Thursday the 1st of December 2011

Aggression prevents the better part of valor ... in fig wasps - 11:00

Danish HIV patients can live as long as the general population when treated optimally - 11:00

Manchester jet engine project takes FLITES - 11:00

Where does my beer come from? - 11:00

New study finds timely acute care could cut the cost of stroke cost - 10:31

Ecotechnology for the smart cities - 10:31

When the ladybug has to count her spots - 10:31

Researchers develop blood test to detect membranous nephropathy - 10:31

Study finds savanna chimps exhibit sharing behavior like humans - 10:30

Entomologists discover first instance of intact neurons without nucleus - in fairy wasps - 10:30

Language may be dominant social marker for young children - 10:02

New test could help thousands of patients with high blood pressure - 10:02

Into the magnetic blue yonder - 10:02

Listening to the stars - 10:02

Supercomputers take a cue from microwave ovens - 10:01

Study breaks new ground in understanding drug-induced deafness - 10:01

Bush embryonic stem cell lines different from newly derived cell lines - 10:01

New 'Achilles' heel' in breast cancer: tumor cell mitochondria - 10:01

Blood clot risk halved for patients checking their own Warfarin dose - 10:01

Obama to announce new steps to combat AIDS - 10:01

Study shows medication improves performance in college students with ADHD - 10:01

World's first captive breeding of Ozark hellbenders at Saint Louis Zoo - 09:30

Affordable solar: It's closer than you think - 09:30

Parents have nothing to fear from fast-tracking kids - 09:30

Newspapers lose their balance on climate coverage - 09:30

Socially active older adults have slower rates of health declines - 09:30

Flood-ravaged turtles released in Moreton Bay - 09:30

Post-doctoral researcher makes strides in fuel cell technology - 09:30

Enticing words on bags of potato chips have a lot to say about social class, researchers find - 09:30

Biologist discovers new and wider varieties of frog species in amazon basin than previously recorded - 09:30

Scientists discover fish using tools may be wide spread - 09:03

Sharp to introduce industry`s thinnest CMOS camera module with optical image stabilization for smartphones - 09:03

Changes in krill abundance inferred from antarctic fur seal - 09:03

Digital microscope revolutionizes climate research - 09:03

Suggested link between The Pill and prostate cancer - 09:03

Never before seen Russian snow leopards caught on camera - 09:02

Good and bad news comes with NASA`s 2012 budget - 09:02

Growing knowledge in space - 09:02

Researchers develop "streamlined" approach to shipboard inspection process - 09:02

Popping pills not the best way to get rid of insomnia - 09:02

The future cometh: Science, technology and humanity at Singularity Summit 2011 (Part I) - 08:31

Push-ups no match for combat - 08:31

Japanese researchers turn a crab shell transparent - 07:00

Shine a light instead of changing the battery - 05:30

Image: Astronaut tests SAFER backpack - 05:30

Toyota, BMW strike green-car technology pact - 05:30

Japan nuclear meltdown 'maybe worse than thought' - 05:30

Award-winning energy harvester brings practical applications closer - 05:30

New research debunks popular method of paying off debt - 05:00

Blood cell test for HIV treatment monitoring is cheaper but just as effective - 05:00