Science Daily

Monday th 7th of July 2008

First DNA Molecule Made Almost Entirely Of Artificial Parts - 09:35

Pediatricians Reluctant To Taper Medications In Kids With Stable Asthma - 08:28

Aggressive Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (Mantle Cell Lymphoma) On The Rise - 08:28

Newborn Vitamin A Reduces Infant Mortality - 08:28

Innovative Program Focuses On Improved Care For Children With ADHD - 08:28

PTSD Causes Early Death From Heart Disease, Study Suggests - 08:28

Cancer Preventive Properties Identified in Resveratrol, Found in Red Wine, Red Grapes - 08:28

A Baby's Smile Is A Natural High - 08:28

Sunday th 6th of July 2008

Geologists Study China Earthquake For Glimpse Into Future - 20:28

Surrogacy Still Stigmatized, Though Attitudes Changing Among Younger Women - 20:28

Couples With Fertility Problems Where The Man Is Over 35 Have Increased Difficulty In Conceiving - 20:28

Fishing By-catch Responsible for Rise In Dead Dolphins, Whales And Porpoises Washed Up On Certain UK Beaches, According to Study - 20:28

Slow Exercise (not Fast) Is Better For Menopausal Women - 20:28

New Targets For RNAs That Regulate Genes Identified - 19:21

Genetic Status Of North-east India's Adi Tribe Detailed - 19:21

New Car Navigation System Monitors Traffic To Avoid Traffic Jams - 19:21

Extended Cyclone Relief Efforts Aided From Space - 19:21

Nature Reserves Attract Humans, But At A Cost To Biodiversity - 19:21

Proposal To Merge NOAA And US Geological Survey To Form An Earth Systems Science Agency - 19:21

Search For Salt Tolerant Grasses Aims To Improve Roadside Plantings - 19:21

Effects Of Healing Touch Therapy Being Studied - 19:21

Newly Identified Enzyme Treats Deadly Bacterial Infections In Mice - 19:21

Brain Noise Is Good: New Study Overturns Notion That Brain Noise Quiets Down With Maturity - 19:21

World's Smallest High Performance, Low Energy Sensor - 19:21

Children Overestimate Cute Animals In Rainforests, While Underestimating Insects And Annelids - 19:21

Researchers Tug At Molecules With Optical Tweezers - 19:21

Aggressive Treatment Of Childhood Eczema Could Help Prevent Asthma, New Study Suggests - 19:21

When Using Gestures, Rules Of Grammar Remain The Same - 19:21

Counting Tumor Cells In Blood Predicts Treatment Benefit In Prostate Cancer - 08:28

Treatment Delays Result In Poor Outcomes For Men With Breast Cancer - 08:28

New Treatment Approach Promising For Lymphoma Patients In Developing World - 08:28

Saturday th 5th of July 2008

Want To Fly? Don't Copy The Birds And The Bees - 21:14

Families With Children Without A Genetic Or Gestational Link To Their Parents Are Functioning Well - 21:14

Insights Into Tissue Only Micromillimeters Thick With Help From New High-Tech Robot - 21:14

Bringing Stability To The Protein Defective In Phenylketonuria - 21:14

Volcanic Activity Shaped Mercury After All - 21:14

Blood Vessel Inhibitor Shows Promise Against Metastatic Thyroid Cancer - 21:14

Don't Count On Long-term Success In Climate Policy, Warns Paper In Decision Analysis - 21:14

New Technique Produces Genetically Identical Stem Cells - 21:14

Endocrinology: Understanding The Genetics Of Congenital Hyperinsulinism - 21:14

Wild Orangutans Declining More Sharply In Sumatra And Borneo Than Thought - 21:14

Rare Plants And Endangered Species Such As Tigers At Risk From Traditional Medicine - 21:14

Calpain Inhibitors Never Forget: Improving Memory In Alzheimer's Disease Mice - 21:14

Topical Oral Syrup Prevents Early Childhood Caries, Study Shows - 13:21

Friday th 4th of July 2008

Patriotic New Lilacs Introduced In U.S. - 17:28

Depression Ups Risk Of Complications Following Heart Attack, Study Suggests - 17:28

Researchers Coat Titanium With Polymer To Improve Integration Of Joint Replacements - 17:28

Researchers Use Supercomputer To Track Pathways In Myoglobin - 17:28

Coronary Arterial Calcium Scans Help Detect Overall Death Risk In The Elderly - 17:28

Puzzle In The Control Of Cell Division Unraveled - 17:28