Sunday th 29th of July 2018

The weirdest things we learned this week: Curing syphilis with malaria, ejecting bears from planes, and discovering new beer yeasts - 08:42

Hurricanes may have made these lizards better huggers - 08:42

The first underwater film was lost for decades—until now - 08:42

PopSci Kids team up with the Teen Titans to learn all about lasers - 08:42

Friday th 20th of July 2018

Termites are nature’s most amazing skyscraper engineers - 08:30

Thursday th 19th of July 2018

Geologists think there could be a quadrillion tons of diamonds inside our planet - 17:40

Why this algebra teacher has her students knit in class - 15:10

Wednesday th 18th of July 2018

The weirdest things we learned this week: artistic farts, meat lozenges, and Tesla's beloved pigeon - 14:50

Your first memory probably isn't yours, no matter how real it seems - 07:30

Tuesday th 17th of July 2018

Human cancers aren't contagious, but dogs and other animals aren't so lucky - 14:00

Monday th 16th of July 2018

Burnt bread shows that our ancestors were baking 4,000 years before agriculture - 15:00

Meet the folks designing the future of mouse mazes - 07:20

Friday th 13th of July 2018

Can we really ever know if animals are happy? - 17:30

Turning water into oxygen in zero gravity could mean easier trips to Mars - 15:00

Thursday th 12th of July 2018

Indigo, vermillion, and other ancient colors that have decorated the world for millennia - 07:10

Wednesday th 11th of July 2018

The weirdest things we learned this week: Cruise ships full of poop, deadly wallpaper, and the sport where women beat men - 14:00

Rollercoasters are stressful and that's why you like them - 10:20

Tuesday th 10th of July 2018

Here’s where Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lands on big science issues - 17:20

How (and why) to teach a polar bear to walk on a treadmill - 14:00

Three reasons why the U.S. is vulnerable to big disasters—and getting more vulnerable all the time - 09:50

Monday th 9th of July 2018

The largest dinosaurs got huge way earlier than we thought - 15:30

The complex physics behind bending it like a World Cup player - 10:30

Math explains why your bus is late—and could help fix it - 07:30

Sunday th 8th of July 2018

The biomechanics of a perfect penalty kick - 08:40

Friday th 6th of July 2018

How whale corpses feed ocean floors - 16:53

Thursday th 5th of July 2018

Labeling GMOs might not actually make them seem scarier - 18:13

This Japanese fungus can dry-age a steak in 48 hours. Here's how. - 18:13

How we discovered three poisonous books in our university library - 18:13

Why suicide is on the rise in the U.S.—even as it falls in Europe - 18:13

Descended testicles: DNA study drops new hints on secrets of low hanging glands - 18:13

Wildfires are burning across the country—here's how to prepare - 18:13

We love fireworks because they scare us - 18:13

2018 has been full of weird weather so far - 18:13

The science of superstition - 18:13

Meteorologists just found the coldest natural temperatures on the planet - 18:13

Thursday th 17th of August 2017

Chemists confirm that whiskey really does taste better with a splash of water - 14:22

Tuesday th 15th of August 2017

Important things found in Antarctica this week: 91 volcanoes and also a fruitcake - 13:02

It's raining frogs: a brief look at the planet's weirdest weather ever - 11:32

Friday th 11th of August 2017

The Forest Service really doesn't want you flying your drones into wildfire - 15:22

We finally know how your tongue tells your brain what you're tasting - 11:22

Thursday th 10th of August 2017

Scientists are naming new species after musicians, and it’s kind of amazing - 15:32

A 13 million year old skull could show us what our ancestors looked like - 15:02

Vinyl cyanide found on Titan—aliens, have at it - 09:32

Wednesday th 9th of August 2017

Does drinking hot liquids on a hot day actually cool you off? - 16:02

Gigantic dinosaur finally has a name of its own - 15:02

How art could help encourage kids to study science - 11:42

Tuesday th 8th of August 2017

Your kitchen sponge could have more bacteria than a toilet seat - 17:22

How not burn down the forest while you’re watching the eclipse - 09:32

A key government report on climate change has leaked. Here's what you need to know - 08:32

Friday th 4th of August 2017

Is there a way to send excess rainfall to the desert? - 15:32