Tuesday the 20th of December 2011

Scientists create a functional model of the extracellular matrix - 10:30

Glacial tap is open but the water will run dry - 10:30

Human skull study causes evolutionary headache - 10:30

First study of emergency care for an entire state finds care isn't always local - 10:30

Study shows Facebook friend relationships due mostly to similarities between people - 10:30

Researchers transfer the concept of an optical invisibility cloak to sound waves - 10:01

Spain: 1 in 4 ministers were not affiliated with their party when they assumed their role - 10:01

New technology used to record Antarctic Ocean, ice temperatures - 10:01

Missions that weren't: NASA's manned mission to Venus - 10:01

Scientists solve ricin riddle using new technology - 10:01

A look at how entrepreneurship and innovation will lead to future job creation in North Africa - 10:01

Polar quest: Will Antarctic worms warm to changing climate? - 10:01

Coping with the new year blues this Christmas - 10:01

Team infiltrates paid 'army' of interest posters - 10:00

Mobile marketing for the future - 10:00

China orders nationwide emission cuts by 2015 - 10:00

NASA considers sending a telescope to outer solar system - 09:30

Heritage site under attack by flowers - 09:02

MARSIS completes measurement campaign over Martian North Pole - 09:02

NASA 'Smart SPHERES' tested successfully on international space station - 09:02

Research states that prejudice comes from a basic human need and way of thinking - 09:02

Genetic diversity: Crucial for our survival in many ways - 09:02

Air pollution levels from Deepwater Horizon spill similar to large urban area - 09:02

Sorghum a sweet treat for zoo animals - 08:31

A dance of aerosols: Study shows plant-sourced particles pick and choose their partners - 08:31

Modern dogs are more Asian fusions than Euro pups, study finds - 08:31

Fewer butts means less smoking on campuses with tobacco-free policies - 08:31

Stopping influenza evolution before it starts - 08:03

Need a new material? New tool can help - 08:03

Researchers discover a way to significantly reduce the production costs of fuel cells - 08:03

Catching a coral killer - 08:03

Surprising results in USC study of cancer surviving twins - 08:03

Wildlife researchers want your old socks - 08:03

SOFIA peers in to the heart of the Orion nebula - 08:03

BYU student project teaches how to face the fear of flu shots - 08:03

Laser music: BYU electrical engineers use light to beam songs across a room - 08:02

Lower classes quicker to show compassion in the face of suffering - 08:02

Evolving ovarian cancer cells 'dodge' treatment with chemotherapy - 08:02

On the edge of friction - 08:02

Novel use of drug saves children from deadly E. coli bacteria disease - 08:01

Research warns drivers about most deadly, accident-prone intersections - 08:01

In hot water: Ice Age findings forecast problems - 07:30

A new spin in diamonds for quantum technologies - 07:30

Sensing the deep ocean - 07:30

Veterinarians give holiday, cold weather safety tips for pets - 07:30

ANU philosopher urges consensus on 50-year debate - 07:30

Ironing out the details of the Earth's core - 07:30

New sugar a treat for diabetes treatment - 07:30

New breakthrough shows promise for affordable plastic solar energy cells - 07:30

Research team shows cultural practices can cause biological evolution - 07:00