Monday the 16th of January 2012

Traditional physical autopsies -- not high-tech 'virtopsies' -- still 'gold standard' - 18:00

Parkin larvae bring researchers closer to solving Parkinson's disease puzzle - 17:00

Scientists replicate key evolutionary step in life on earth - 17:00

Qualcomm's HaloIPT tech brings wireless charging for EVs - 17:00

Research provides new insights into antibiotics and pig feeds - 17:00

Researchers identify path to treat Parkinson's disease at its inception - 17:00

Study: Babies try lip-reading in learning to talk - 16:31

India reports new TB strain resistant to all drugs - 16:31

Europe's 'Big Bang' observatory completes cosmic survey - 16:31

Ukraine urged to step up AIDS fight - 16:31

Planned actions improve the way we process information - 16:31

People behave socially and 'well' even without rules: study - 16:31

A family history of alcoholism may make adolescent brains respond differently - 16:00

Broken arm? Brain shifts quickly when using a sling or cast - 16:00

Hospitalized patients are very accepting of nurse-delivered brief alcohol interventions - 16:00

Declines in melanoma deaths limited to the most educated - 16:00

Comparing alcohol use and other disorders between the United States and South Korea - 16:00

Researchers quantify the damage of alcohol by timing and exposure during pregnancy - 16:00

Powerful fungal infection drug amphotericin kills yeast by simply binding ergosterol - 15:00

Does the La Nina weather pattern lead to flu pandemics? - 15:00

Revolutionary surgical technique for perforations of the eardrum - 12:02

Warnings of ecological timebomb after Italy ship wreck - 12:02

Female feticide in Canada requires action - 12:02

One in ten Canadians cannot afford prescription drugs: study - 12:01

Allergy to Plavix can be overcome: study - 11:31

Weird gadgets at CES: Motorized unicycle, anyone? - 11:31

How exercise helps you avoid a broken heart - 11:31

A genetic accelerator hits the gas on autoimmune diseases - 11:00

US shoe seller says hacker compromised accounts - 11:00

'Spooky action at distance' in particle physics? - 11:00

Genetic fingerprint reveals new efficient maize cultivars - 10:30

Blood test for human form of mad cow disease developed - 10:01

New climate-cooling molecule found - 10:01

Google, Facebook fight Indian criminal case - 10:01

India has Red Planet Fever - 10:01

Inequality in wealthy states rises, diseases decline: WHO - 09:30

New computer model shows Titan atmosphere more Earth-like than thought - 09:30

'Proplyd-like' objects discovered in Cygnus OB2 - 09:30

New indicator may help identify patients with increased risk from throat cancer - 09:30

UN chief launches sustainable energy initiative - 09:30

MHI develops 12-inch wafer bonding machine capable of producing 3-D integrated LSI circuits at room temperature - 09:02

Vitamin D deficiency strikes one-third of Australians - 09:02

Researchers working on watershed moment in water purification - 09:01

Opioids erase memory traces of pain - 09:01

Re-thinking an alien world - 09:01

Benefits of aspirin more modest than previously believed - 09:01

New tool puts plant hormone under surveillance - 09:01

Goldilocks moons - 09:01

Women soldiers see more combat than in prior eras, have same PTSD rate as men, study says - 09:01

Scientists: They are surprisingly normal - 08:32