Wednesday the 8th of September 2010

Kidney-transplant patients who add 100 days of medicine gain more protection - 13:56

Why the biological clock? Study says aging reduces centromere cohesion, disrupts reproduction - 13:56

More hurricanes in greener seas? Ocean color linked to formation, movement of tropical cyclones - 13:35

Are some governments taking 'peak oil' seriously? - 13:35

Research expedition breaking records on voyage across Antarctica - 13:35

Cash hoarding nothing new for businesses, scholar says - 13:35

Researchers design more accurate method of determining premature infants' risk of illness - 13:35

Water main break at space center stalls shuttle - 13:14

10 arrested in European raids on Internet piracy - 13:14

CVS Caremark to give away up to $5M in flu shots - 13:14

Safety not compromised in alternative birthing rooms - 13:14

Coping with chemo in childhood cancer - 13:14

Why chromosomes never tie their shoelaces - 12:49

Turtle egg rescue at space center billed success - 12:49

Oracle plans to give Hurd $950,000 annual salary - 12:49

Scientists identify molecular gatekeeper of arthritis - 12:49

Study adds new clue to how last ice age ended - 12:49

Google searches Web as fast as you can type - 12:49

Satellite data reveal seasonal pollution changes over India - 12:49

Questioning the safety of certain 'healthful' plant-based antioxidants - 12:49

Divine dione captured by Cassini - 12:49

Low levels of formaldehyde in clothing unlikely to pose health risk - 12:28

Single gene regulates motor neurons in spinal cord - 12:28

Brain mechanism linked to relapse after cocaine withdrawal - 12:28

Gamer suspended over name of W.Va. town: Fort Gay - 12:28

Back to work after salmonella case - 12:28

Quasimodo dino leaves experts grappling for a hunch - 12:28

Researchers identify potential new drug for neurodegenerative disease - 12:28

Researchers hear puzzling new physics from graphene quartet's quantum harmonies - 12:28

Unauthorized population would soar if birthright citizenship repealed - 12:28

Novel sensing mechanism discovered in dendritic cells to increase immune response to HIV - 12:28

Study identifies critical 'traffic engineer' of the nervous system - 12:28

Research divines structure for class of proteins - 12:07

Compounds fend off Alzheimer's disease amyloid pathology - 12:07

Scientists identify new gene for memory - 12:07

Muscle wasting in cancer does not spare the heart - 12:07

Researchers find that interneurons are not all created equally - 12:07

Study: 3 out of 4 cats will wear a collar, making it worth a try - 12:07

Linking microbial sex and virulence - 12:07

Reading food labels, combined with exercise, can lead to weight loss - 12:07

Use of informatics, EMRs enable genetic study of vascular disease - 11:21

Education more important than knowledge in stopping spread of HIV in Africa - 11:21

Team to study health effects of botanical estrogens - 11:21

Scientists make leap forward in early detection for Alzheimer's and cancer - 10:56

ACP explores ethical issues for use of incentives to promote personal responsibility for health - 10:56

Chopping and changing in the microbial world: How mycoplasmas stay alive - 10:56

Stanford land-use expert brings satellite data down to Earth - 10:56

Adults demonstrate modified immune response after receiving massage, researchers show - 10:56

Micro-RNA determines malignancy of lung cancer - 10:29

Multi-resistant skin bacteria spreading in hospitals - 10:29