Wednesday the 14th of July 2010

First Argentinean study on epidemiology, costs and burden of osteoporosis published - 09:35

Doctors warn that using domestic spoons to give children medicine increases overdose risk - 09:14

NTU's solar car wins Solar Grand Prize at the inaugural Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2010 - 09:14

Moving polymers through pores - 09:14

Noninvasive probing of geological core samples - 08:49

Sony debuts consumer interchangeable lens HD camcorder - 08:49

A simple quantum dynamics problem? - 08:28

Choir sing their own genetic code - 07:21

China plans to approve Nokia's web mapping service - 06:56

Scientists say Gulf spill altering food web - 06:35

Imec, ASML demonstrate potential of 193nm immersion lithography with freeform illumination - 06:35

New project enables mobile phone use in areas with no reception - 06:14

Mixed reality cookbook - 06:14

Exercise's brain benefits - 06:14

UQ experts discover creatures of the deep - 06:14

Battery research could lead to shorter recharge time for cell phones - 06:14

Monkey generosity: No strings attached - 05:49

Consumers underpredict their ability to learn new products - 05:28

A rare rainforest plant blooms at Harvard - 05:07

Sanyo launches first rice bread cooker - 05:07

Study finds Triceratops, Torosaurus were different stages of one dinosaur - 05:07

Method of attempted suicide influences risk of eventual suicide - 04:42

Massive mice, locust plagues threaten Australian crops - 04:42

S.Korean mobile carrier to allow Internet calls - 04:21

Criminalization of drugs and drug users fuels HIV; laws should be reviewed, say experts (w/ Video) - 04:21

Rare dark jellyfish showing up in San Diego Bay - 04:21

China web filter developer's finance woes: report - 04:21

China's wars, rebellions driven by climate: study - 03:56

Guests pedal to stay at Copenhagen eco-hotel - 03:56

Apple silent after Consumer Reports critique - 03:56

A new generation of biological scaffolds - 03:56

Skin cells could help discover cause of Parkinson's disease - 03:35

Supportive community programs can prevent women from gaining weight - 03:35

New treatment for crippling diabetic Charcot foot - 03:35

Tuesday the 13th of July 2010

Divide and conquer: Genes decide who wins in the body's battle against cancer - 18:14

Report suggests nearly 5 percent exposed to dengue virus in Key West - 17:49

Study examines how sexual agreements affect HIV risk, relationship satisfaction - 17:28

Gene therapy breakthrough heralds treatment for beta-thalassemia - 17:28

'Mahjong' gene is key player when cancer, normal cells compete - 17:07

Scientists identify molecular predictor of prognosis for pancreatic cancer patients - 16:42

Poll: New Yorkers favor legalizing medical marijuana - 16:42

Smoking influences gene function, scientists say - 16:21

See what's brewing in 'hurricane alleys' live online, on iPad and iPhone via GOES satellite - 16:21

Prediction tool helps estimate local recurrence in patients with noninvasive breast cancer - 16:21

Tropical Storm Conson sweeping through the Northern Philippines - 16:21

Lessons from efforts to reduce hospital-acquired infections - 16:21

New Research Model Improves Lobster Population Forecasting - 16:21

Regional variations in kidney care raise questions about spending, says Stanford nephrologist - 16:21

Report proposes new research agenda on pregnancy intentions of HIV-positive women - 16:21

Addressing the DNA Backlog - 16:21