Monday the 6th of June 2011

Sleep apnea patient now sleeps well, thanks to new CPAP class - 10:00

Nothing, not anything and zero - 10:00

One year in isolation - 10:00

Rosetta to sleep through loneliest leg of comet mission - 10:00

Diagnosis based on remote ultrasound will soon be available - 10:00

A diamond ring sparks a paradigm shift - 10:00

UT Arlington licenses innovative process to convert natural gas to clean, synthetic fuel - 10:00

Research aimed at helping dyslexic children learn - 10:00

New Madagascar species discovered weekly, many already endangered - 10:00

What, me worry? Young adults get self-esteem boost from debt - 10:00

The search for planets and stars out of this world - 10:00

Could 'hotspots' in burn offs aid tuart regeneration? - 10:00

Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon - 10:00

A study analyzes the role of universities and technology institutes in firm innovation - 10:00

Low vitamin D levels are related to decreased response to osteoporosis medicine - 10:00

NRL fully integrates GPS radio occultation into global weather prediction - 10:00

Research examines how to apply conductive nanocoatings to textiles - 10:00

Germany: No proof sprouts caused E. coli outbreak - 10:00

Shark guardians see momentum to save top predator - 10:00

World's first GaN HEMT T/R module operating in the C-Ku band - 10:00

Frozen fjords found under Antarctic ice - 10:00

Singapore researchers invent broadband graphene polarizer - 09:30

New strategy to attack tumor-feeding blood vessels - 09:30

Survival niche for cancer cells - 09:30

Researcher studies ways to help teens overcome fears and stigmas of mental illness - 09:30

EU study: No significant difference in car fuel consumption between 95E10 and 98E5 petrol grades - 09:30

Stanford climate scientists forecast permanently hotter summers - 09:30

Miscanthus adapts - 09:30

How important are climate models for revealing the causes of environmental change? - 09:30

Groundbreaking male infertility test could 'bring hope to millions' - 09:30

Blood clotting and bowel cancer risk - 09:30

Apple's Jobs expected to announce music service - 09:30

Research firm cuts 2011 PC sales forecast - 09:30

China accuses Google of 'political games' - 09:30

French regulator bars 'Follow us on Twitter' on TV - 09:30

Scientists uncover role for cell scaffold in tumor formation - 09:30

Researchers create light from 'almost nothing' - 09:30

Historian revises estimate of Civil War dead - 09:30

'Walking chair' could be step-up for disabled access - 09:30

Nintendo's Wii successor to dominate E3 expo - 09:30

Green cats eye up new kitty litter - 09:30

Topiramate may have benefit as a weight-loss drug - 09:00

Cut down on 'carbs' to reduce body fat, study authors say - 09:00

Early transplants are no better than chemotherapy followed by transplant for NHL patients - 09:00

Pregnant women can prevent excess weight gain with simple steps, study finds - 09:00

Elderly may be more likely to die if they have subclinical hyperthyroidism - 09:00

Anti-obesity vaccine reduces food consumption in animals - 09:00

Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery reduces expression of Alzheimer's genes - 09:00

Hormone test predicts ovarian function after chemotherapy for breast cancer - 09:00

Calorie-burning brown fat is a potential obesity treatment, researchers say - 09:00