - 08:28

Individual Bone Implants Whose Structure Resembles That Of The Natural Bone Can Now Be Produced Easily - 08:28

Could Pond Scum Undo Pollution, Fight Global Warming And Alleviate World Hunger? - 08:28

Brain Cells Related To Fear Identified, Paving The Way For More Effective Treatment Of Post-Traumatic Stress And Other Anxiety Disorders - 08:28

Ground Cover Can Reduce Impact Of Biomass Harvest - 08:28

Structure Of Critical Protein From Ebola Virus Determined - 08:28

From Foe To Friend: Researchers Use Salmonella As A Way To Administer Vaccines In The Body - 08:28

Scientists Learn How Food Affects The Brain: Omega 3 Especially Important - 08:28

Scientists Identify Genetic Basis For The Black Sheep Of The Family - 08:28

Thursday th 10th of July 2008

New Insight Into Development Of Congenital Circulatory Defects - 16:21

Light-emitting Diodes: Understanding Factors That Influence Efficiency Of Organic-based Devices - 16:21