Wednesday the 11th of May 2011

Arctic countries seek cooperation as ice melts - 12:30

Over a billion tonnes of food wasted every year: UN - 12:30

Antarctic icebergs help the ocean take up carbon dioxide - 12:30

Striking the right balance: Researchers counteract biofuel toxicity in microbes - 12:30

Sugar boosters could lead to cheap, effective treatments for chronic bacterial infections - 12:30

Scientists discover missing links in the biology of cloud formation over the oceans - 12:30

Endocannabinoid signaling in dietary restriction and lifespan extension - 12:30

University pond reveals hidden history of fungi - 12:30

Non-human primate studies reveal promising vaccine approach for HIV - 12:30

The urea cycle: An anabolic steroid for diatoms - 12:30

Alarming combo: Bedbugs with 'superbug' germ found - 12:30

Worried on China, US seeks rules in space - 12:30

New technology fuses MRI, ultrasound to achieve targeted biopsy of prostate cancer - 12:30

Study: Surge in obesity correlates with increased automobile usage - 11:32

2,300-year climate record suggests severe tropical droughts as northern temperatures rise - 11:32

NASA project eyes climate change in Greenland -- with a third eye on Mars - 11:32

New strategy aims to reduce agricultural ammonia - 11:32

Drafting without drivers - 11:32

Carbon, carbon everywhere, but not from the Big Bang - 11:32

Unique canine tooth from Peking man found - 10:30

Energizing the Filaments of NGC 1275 - 10:30

Fujitsu demonstrates new dual-touch resistive touch panel - 10:30

University of Ulster celebrates acquisition of PR2 robot by having it solve Rubik's cube - 10:30

Practice, not loss of sight, improves sense of touch in the blind: study - 10:30

Brain development goes off track as vulnerable individuals develop schizophrenia - 10:02

A direct connection between business rates and local economy has no foundation in reality - 10:02

Following your steak's history from pasture to plate - 10:02

Wine yeasts reveal prehistoric microbial world - 10:02

Mayo Clinic reports new findings on noninvasive test for pancreatic cancer - 10:01

Toward a vaccine for methamphetamine abuse - 10:01

Results from study of 8,000 older people in Ireland launched - 10:01

When words get hot, mental multitaskers collect cool - 10:01

'Liquid smoke' from rice shows potential health benefits - 10:01

Maryland poll: Traditional media and internet more trusted than social media for research news - 10:01

Software for the discovery of new crystal structures - 10:01

Digital forensic examiners face stress, role-conflict - 10:01

Some school-based programs curb alcohol misuse - 10:01

Marine lab research tracks pollutants in dolphins, beluga whales - 10:00

The secret behind NIST's new gas detector? Chirp before sniffing - 10:00

Wireless sensor network monitors microclimate in the forest - 10:00

The '$1,000 genome' may cost $100,000 to understand - 09:30

Serendipity leads to lifesaving discovery - 09:30

Change is the order of the day in the Arctic - 09:30

How to recognize at an early stage whether a new cancer therapy prolongs life - 09:30

Learning through mere exposure - 09:30

Lessening the dangers of radiation - 09:30

Reforesting rural lands in China pays big dividends, researchers say - 09:30

Girl's life saved by novel therapy for drug-resistant TB - 09:01

Kermit helps households monitor and manage their internet speed - 09:01

Cyber security team creates winning network security product - 09:01