Wednesday the 20th of April 2011

Melting ice on Arctic islands a major player in sea level rise - 12:30

Neuroscientists discover new 'chemical pathway' in the brain for stress - 12:30

Beams of electrons link Saturn with its moon Enceladus - 12:30

A scratched coating heals itself quickly and easily, with light not heat (w/ video) - 12:30

Scientists prove new technology to control malaria-carrying mosquitoes - 12:30

What's your gut type? People fall into 3 categories of gut microbiota - 12:30

ESA-NASA collaboration furthers sea-ice research - 12:30

Solutions for 'culture crashes' in algal production sought - 12:30

Fuel prices will be tipping point for U.S. electric vehicle consideration: survey - 12:30

School students help astronomers study mysterious X-ray source - 12:30

Biological links found between childhood abuse and adolescent depression - 12:01

Evolution of human 'super-brain' tied to development of bipedalism, tool-making - 12:01

Air pollution exposure affects chances of developing premenopausal breast cancer - 12:01

WHRC debuts detailed maps of forest canopy height and carbon stock for the conterminous US - 12:01

Arkansas, Mississippi rely on cellphones most - 12:01

Romania grants subsidies to boost electric car sales - 12:01

US approves Swiss firm's cervical cancer test - 12:01

Territorial defense by the Taiwanese Kukrisnake - 12:00

Malaysia, Singapore to slash telecom roaming fees - 12:00

Australopithecus Sediba could be direct ancestor of Homo - 12:00

Scientists see solar outburst in exquisite detail - 12:00

Glasses-free 3D notebook able to display 3D, 2D content on one screen - 12:00

WSU files for patent on researcher's vaccine technology for chlamydia - 11:01

Protein and calories can help lessen effects of severe traumatic brain injury - 11:01

Laser sparks revolution in internal combustion engines - 11:00

Childhood music lessons may provide lifelong boost in brain functioning - 10:30

Functional MRI shows how mindfulness meditation changes decision-making process - 10:30

Nature's elegant solution to repairing DNA in cancer, other conditions - 10:30

A bird and a plane -- NYU receives grant to develop crow-sized autonomous plane - 10:30

New battery produces electricity where freshwater meets saltwater - 10:30

Using the energy in oil shale without releasing carbon dioxide in a greenhouse world - 10:30

International scientists warn of growing threat of wheat rust epidemics worldwide - 10:30

Contemporary climate change alters the pace and drivers of extinction - 10:30

Heart drugs could cut blood pressure risks in pregnancy - 10:30

Repeated stress in pregnancy linked to children's behavior - 10:30

Amazon to allow libraries to lend Kindle books - 10:30

Molecule Nutlin-3a activates a signal inducing cell death and senescence in primary brain tumors - 10:00

Breastfeeding tied to stronger maternal response to baby's cry - 10:00

A galactic rose highlights Hubble's 21st anniversary - 10:00

Shades of gray: Researcher studies South Louisiana's historical ties to the oil industry - 10:00

How molecules get to the right place at the right time - 10:00

Internet 'Right to be Forgotten' debate hits Spain - 10:00

UK health regulators apply brakes to 'three-parent' IVF procedure - 09:30

Far sighted space technology finds practical uses on Earth - 09:30

The secret lives of boys - 09:30

More than two million first orbits - 09:30

World's smallest and slimmest vein sensor - 09:30

Recycling on Long Island has decreased from 29% to 24% from 1998 to 2009 - 09:30

Lost in translation: Scientist studies the neural origins of speech disorders - 09:30

Toward new medications for chronic brain diseases - 09:30