Harvard Science

Monday th 2nd of February 2009

Scientists uncover new class of mammalian genes with key functions - 15:56

Thursday th 29th of January 2009

Stem Cell Research: The Quest Resumes - 19:35

Wednesday th 28th of January 2009

Riding — and reading — the Earth tide - 15:49

Tuesday th 27th of January 2009

Gene therapy demonstrates benefit in patients with rheumatoid arthritis - 15:56

Monday th 26th of January 2009

The genes in your congeniality: - 17:42

Friday th 23rd of January 2009

Implants mimic infection to rally immune system against tumors - 12:01

Wednesday th 21st of January 2009

Hotter seasons coming earlier, research finds - 16:35

Topical treatment wipes out herpes with RNAi - 12:42

Tuesday th 20th of January 2009

Transit search finds super-Neptune - 16:00

Sunday th 18th of January 2009

Researchers find new molecule to block ‘Hedgehog’ signaling in cancer, development - 14:07

Thursday th 15th of January 2009

Inmates suffer from chronic illness, poor access to health care - 16:42

Wednesday th 14th of January 2009

Surgical safety checklist drops deaths and complications by more than one-third - 17:21

Saturday th 10th of January 2009

"My genome, my self" - 17:21

Friday th 9th of January 2009

Spinal tap unnecessary for most babies with uncomplicated febrile seizures - 16:21

Thursday th 8th of January 2009

Researchers control the assembly of nanobristles into helical clusters - 14:14

Wednesday th 7th of January 2009

Researchers see exotic force for first time - 13:14

Tuesday th 6th of January 2009

Obesity: Reviving the promise of leptin - 12:14

Monday th 5th of January 2009

Milky Way bigger, faster than previously thought - 16:14

Thursday th 1st of January 2009

Antacid medication in pregnancy may increase childhood asthma - 18:00

Climate options must include ‘all of the above’ - 16:56

Wednesday th 31st of December 2008

New visualization techniques yield star formation insights - 13:42

Tuesday th 30th of December 2008

Researchers study glaciers on Earth’s coldest desert - 11:35

Wednesday th 24th of December 2008

Predicting pandemics: - 13:00

Saturday th 20th of December 2008

John P. Holdren named President-elect Obama’s Science Advisor - 11:28

Friday th 19th of December 2008

Stem cell researcher honored by President George W. Bush - 16:00

John P. Holdren to be Named President-elect Obama’s Science Advisor - 13:14

Thursday th 18th of December 2008

New label-free method tracks molecules and drugs in live cells - 15:35

Wednesday th 17th of December 2008

Supply of board-certified emergency physicians unlikely to meet projected needs - 17:14

Thursday th 11th of December 2008

Hormone therapy for prostate cancer does not appear to increase cardiac deaths - 17:14

Tuesday th 9th of December 2008

Connie Cepko - 16:28

Fresh insight into retinitis pigmentosa - 16:28

Friday th 5th of December 2008

Having happy friends can make you happy - 15:42

Some blood-system stem cells reproduce more slowly than expected - 15:07

Thinking globally and mapping locally - 12:21

Thursday th 4th of December 2008

Another step forward in ALS and stem cell research - 17:14

U.S. energy answers there for the taking, says Amory Lovins - 16:42

Wednesday th 3rd of December 2008

Strong evidence brown dwarfs form like stars - 11:35

Wednesday th 26th of November 2008

South African AIDS policy tied to 330,000 lives lost - 12:49

Thursday th 13th of November 2008

Student diggers take Harvard’s roots from dirt to display case - 12:00

Common surgical anesthetic induces Alzheimer’s-associated changes in mouse brains - 11:28

Monday th 10th of November 2008

Drug trial shows dramatic reduction in risks posed by hidden heart disease - 16:14

Drug trial shows dramatic reduction in hidden heart disease - 14:00

Friday th 7th of November 2008

C. Ronald Kahn first to win Manpei Suzuki International Prize for Diabetes Research - 14:49

Wednesday th 5th of November 2008

Microbiologist Gary Ruvkun: - 15:00

Tuesday th 4th of November 2008

Astronomy Department dedicates new telescope - 13:28

Survey finds disconnect between sexual problems in women and feeling of distress - 12:56

Evelyn Hu named professor of applied physics, electrical engineering in SEAS - 12:21

David Clarke appointed as professor of materials in School of Engineering and Applied Sciences - 12:21

Friday th 31st of October 2008

Gene scan of Alzheimer’s families identifies four new suspect genes - 10:56

Tuesday th 28th of October 2008

Records dating back to Thoreau show some sharp shifts in plant flowering near Walden Pond - 13:42