Wednesday the 10th of August 2011

Study finds marked rise in intensely sexualized images of women, not men - 11:31

Virtual exhibit shows off more than 100 renewable energy projects - 11:02

Scientists discover first dinosaur trail in Victoria - 11:02

New study says it's time to stop assuming buyers and salespeople are in 'relationships' - 11:02

China releases 600 million bees to combat moths - 11:02

Paper money worldwide contains bisphenol A - 11:02

New anti-censorship scheme could make it impossible to block individual sites - 11:01

SDSC readying 'Gordon' supercomputer for pre-production trials this month - 11:01

Mathematicians, biologists explain why vertebrate intestines are so predictably loopy - 11:01

Researchers improve performance of iron-based catalysts - 11:01

Samsung appeals Europe tablet sale ban - 11:01

Bird song-sharing like verbal sparring - 11:01

Why China's 'little emperors' are not credit card slaves - 11:01

Days spent reading to dogs during summer may help avoid decline of reading skills - 10:31

Caffeine can ease a spinal tap headache - 10:31

Exotic quantum crystal discovered - 10:31

Pharmacist-directed anticoagulation service improves care coordination - 10:31

Study finds popular muscle-boosting supplement does not increase blood flow - 10:31

High levels of potentially toxic flame retardants in California pregnant women - 10:31

Genetically engineered spider silk for gene therapy - 10:31

Consumers' close encounters with nanoparticles - 10:31

Premature ejaculation therapy not supported by evidence - 10:31

HARPS tunes in on 'noisy' planets - 10:31

Researchers` blood cancer breakthrough - 10:31

Archaeologists discover brick foundations near Wren Building - 10:00

Does your hearing do the job? - 10:00

How receptors talk to G proteins - 10:00

Why do consumers think hard-to-get babes and products are worth the extra effort? - 10:00

The diamond`s quantum memory - 10:00

Narcissism may benefit the young, researchers report; but older adults? Not so much - 10:00

Student brings home new expertise to answer question in antibiotic resistance - 10:00

Humans not the only ones that pass down abusive behavior - 09:31

How do consumers revise their unreachable goals? - 09:31

Odds for detecting HIV varies by method, new study finds - 09:31

Consumer self-esteem while shopping: Maybe good-looking clerks shouldn't wear the store brands? - 09:31

UNH researcher discovers research manipulated to support pro-eugenic beliefs - 09:31

Antioxidant spices reduce negative effects of high-fat meal - 09:31

Service as performance: How do class differences affect hospitality interactions? - 09:31

Could an 'ankle hotline' relieve strain on health care demands? - 09:31

Pulling a fast one: How do consumers react to zippy disclaimers? - 09:31

New drug could cure nearly any viral infection - 09:00

How corn came to be - 09:00

Use of CT scans in emergency rooms increased 330 percent in 12 years - 09:00

Study links personal, corporate risk-taking - 08:30

Spoiler alert: Stories are not spoiled by 'spoilers' - 08:30

Security firm finds smartphones lacking in security - 08:30

Study shows poor prognosis when medicos don't communicate - 08:30

Phone losing charge? Novel technology allows LCDs to recycle energy - 08:01

New technique scales up nanofiber production - 08:01

Is the 'right of publicity' out of control? - 08:01