Wednesday the 23rd of March 2011

Religion on the verge of extinction in many countries: math study - 10:02

Statins make radiation more effective at curing prostate cancer - 10:01

Exposure to chemicals in environment associated with onset of early menopause - 10:01

First sex linked to better body image in men, not women - 10:01

Subjects at risk of Alzheimer's may now be able to delay the onset of their first symptoms - 10:01

Best Buy to sell access to new wireless network - 10:01

Germany set to abandon nuclear power for good - 10:01

Contented citizens vote against change - 10:01

A very cool pair of brown dwarfs (w/ video) - 10:01

'Junk food' moms have 'junk food' babies - 10:00

20 petaflops: New supercomputer for Oak Ridge facility to regain speed lead over the Chinese - 10:00

Psychologists find the meaning of aggression - 10:00

Traumatizing your DNA: Researcher warns that it isn't 'all in the genes' - 10:00

International laws may be part of maritime piracy problem - 09:30

Long-term methadone treatment can affect the brain - 09:30

1 in every 5 Spaniards suffers from insomnia - 09:30

Researchers collect 'signals intelligence' on insect pests - 09:30

Vibration helps reduces pain in chronic sufferers, researchers find - 09:00

Space Image: Disappearing Act - 09:00

Identifying the origin of the fly - 09:00

USA Today rewrites strategy to cope with Internet - 09:00

Do all student athletes need heart screenings? - 09:00

'What if?' scenario: Cyberwar between US and China in 2020 - 09:00

What's mine is virtually yours: Collaboration between mobile phone users can speed up communications - 09:00

French-Turkish researchers detect early quake signals - 06:30

ISIS neutron source is back online - 06:30

All-nighters can bring on euphoria, risky behavior - 06:30

Study examines how brain corrects perceptual errors - 06:30

Extinction threat for 45 Australian species - 06:30

The 'coolest' semiconductor nanowires - 06:30

Ticks are on the march in Britain - 06:30

Envy holds back agricultural development - 05:00

Cruise ship norovirus outbreak highlights how infections spread - 05:00

Estonia sees rock as future of global energy - 05:00

Google 'Gaga' over pop diva's visit - 05:00

Rapid etching X-rayed: Physicists unveil processes during fast chemical dissolution - 04:30

Can non-medical factors trigger sick leave? - 04:30

Tree resin the key evidence of current and historic insect invasions - 04:30

Tuesday the 22nd of March 2011

Apple CEO Steve Jobs to be deposed - 18:31

Genetic errors linked to life-threatening pregnancy disorder - 18:31

Number of child diarrhea deaths can be halved with current interventions - 18:31

EU trade deal threatens access to life saving drugs for developing countries - 18:31

Restricted working hours have had little effect in US - 18:31

Health bill spells the end of the NHS in England, warn experts - 18:31

Patients and clinicians must share healthcare decisions, say experts - 18:30

Digital versus analog control over cortical inhibition - 18:30

Youth at risk for obesity show greater brain activity in response to food - 18:30

The killer within -- a novel bacterial suicide mechanism - 18:30

Public satisfaction with the NHS at a record high, says expert - 18:30

First image of protein residue in 50 million year old reptile skin - 18:30