Thursday th 11th of May 2017

Horizontal stripes make you look thinner, not wider - 11:21

Tuesday th 9th of May 2017

A tunnel collapsed at the Hanford nuclear waste site on Tuesday. Here's what you need to know. - 16:01

The language you speak changes your perception of time - 10:42

Friday th 5th of May 2017

The science behind Blood Falls, the genetics of corgis' weird body shapes, and other amazing images of the week - 12:51

Tuesday th 2nd of May 2017

Wastewater injection played a role in Oklahoma’s largest earthquake - 16:31

Monday th 1st of May 2017

These conservatives want to convince you that climate change is real - 15:21

How drone swarms could help protect us from tornadoes - 11:32

From the archives: 100 years of mastodon fossil fascination - 10:31

Friday th 28th of April 2017

A spacecraft in the sunset, a gold telescope in bloom, and other amazing images of the week - 15:02

Wednesday th 26th of April 2017

A mastodon carcass could totally rewrite American history—but there's reason to be skeptical - 12:32

Tuesday th 25th of April 2017

Rigging up: How to pack for a month drilling oil - 16:31

Monday th 24th of April 2017

What's the best way to crack an egg? Physics has the answer. - 13:31

Life in Los Angeles was brutal for saber-toothed cats - 10:01

Friday th 21st of April 2017

Language is training artificial intelligence to replicate human bias - 12:21

Language is training artificial intelligence to replicate human bias - 11:52

New research on eyeballs just might lead to a jet lag cure - 11:22

Thursday th 20th of April 2017

Warning: Do NOT get into a breath-holding contest with a naked mole rat - 14:32

Wednesday th 19th of April 2017

Antarctica is leaking from the inside out - 13:31

When politicians link immigrants to disease, the science just doesn’t add up - 07:02

Tuesday th 18th of April 2017

Most scientific studies only use male subjects. Here's why that's a terrible idea. - 14:31

Are ultra-long airplane flights bad for your health? - 09:31

Why basic biology is so important in biomedical research - 07:01

Monday th 17th of April 2017

What's the healthiest way to eat a vegetable? - 15:31

A river in Canada just turned to piracy because of global warming - 10:21

Friday th 14th of April 2017

As mountains grow, they drive the evolution of new species - 13:21

A penguin-killing volcano, brain parasites, and other amazing images of the week - 11:51

Thursday th 13th of April 2017

Yes, you can improve your memory. Here's how. - 13:51

New York City's trans fat ban really did keep people out of the hospital - 12:51

Wednesday th 12th of April 2017

How to not get a horrible brain parasite on your trip to Hawaii - 13:02

There’s a treasure trove on the seafloor—and that could be a bad thing - 12:01

Tuesday th 11th of April 2017

Why won't my shoes stay tied? Scientists are trying to figure it out. - 18:21

How many hours of sleep do you actually need? - 13:31

Dragon blood may help wounds heal faster - 10:32

Monday th 10th of April 2017

'Poppers' might permanently damage your eyes - 18:11

How to make the best protest sign - 11:01

Friday th 7th of April 2017

Human flesh isn't very nutritious - 13:51

A forensic stabbing machine, a trio of solar flares, and other amazing images of the week - 11:51

Getting your genetic disease risks from 23andme is probably a terrible idea - 11:51

Hundreds of icebergs are suddenly invading shipping lanes - 10:51

Frankenviruses may have gobbled up host cells in order to grow - 10:21

Old books actually smell like chocolate and coffee - 09:21

Smoking still kills over 6 million people a year - 07:01

Thursday th 6th of April 2017

Today's hurricanes kill way fewer Americans, and NOAA’s satellites are the reason why - 13:56

How an otherwise harmless virus can trigger celiac disease - 13:56

Knife-wielding stabbing machine could help solve violent crimes - 10:31

This graphene filter could make it cheaper to drink seawater - 10:01

Wednesday th 5th of April 2017

We sleep less as we age because our brains don’t think we're tired - 14:31

Death by banana peel? Black hole? The science behind your most absurd nightmares. - 10:11

Here's what it's like to get thrown into a volcano - 09:41

Tuesday th 4th of April 2017

Even our ancient ancestors had to deal with bed bugs - 14:11