Wednesday the 19th of December 2012

Shot away from its companion, giant star makes waves - 07:20

From Cassini for the holidays: A splendor seldom seen - 07:20

Consortium helps consumers ID which common brands are most sustainable - 07:20

Report finds climate change already having major effects on ecosystems, species - 07:20

Export American natural gas? Not so fast, says Stanford economist - 07:20

New technology reveals origins of images in printed ballads - 07:20

The solar wind is swirly - 07:20

Fluorescence SIM available at EMSL: A powerful instrument to study molecular cell biology, including synthetic biology - 06:50

Impact of climate change on California's electricity infrastructure could be costly - 06:50

Laser technique expands capabilities: New system will advance carbon cycling and alternative energy research - 06:50

Geographic complexity explains patterns of spread of white-nose syndrome in bats, study finds - 06:50

Professor examines the historic and contemporary proliferation of memes - 06:50

Though manatee population has grown, low diversity still a risk - 06:50

Possible new species of spider found that builds fake spider decoys - 06:50

Former Boston police officer explains why private ownership of firearms make no sense - 06:20

The fight among low-wage workers for a living wage and the implications of Michigan's new right-to-work law - 06:20

Project puts drought-tolerant crops in the spotlight - 06:20

Novel ways of substituting critical raw materials - 06:20

Countries use innovation to deal with climate change - 06:20

Research predicts growth, survival of 'superorganism' ant colonies - 06:20

Perfecting sound quality in-ear - 06:20

3Qs: After tragedy in Newtown, what's next? - 06:20

Tau Ceti: Sun-like star only twelve light years away may have a habitable planet - 04:30

Instagram says users' photos won't appear in ads - 04:30

Smartphone makers post wins on separate continents - 04:00

AU Optronics executive guilty in LCD price-fixing case - 04:00

Tuesday the 18th of December 2012

Penguin joins settlement in US e-books lawsuit - 19:30

Minteye offers no-type CAPTCHA as a security twist - 19:30

UK sets out social media prosecution guidelines - 19:00

Birdsong bluster may dupe strange females, but it won't fool partners - 19:00

Venezuelan pitcher plant uses wettable hairs to make insects slip into its deadly traps - 19:00

Intel smartphone chips as energy-efficient as competitors', report concludes - 18:30

Oracle 2Q earnings rise 18 pct to top Street view - 18:00

Source of persistent Gulf sheen remains a mystery - 18:00

Analysis of Marcellus flowback finds high levels of ancient brines - 17:00

From super to ultra: Just how big can black holes get? - 16:31

'Sandwich chips' combining the best of two technologies - 16:31

Are we closing in on dark matter? - 16:01

Metamaterials experts show a way to reduce electrons' effective mass to nearly zero - 16:01

Samsung is top 2012 phone brand, ousting Nokia - 16:01

Low-frequency radio emissions from high-altitude sprite discharge - 16:01

Ozone levels have sizeable impact on worker productivity - 15:30

Users riled Instagram will have its way with pictures - 14:30

Small, portable sensors allow users to monitor exposure to pollution on their smart phones - 14:00

US to study privacy impact of data brokers - 14:00

Study of pipestone artifacts overturns a century-old assumption - 13:31

Facebook users hit 'like,' stores jump into action - 13:31

Ecuador volcano blasts lava high above crater - 13:31

EU to continue seeking Google anti-trust accord: Almunia - 13:31

Samsung says to drop Europe case against Apple - 13:31