Tuesday the 7th of February 2012

Our Amorphophallus is smaller: New plant species from Madagascar smells like roadkill - 04:31

New DVT guidelines: No evidence to support 'economy class syndrome' - 04:31

Obama to seek more Alzheimer's research money - 04:30

Monday the 6th of February 2012

Redder ladybirds more deadly, say scientists - 19:00

Constar's 4Q earnings soar as Redbox thrives - 18:30

Weaning on finger foods rather than spoon-fed purees may help children stay slim - 18:30

Frequent house moves during childhood ups risk of subsequent poor health - 18:30

Potential breast cancer prevention drug found to cause significant bone loss - 18:30

Teen school drop-outs three times as likely to be on benefits in later life - 18:30

Gene mutation discovery sparks hope for effective endometriosis screening - 18:00

Researchers uncover a mechanism to explain dune field patterns - 18:00

NASA satellite sees cyclone Jasmine heading for Vanuatu, New Caledonia - 18:00

NASA watches a Gulf Weather system for unusual subtropical development - 18:00

NASA's Aqua satellite sees small new tropical storm near Tonga - 18:00

Taiwan's HTC expects 30 percent sales plunge in 1Q - 18:00

Nicira promises virtual networks will transform networking - 18:00

Spectator rage: The dark side of professional sports - 17:30

'Test and Treat' model offers new strategy for eliminating malaria - 17:00

Verizon-Redbox deal adds to online video choices - 17:00

Optimism and humour can help to combat dental fear - 17:00

Big jolt to state economy with new tax on cigarettes - 17:00

ACP recommends metformin to treat type 2 diabetes based on CE analysis of oral medications - 17:00

School closures slow spread of pH1N1: study - 17:00

Scientists cautious over Russia's Antarctic lake drilling - 16:31

After Megaupload closure, BTJunkie shuts down - 16:31

Discovery predicts patient sensitivity to important drug target in deadly brain cancer - 16:31

UNH ocean scientists shed new light on Mariana Trench - 16:31

iPhone leaps to third place in mobile market - 16:31

Increased clumsiness in former welders - 16:31

Visual working memory not as specialized in the brain as visual encoding, study finds - 16:31

Medical debt keeps rising, new report shows - 16:31

Combined oral contraceptive pill helps painful periods - 16:31

Czech Republic, Slovakia freeze anti-piracy pact - 16:31

Odds of living a very long life lower than formerly predicted - 16:31

Smallest tools could give biggest results in bone repair - 16:31

PET techniques provide more accurate diagnosis, prognosis in challenging breast cancer cases - 16:31

Traumatic to be on a ventilator treatment while conscious - 16:30

Injectable progesterone contraceptives may be associated with poor periodontal health - 16:30

Navy to begin tests on electromagnetic railgun prototype launcher - 16:30

More environmental rules needed for shale gas, says Stanford geophysicist - 16:30

Metabolic 'breathalyzer' reveals early signs of disease - 16:30

Smoking associated with more rapid cognitive decline in men - 16:00

Who will benefit from stroke drug? New score can help decide - 16:00

Revised criteria could reclassify many with mild Alzheimer dementia - 16:00

First-trimester induced abortion not associated with increased risk of psychiatric readmission - 16:00

HIV-infected youth, psychiatric symptoms and functional outcomes - 16:00

Antidepressant-suicide link in youths absent in new analysis - 16:00

Behavioral prevention model appears to reduce bullying, peer rejection - 16:00

Three 'targeted' cancer drugs raise risk of fatal side effects - 16:00

Survey of elementary school student access to food in vending machines, snack bars, other venues - 16:00