Wednesday the 21st of March 2012

Scientists open new window into how cancers override cellular growth controls - 15:00

Diet may be affecting rhino reproduction - 14:00

Scientists use rare mineral to correlate past climate events in Europe, Antarctica - 14:00

Keeping track to selenium metabolism - 14:00

Why spring is blooming marvelous (and climate change makes it earlier) - 13:00

Physicists demonstrate quantum plasmons in atomic-scale nanoparticles - 13:00

A new take on the games people play in their relationships - 12:30

How the alphabet of data processing is growing: Research team generates flying 'qubits' - 12:30

Hewlett Packard Romania hit by anti-trust probe - 12:30

Far higher potential for wind energy in India than previously estimated: study - 12:30

Disney sketches sequel to 'Epic Mickey' video game - 11:32

Illegal toxic waste dump sparks anger in Russia - 11:32

Hungarian wins top mathematics prize - 11:32

Specialization for underwater hearing by the tympanic middle ear of the turtle - 11:03

Dance like a neutrino: Quantum scheme to simulate neutrino oscillations - 11:03

USDA Forest Service and NASA release Web-based forest disturbance monitoring tool - 11:03

Mercury's surprising core and landscape curiosities - 11:03

Energy requirements make Antarctic fur seal pups vulnerable to climate change - 10:31

Chemical pollution in Europe's seas: The monitoring must catch up with the science - 10:31

Sexual offenses between inmates occur less often in states that allow conjugal visitation - 10:31

Study: Distiller's grain safe for pigs, even with sulfur content - 10:31

Study on swirls to optimize contacts between fluids - 10:31

Decisions are taken more democratically with a higher percentage of women in management positions - 10:31

Researchers engineer molecular magnets to act as long-lived qubits - 09:30

Summit Group announces bid to build carbon capture and storage plant in Scotland - 09:03

HP combining printing, PC divisions - 09:03

Electricity from trees - 08:31

VISTA stares deep into the cosmos: Treasure trove of new infrared data made available to astronomers - 08:05

Economists demonstrate one size does not fit all for microfinance programs - 08:05

NIF facility fires record laser shot into target chamber - 08:05

Flower still life by Vincent van Gogh rediscovered thanks to new research technique - 07:34

Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades - 07:34

Study of Patagonian Glacier's rise and fall adds to understanding of global climate change - 07:34

Speca -- An intriguing look into the beginning of a black hole jet - 07:34

Orion Crew capsule targeted for 2014 leap to high orbit - 07:34

Yahoo shareholder pushes for its board nominees - 07:33

Gold used as safe driver of cancer drug - 07:04

Australian study reveals unacceptable use of whips in racing - 07:04

Wolves eating less than 1% of German livestock, study finds - 07:04

Nanopower: Avoiding electrolyte failure in nanoscale lithum batteries - 07:04

New findings awaken age-old anesthesia question - 07:04

'Nanoslinky': A novel nanofluidic technology for DNA manipulation and measurement - 07:04

NIST releases technical guidance for evaluating electronic health records - 07:03

'Weather in a tank' demonstration helps students grasp fluid dynamics - 07:02

Artificial comet contains building blocks of life - 07:02

Space observations of Mercury transits yield precise solar radius - 06:31

Through MoonMappers, the public is offered a chance to be part of NASA Lunar Science - 06:31

Light pulses take a quantum walk - 06:31

Space Image: Sunspots and solar flares - 06:31

Green jail to demonstrate power of microgrids - 06:31