Wednesday the 21st of July 2010

Facebook membership hits 500 million mark - 13:49

Study ties climate uncertainties to economies of US states - 13:49

Experiment proves that women are better multitaskers than men - 13:28

Researchers develop world`s first blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser with 100 watt output - 13:28

UN taps big names for HIV prevention panel - 13:28

Lack of insurance coverage remains obstacle to wider colorectal cancer screening with CT colonography - 13:07

Toward a new generation of superplastics - 13:07

Gulf oil dispersants unlikely to be endocrine disruptors and have relatively low cell toxicity - 13:07

Study Finds Media May Be Overhyping Benefits Of Organic Food, Agriculture - 13:07

New antibacterial material for bandages, food packaging, shoes - 13:07

Toxic trio identified as the basis of celiac disease - 13:07

Toronto homeless report barriers to health care - 13:07

Warmer climate entails increased release of carbon dioxide by inland lakes - 12:42

High-resolution imaging expands vision research of live birds of prey - 12:42

FDA issues hold on much-debated Avandia study - 12:42

Soviet, US astronauts mark 35 years since space handshake - 12:42

Scientists uncover novel anti-diabetes mechanism - 12:21

Researchers discover water on the moon is widespread, similar to Earth's - 12:21

Radio astronomers develop new technique for studying dark energy - 12:21

Every action has a beginning and an end (and it's all in you brain) - 12:21

Climate change causes larger, more plentiful marmots, study shows - 12:21

Nanoribbons for graphene transistors - 12:21

Muscular heart failure patients may have a better chance at survival: study - 12:21

How safe and effective are herbal dietary supplements? - 12:21

Research links recreational pool disinfectants to health problems - 11:56

Researchers: EPA should recognize environmental impact of protecting foreign oil - 11:56

Alcatel-Lucent announces Internet contract in China - 11:35

Supercomputer reproduces a cyclone's birth, may boost forecasting - 11:35

Survey shows many child care centers use pesticides to control pests - 11:35

Is there a cure for AIDS? Forum lifts a taboo - 11:14

Wildfire prevention pays big dividends in Florida, study finds - 11:14

Scientists tap into Antarctic octopus venom - 11:14

A mutation that frustrates DNA repair likely contributes to Fanconi anemia - 11:14

Researchers pinpoint key stem cells for eating and sex - 11:14

Subaru Telescope Detects Clues for Understanding the Origin of Mysterious Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts - 11:14

Your chance to live forever in spider form - 11:14

Large national study strongly links educational leadership to student achievement - 10:49

Fun, sun and good books: Experts say summer reading keeps skills strong - 10:49

Protein important in diabetes may also play a key role in heart disease, other disorders - 10:29

Engineering researchers simplify process to make world's tiniest wires - 10:28

Better control of reproduction in trout and salmon may be in aquaculture's future - 10:28

World-first vaccine candidate for newborns to help combat deadly rotavirus - 10:28

Protein from poplar trees can be used to greatly increase computer capacity - 09:42

Fujitsu launches 'easy-easy' seniors' phone - 09:42

World-first dialysis study set to reduce health costs - 09:42

Google loses out in Chinese search engine market - 09:42

EMC's 2Q net more than doubles as firms stock up - 09:21

Marriage patterns drive fertility decline - 09:21

Mother Nature to provide an environmentally friendly method for reducing mosquitoes - 09:21

New links between cholesterol and depression in the elderly - 09:21