Friday the 26th of March 2010

'Cash for refrigerators' kick-starts appliance sales - 15:28

Physicists Use Underground Lab to Detect Rare Particles, Peek into Earth's Center - 15:07

Study on fasting and dieting suggests why diets fail -- and why a weekly fast might work - 15:07

Mars: Wayward Dust Devil Caught in the Act - 15:07

Antibiotic Can Reduce Hospitalization, Prevent Recurrence of Rare Brain Disorder, Analysis Shows - 15:07

From Pyramids to Paris, landmarks to go dark for Earth Hour - 15:07

Faster, cheaper chips from space technology - 14:42

Research findings could revolutionise industrial catalysts - 14:42

Stigma Keeps Some Latinos From Depression Treatment - 14:42

How to Change the World: New Working Paper Analyzes How Leaders Promote Development - 14:21

Verizon winds down expensive FiOS expansion - 14:21

Slackers and superstars of the microbial workplace - 13:56

The sound and the query: Why do questions take the form they do? - 13:56

Report: 'Smart' meters have security holes - 13:56

AT&T will take $1B non-cash charge for health care - 13:56

Quasar Dust in the Early Universe - 13:35

Uncovering early stages of Alzheimer's Disease - 13:14

Rapid development of drug-resistant 2009 H1N1 influenza reported in 2 cases - 13:14

Getting families and friends together again, virtually - 13:14

NASA Study Finds Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' Not Slowing - 12:28

Researchers discover new path to antibiotics - 12:28

US cities vie to win Google's broadband favor - 12:07

One word from Jobs can send Mac world into tizzy - 12:07

Gadget-hungry consumers lift retailers, and expectations - 12:07

Research concludes there is no 'simple theory of everything' inside the enigmatic E8 - 12:07

Safety and diagnosis yield of colonoscopy in Hong Kong Chinese children - 10:22

Playing 'Pong' with the blink of an eye (w/ Video) - 10:00

Research confirms that some forms of massage help against low-back pain - 10:00

Advanced Analysis Tools Aim to Reduce Uncertainty in Climate Data - 10:00

Community-acquired MRSA becoming more common in pediatric ICU patients - 10:00

Spoiler alert: TV medical dramas 'rife' with bioethical issues and breaches of professional conduct - 09:36

One hour a world of difference to energy awareness - 09:14

Discovery that PARP protein exists in all breast tumors will help target chemo and predict response - 09:14

Religious beliefs are the basis of the origins of Palaeolithic art - 09:14

Study finds flaxseed lowers high cholesterol in men - 09:14

F is for Fluoresence and Fluorine: New dyes for optical nanoscopy - 08:42

The Dawn of a New Epoch? - 08:42

Survival in metastatic breast cancer patients is improving: targeted therapies have contributed - 08:42

Probing the magnetic properties of solid oxygen - 08:21

Revolutionary New Solution for Semiconductor, Nano Materials - 07:56

Toshiba Introduces New High Areal Density 2.5-inch 750GB HDDs - 07:56

New studies on surgical options in inherited breast cancer show drastic treatment is not always best - 07:56

Could Hong Kong teach China to quit smoking? - 07:35

The Times of London to charge for website - 07:35

Beta-blockers help reduce metastasis and improve survival in breast cancer patients - 07:35

Fossil feces point to a shark attack 15 million years ago - 07:35

Web browsers and iPhone hacked at contest - 06:28

Mpemba effect: Why hot water can freeze faster than cold - 05:42

World's first electronic underpants created Down Under - 04:56

Nanoparticles Cooperate to Detect and Treat Tumors - 04:35