Thursday the 6th of October 2011

Length of flanking repeat region and timing affect genetic material - 12:00

How cells sense nutrients and fuel cancer cell growth - 12:00

Among insects, 'chivalry' isn't dead (w/ video) - 12:00

Multibeam sonar can map undersea gas seeps - 11:00

Small island nation to sequence genome of entire population - 11:00

High testosterone levels and lower heart risks tied together - 11:00

Jobs said little about pancreatic cancer struggle - 10:30

Sprint to sell iPhone 4, 4S with unlimited data - 10:30

The Steve Jobs credo: 'Stay hungry, stay foolish' - 10:30

Extending the effective lifetime of stents - 10:30

Hold the phone for vital signs - 10:30

Biologists fish for reasons behind endangered grouper's comeback - 10:30

Chagas disease may be a threat in South Texas, says researcher - 10:00

Place, not race, may be a larger determinant of health disparities - 10:00

Young and thin instead of old and bulky: Researchers report on changes in Arctic sea ice - 10:00

Children find human-made objects more likely to be owned than natural objects - 10:00

'Genetic biopsy' of human eggs might help pick the best for IVF - 10:00

How fair sanctions are orchestrated in the brain - 10:00

Dioxin-like chemical messenger makes brain tumors more aggressive - 09:30

Labor or conservative? It's all in the eye of the beholder - 09:30

Vectors of bluetongue get a name - 09:30

Detecting glaucoma before it blinds - 09:30

A living species of aquatic beetle found in 20-million-year-old sediments - 09:30

New oral drug found to reduce relapses in multiple sclerosis patients - 09:30

Hypothetically tweaking: Research shows questions can influence behavior, promote bias - 09:30

Friends and family as responsible as health-care professionals for personal health, global survey - 09:30

Australia's endangered bettong reveals how weather effects species distribution - 09:30

The short goodbye: Weaning foals - 09:30

Ecstasy derivative targets blood cancers - 07:31

Learning poems word for word stanza in good stead - 07:31

New theories emerge to disprove OPERA faster-than-light neutrinos claim - 07:31

What will happen to soil carbon as the climate changes? A team of scientists seeks answers - 07:31

EU court backs bloc in airlines emissions fight - 07:31

Not sleeping with parents linked to baby's stress in bath: Dutch study - 07:00

Barbie packaging to get earth-friendly makeover - 07:00

Jobs death likely to smash Internet records - 07:00

Ultrasounds worsen Asia women shortage: UN - 07:00

Why climate models underestimate Arctic sea ice retreat? - 07:00

Mouse experiments show fickle functions for folic acid - 07:00

Researchers change the color and shape of a single photon - 06:30

Warrior web to prevent injury, reduce effects of load - 06:30

Scientists reveal key barrier to reprogramming human zygotes - 06:30

Everest expedition suggests nitric oxide benefits for intensive care patients - 06:30

Little progress on reducing pharmacare coverage disparities over past decade: research - 06:30

Mars Science Laboratory meets its match in Florida - 06:30

Understanding where health disparities begin - 06:30

X-rays help advance the battle against heart disease - 06:00

Studies examine diet's role in prostate cancer - 06:00

Smut fungus has found a new way to switch off plant immune defence - 05:30

Wild plants are good for pollinators - 05:30