Wednesday the 15th of September 2010

Sunspots could soon disappear for decades: study - 06:14

High-quality child care for low-income children: Long-term benefits - 05:49

Indian handset makers emerge as hyper-competitive force - 05:07

S.Korea has more mobile phones than people: agency - 04:42

Successful periodontal therapy may reduce the risk of preterm birth: dental study - 04:42

Superbug genetics key to fight staph infections: experts - 04:42

E-readers yet to win mass market in China - 04:42

Cognitive skills in children with autism vary and improve, study finds - 04:42

Facebook-fed Aussie plant killed by kindness - 04:21

Urgent need for prostate cancer screening amongst Dutch men - 04:21

Medical groups urge flu shots for pregnant women - 04:21

Twitter tweaks website to show more photos, video - 04:21

No support for routine prostate screening, but one-off test at 60 may be beneficial - 04:21

Google fires engineer for violating privacy policies - 04:21

Gender gap in spatial ability can be reduced through training - 04:21

New test gives one-hour TB diagnosis: scientists - 04:21

US may file civil complaint against BP over Gulf spill - 04:21

For 4-year-olds, interactions with teacher key to gains - 03:56

Amazon goes after Apple's iPad in new Kindle ad - 03:56

Radiation exposure poses similar risk of first and second cancers in atomic bomb survivors - 03:56

Diversity or deprivation -- what makes a 'bad' neighborhood - 03:56

US university experiments with social media blackout - 03:56

Blood test accurately predicts death from prostate cancer up to 25 years in advance - 03:35

Understanding behavioral patterns: Why bird flocks move in unison - 03:35

Study: Mental illness stigma entrenched in American culture; new strategies needed - 03:35

Children under 4 and children with autism don't yawn contagiously - 03:35

Tuesday the 14th of September 2010

Researchers find mechanism behind cleft palate development - 17:07

Researchers find selfishness can sometimes help the common good - 17:07

Benefits of healthy lifestyle factors stronger in combination - 17:07

Toyota to launch six new hybrids by end of 2012 - 17:07

Last strongholds for tigers identified in new study - 16:42

One-fourth of US adults use mobile applications: survey - 16:42

Lightbulbs: The more efficient they get, the more light we use - 16:42

Making bees less busy: Social environment changes internal clocks - 16:42

Informatics = essential MD competency - 16:42

Teaching doctors to treat the individual - 16:42

Corn syrup producers want sweeter name: corn sugar - 16:42

Clerkship order linked with outcomes on clerkship subject exams, grades, not clinical performance - 16:21

CfA will play major role in mission to 'touch' the sun - 16:21

Educational intervention may help medical students adapt care for patients needing nonstandard care - 16:21

UN: Number of hungry people declines - 16:21

Adapting to darkness: How behavioral and genetic changes helped cavefish survive extreme environment - 16:21

Type D personality associated with higher future heart risk - 16:21

Medical students report critical attitudes about depression among peers, study shows - 16:21

China will struggle to hit energy-saving goal: official - 16:21

Research: How doctors rationalize acceptance of industry gifts - 16:21

Burnout associated with self-reported unprofessional conduct among medical students - 15:56

Study identifies students at risk for difficulties in medical school - 15:56

Present imperfect: Doctors in training work even when ill - 15:35

Cisco to start paying a dividend before summer - 15:35