Tuesday the 21st of September 2010

Universal, primordial magnetic fields discovered in deep space - 13:35

Archaeologists find theater box at Herod's palace - 13:35

Antonio Damasio wins Honda Prize - 13:35

Targeted therapy triggers complex mechanism of resistance - 13:14

Good luck not letting the bedbugs bite - 13:14

Stress before cancer therapy could help deadly cells survive treatment, lead to disease recurrence - 13:14

Code Blue: ESA emergency telemedicine system soars to commercial success - 12:49

Research suggests compound administered during some bone marrow transplants elevates risks - 12:49

Consumer groups push for label for modified salmon - 12:49

One of NASA`s most widely used sensor networks resides on firm ground - 12:49

The Achilles' heel of tendons - 12:28

MetroPCS fires up cutting-edge wireless network - 12:28

New Google tool shows where services blocked - 12:28

Vitamin D protects against obesity-induced endometrial cancer, researchers say - 12:28

Digital media technology changes nature of war - 12:07

Study reveals: More black women needed for clinical trials - 12:07

Promising biotech device bred from undergrad's 'crazy idea' - 12:07

China's environmental challenges have global implications - 12:07

Experts search Egypt's pharaonic past for climate change fix - 12:07

New fluorescence technique opens window to protein complexes in living cells - 12:07

New study indicates children and parents want science assessment for 11-year-olds - 12:07

New cause of blindness discovered by scientists - 12:07

Data clippers set sail to enhance future planetary missions - 12:07

Major wind energy fair opens in Germany - 11:42

Rice growers turn to computer for advice, predictions - 11:42

Adverse cardiac events are rare after a negative cardiac CTA exam, study suggests - 11:42

Finnish researcher wants DNA test on convicted psychopaths - 11:21

New collaborative process can help improve management of marine recreational fisheries - 11:21

Risk of infection after ultrasound-guided procedures is low, study suggests - 11:21

Savvy consumers put a high price on food safety - 11:21

Hormone oxytocin improves social cognition but only in less socially proficient individuals - 11:21

Research sheds light on altruism: Digital evolution techniques help show how species become altruistic - 11:21

Parting the waters: Computer modeling applies physics to Red Sea escape route - 11:21

New research divines structure for class of proteins - 11:21

Astronomers hope to answer universe questions with LOFAR telescope - 11:21

Nokia rejects rumours of new mobile phone delay - 11:21

Large Hadron Collider scientists spot potential new discovery: CERN - 11:21

Mixed-use neighborhoods reduce some violent crimes, study says - 11:21

Scientists find 20 years of deep water warming leading to sea level rise - 11:21

Science observations resume for Mars orbiter - 10:56

Depression hits victims hardest in cyber bullying - 10:56

College students want more information about native wildflowers - 10:56

New stent design demonstrates superiority at 6 months; 1 year data to be presented at TCT 2010 - 10:56

Facebook says Asia is fastest-growing market - 10:56

Thousands of marine animals still in danger from hidden oil in Gulf - 10:35

Ultrashort laser ablation enables novel metal films - 10:35

Russia's Arctic holds 100 Bln tons of oil, gas - 10:35

'Halfalogue': Overheard cell-phone conversations are not only annoying but reduce our attention - 10:35

Researchers investigate differences in quality of care delivered by US resident and staff physicians - 10:35

Mars methane lasts less than a year - 10:35