Thursday th 24th of January 2013

Apple gets bruised as analysts see slower growth - 11:50

New York police get X-ray vision - 11:50

ESA: 2013 to be bumper year for space science - 11:50

New thesaurus created for the astronomy community - 11:20

False beliefs persist, even after instant online corrections - 11:20

Liquid crystal's chaotic inner dynamics - 11:20

Ovarian tumor, with teeth and a bone fragment inside, found in a Roman-age skeleton - 11:20

Immigrants: Highly educated, underpaid - 11:20

The 3D fireworks of a star - 11:20

New, cost-cutting approach to formulating pest-killing fungi - 11:20

What happens to peaches when the chill is gone? - 11:20

Magma in Earth's mantle forms deeper than once thought - 10:50

Climate change beliefs of independent voters shift with the weather, another study finds - 10:50

Young engineers build a robotic bridge to reach seniors - 09:00

Study finds women prefer perfumes that mimic their immune system cells - 09:00

Nokia generates $270 million profit but sales drop - 09:00

Mitsubishi recalls electric cars over brakes - 09:00

New pest field guide for plantation industry - 09:00

Modifying proteins to combat disease - 09:00

Nanosilicon rapidly splits water without light, heat, or electricity - 09:00

Sun-gazing satellite, designed to last 5 years, turns 10 - 08:30

World's first development of bio-inspired 'Yuragi' algorithm for network virtualization - 08:30

Forecasting's x-factor: Why the weatherman is often wrong - 08:30

3Qs: What's next for Lance Armstrong? - 08:01

Scientists discover genetic key to efficient crops - 08:01

Rare collection of Robert Frost materials emerges, could shed light on poet's religious views - 08:01

Researchers argue energy policy rebound effect is overestimated - 08:00

More freshmen than ever say they go to college to get better jobs, make more money - 08:00

The material that's like an octopus - 08:00

New research dispels myths about academic parental leave - 08:00

White Republicans, Southern evangelicals most likely to claim reverse discrimination, research finds - 08:00

3D scanning shapes the future of childrenswear - 08:00

Impact of affirmative action bans in graduate fields of study - 08:00

'Air shower' saves 50 percent water - 08:00

Content-focused literacy coaching markedly more effective in improving student reading comprehension, study finds - 08:00

Designer babies may explain insect sociality - 08:00

E-books show kids the colour of Cree language - 07:30

Rice leaves and butterfly wings provide insight insight into nature's best self-cleaning surfaces - 07:30

It's a dog's life when man's best friend becomes his fattest - 07:30

Meatworkers prone to violence, expert says - 07:30

Legal framework for transborder data flows needs improvement - 07:30

New study shows small cookiecutter shark feeds on flesh of great white - 07:30

Sinister code-breakers, beware - 07:30

New research could revolutionise the way we monitor air pollution and help us understand its effect on our health - 07:00

Novel methods to support decision making processes - 06:30

LGBT youth know to look 'straight' ahead - 06:30

Analysis of rhetoric and policy - 06:30

Cells 'flock' to heal wounds: Research team analyzes physics of epithelial cell cooperation - 06:30

In perceiving climate change, feeling the heat counts - 06:30

Researchers solve complex problem in membrane biochemistry through study of amino acids - 06:30