Friday the 19th of October 2012

Lithium chloride enables neutron studies of protein-solvent interactions at supercold temperatures - 06:30

Obama has better leadership skills, survey shows - 06:30

Why whale sharks need to swim near the surface - 05:30

Animal welfare group pushes for dolphins' release - 05:00

Security experts sound medical device malware alarm - 04:30

Indian farmers cotton on to sustainable farming - 04:30

D-Day dawns for crunch biodiversity talks - 04:30

Japan's NEC revises up profit forecast - 04:00

Google blames contractor for early release of data - 04:00

Shark finning hitting Gulf sharks hard - 04:00

WA apple farmers may see boon from bad weather - 03:31

Thursday the 18th of October 2012

Scientists study how mid-level noise burstsmaffect the concentration of arithmetic-solving test subjects - 17:01

NASA catches last image of Rafael as a hurricane, now merged with front - 17:01

World's largest subwoofer: Earthquakes 'pump' ground to produce infrasound - 17:01

Taking the bite out of baseball bats - 17:01

NASA sees strong wind shear adversely affect Tropical Storm Maria - 17:01

Helmet-to-helmet collisions: Scientists model how vibrations from football hits wobble the brain - 17:01

Canada regulator rejects Bell's bid for Astral - 17:01

Hybrid vehicle battery creator Ovshinsky, 89, dies - 17:01

AMD to cut nearly 1,800 jobs or 15 pct of workers - 17:01

Mars soil sample delivered for analysis inside rover - 17:01

Microsoft Q3 earnings down ahead of Win 8 launch - 17:01

BP: Sealed ocean well isn't source of Gulf sheen - 17:01

Brazil president makes final changes to forestry law - 17:01

Going out of print, Newsweek ends an era - 17:01

Dinosaur-era acoustics: Global warming may give oceans the 'sound' of the Cretaceous - 16:31

NASA pursues atom optics to detect the imperceptible - 16:31

NASA's TRMM satellite sees very heavy rains in fading Tropical Storm Prapiroon - 16:31

Poetry in motion: Rare polar ring galaxy captured in new image - 16:31

The hidden burden of bovine Tuberculosis - 16:01

Conservation scientists look beyond greenbelts to connect wildlife sanctuaries - 15:31

Solar power is contagious, study finds - 15:31

Canada Green leader warns against fertilizing seas - 15:31

First-of-its-kind self-assembled nanoparticle for targeted and triggered thermo-chemotherapy - 15:01

'Super rats' develop genetic immunity to standard poisons - 14:31

Secrets of the museum: Historical insect collections reveal several bee species in decline - 14:00

Ministers near deal for new environment funds - 13:31

Caltech modeling feat sheds light on protein channel's function - 13:02

Google, Samsung to sell Chrome laptop for $249 - 13:02

Equity firm Carlyle completes deal for Getty Images - 13:02

Chemists develop new technique for nanostructure assembly - 13:01

'Time-capsule' Japanese lake sediment will improve radiocarbon dating - 13:01

Integrated optical vortices on a chip - 13:01

Scientists unveil 3-D structure of 'molecular machine' that initiates DNA transcription after 3 decades of searching - 13:01

Tropical collapse caused by lethal heat: Extreme temperatures blamed for 'dead zone' - 13:01

AOL wants to organize your email clutter with Alto - 12:31

Russia hints plans to quit Kyoto Protocol - 12:31

No antibodies, no problem: Researchers identify how mosquito immune system attacks specific infections - 12:31

GM to hire 3,000 workers from Hewlett-Packard - 12:31

Germs in space: Preventing infection on long flights - 12:05