Monday the 11th of October 2010

Certain new therapies for age-related eye disease do not appear to increase heart risks - 16:30

Meta-analysis shows no heart benefits for folic acid supplements - 16:30

Lack of antiepileptic drugs hurts awareness, treatment efforts in Zambia - 16:30

End-of-life care patterns shift for patients with heart failure in both US and Canada - 16:30

Physical symptoms prevalent no matter what stage of cancer including remission - 16:30

Is infertility more common in women with epilepsy? - 16:30

Insulin resistance may be associated with stroke risk - 16:30

Microchip technology rapidly identifies compounds for regrowing nerves in live animals - 16:30

Carotid stents associated with greater risk of stroke or death than carotid endarterectomy surgery - 16:30

Microsoft phone ads spoof smart phone addiction - 15:30

Research aims to cut disparities in stroke care - 15:30

Researchers provide new understanding of bizarre extinct mammal - 15:00

New Bronze Age civilisation discovered in Russian Caucasus - 15:00

Scientists find sign cave dwellers took care of elderly - 15:00

NASA closer to getting extra space shuttle flight - 15:00

'Little purple pill' is under microscope - 13:31

Who killed the graphite anode? Researchers move silicon anode li-ion battery technology forward - 13:01

5 reasons to like the Nissan Leaf - 13:01

Translating Chinese medicine for the West - 12:30

The spice of life: Curry`s main ingredient has more to offer than good flavor - 12:30

Intriguing viral link to intestinal cancer in mice - 12:09

Mobile business apps grab top focus for software developers - 12:08

Taiwan Cement plans large solar power plant - 12:08

Large study shows females are equal to males in math skills - 12:08

Dogs may be pessimistic too - 12:08

Labour market specialists win Nobel Economics prize - 12:08

IBM rides market upswing to hit all-time high - 11:31

Researcher investigates the 'subjective time trajectory' in psychological health - 11:31

Scientists develop new, innovative methods for characterizing proteins - 11:31

Global study finds China and Middle East leading digital age - 11:31

La Nina strengthens: WMO - 11:04

US treats first patient with human embryonic stem cells - 11:04

Adult rabbit stem cells show good potential for laboratory use - 11:03

Could light and matter coupling lead to quantum computation? - 10:30

Scientists say the Big One could be even bigger - 10:30

New discovery may help to identify the healthiest embryos in IVF treatment - 10:00

AT&T launching 3 Microsoft-powered phones - 10:00

Microsoft unveils new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 - 10:00

Urban farming yields small climate gains - 09:31

Identifying stem cell suicide triggers with ROCK - 09:31

Embedded rods: Chitin-silicon dioxide nanocomposite made by self-organization and sol-gel chemistry - 09:31

Baby boomers are reinventing retirement - 09:31

Patients' views on electronic patient records - 09:00

Study identifies neural pathways for fear responses in zebrafish - 09:00

Argonne feeds bacteria into contaminated Kansas site to clean it - 09:00

Cause of the big plague epidemic of Middle Ages identified - 09:00

Meteors from obscure shower spotted by NASA cameras - 09:00

Preventive medication, behavior management skills are key to combating frequent migraines - 09:00

Proposed Social Security benefit cuts won't reduce deficit, expert says - 09:00

Nanoscopic particles resist full encapsulation, simulations show - 09:00