Tuesday the 21st of February 2012

New York taxis could get iPads: report - 17:00

Preventing and treating drug use with smartphones - 17:00

Researchers find new evidence on how cholesterol gets moved from HDLs to LDLs - 17:00

How text messaging can help control malaria - 17:00

A mechanism to improve learning and memory - 17:00

High blood homocysteine levels are not linked with coronary heart disease - 17:00

Cocaine and the teen brain: Study offers insights into addiction - 17:00

Caught in the act: Study discovers microbes speciating - 17:00

New discovery in fight against Huntington's disease - 17:00

Neuroscientists identify how the brain works to select what we (want to) see - 17:00

Stronger intestinal barrier may prevent cancer in the rest of the body, new study suggests - 17:00

Researchers coax gold into nanowires - 16:30

Coral-eating sea star invaders turn out to be locals - 16:30

Revising the 'textbook' on liver metabolism offers new targets for diabetes drugs - 16:30

Study finds some insulin production in long-term Type 1 diabetes - 16:30

A breakthrough in understanding the biology and treatment of ovarian cancer - 16:30

Mount Sinai first to use visually guided catheter ablation system to treat AFib patient - 16:30

Anticipation of stressful situations accelerates cellular aging - 16:30

Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast - 16:30

UK court OKs legal claim to be served via Facebook - 16:30

Colorado woman must turn over computer password - 16:30

New York eyes shark fin trade ban - 16:30

Chandra finds fastest wind from stellar-mass black hole - 16:00

American Heart Association launches free-access online journal - 16:00

Being born in another country may protect against stroke for US Hispanics - 16:00

Charging up the auto industry - 16:00

ORNL finding has materials scientists entering new territory - 15:30

Netflix strikes movie deal with Weinstein Co. - 15:00

Irish PayPal expansion to create 1,000 jobs - 15:00

Into the no-man's land of Fukushima - 15:00

Barnes & Noble unveils $199 Nook Tablet - 15:00

Specially-bred mice help target an annual outbreak: the flu - 15:00

Recession and high co-pays tied to fewer colonoscopy screenings among people with health insurance - 15:00

Rare fungus kills endangered rattlesnakes in southern Illinois - 15:00

Google carrying real-time data from EU exchanges - 14:30

Aftershocks of Japan disaster being felt in US earthquake planning - 13:30

Study: Forested riparian zones important to nitrogen control, stream health - 13:30

Study says overweight Americans may risk kidney damage when attempting weight loss - 13:30

Engineering research brings seven adult-sized humanoid robots together for first time in US - 13:30

Environmental pollutant linked with overweight - 13:30

Engineers develop cement with 97 percent smaller CO2 and energy footprint - 13:30

Study finds college students willing to donate genetic material to biobanks for research - 13:30

Cell energy sensor mechanism discovered: Studies linked to better understanding of cancer drugs - 13:30

Computer-assisted tools alert pediatricians to obese patients - 13:30

Purdue researchers reveal role of protein mutation in Parkinson's disease - 13:00

Autism Speaks provides sleep strategies and dental treatment tool kits - 13:00

Study: Brain makes call on which ear is used for cell phone - 13:00

Are there biosocial origins for antisocial behavior? - 13:00

Can consuming caffeine while breastfeeding harm your baby? - 13:00

Plant toughness: Key to cracking biofuels? - 13:00