Thursday th 21st of May 2020

Mammoth Biosciences and GSK partner on CRISPR-based COVID-19 test - 19:21

US government to provide $1.2 billion for development of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine - 19:21

BASF starts US production of pearlizers and opacifiers for cosmetics - 19:20

Releases of 172 PFAS must be reported to US EPA - 19:00

US EPA needs to do more to uphold scientific integrity, internal watchdog says - 19:00

COVID-19 forces job, project cuts - 19:00

A chemist's guide to disinfectants - 19:00

Reconstructing hemoglobin's ancestors to trace development of structural complexity - 18:20

Roche pays Vividion $135 million for protein degradation - 18:20

WuXi Biologics plans its first US manufacturing facility near Boston - 18:20

Air Products plans coal-to-methanol project in Indonesia - 18:20

Kaneka expands biopolymer capacity in Japan - 18:20

Shell and CNOOC expand China petrochemical venture - 18:20

Seraphina launches with new fatty acid - 18:20

Researchers turn organs into stretchy see-through material - 17:40

Wrapping solar cells in glass-polymer coating protects against heat and moisture - 17:40

Advanced Placement Chemistry exam marred by technical problems - 17:00

USDA scales back oversight of genetically modified crops - 16:20

Chemistry spelled out on vanity plates and Barbie gets a science makeover for kids' meals - 16:20

Dipping technique makes high-performance carbon nanotube circuits - 14:20

Genetically-engineered malaria vaccines show promise in the clinic - 12:20

CO2 emissions have declined sharply during the COVID-19 pandemic - 12:00

An emerging antiviral takes aim at COVID-19 - 08:20

Wednesday th 20th of May 2020

ACS Scholar alumna: Richelle Delia - 19:00

New materials store and release heat at subzero temperatures when triggered by light - 16:20

Flooding in Midland, Michigan, threatens Dow facility - 16:00

Cargill gives biobased acrylic acid one more go - 15:20

2019 was tough for Japan's chemical firms - 14:40

Multiple clinical trials test whether NO gas can treat and prevent COVID-19 - 14:40

Ethylene oxide less hazardous than US EPA says, Texas concludes - 11:31

Tuesday th 19th of May 2020

Tracking air quality in the Arctic atmosphere - 17:10

US signs huge COVID-19 drug contract with a start-up - 16:50

Monday th 18th of May 2020

Moderna provides cursory glance at first COVID-19 vaccine data - 18:51

The city of Bristol needed hand sanitizer. How one university stepped up - 16:10

Sunday th 17th of May 2020

Faculty open up about the mental health under the COVID-19 pandemic - 15:30

Periodic Graphics: The science of exercise - 15:30

Modified adsorbent with conductive polymer grabs uranium from seawater quickly - 05:51

COVID-19 could take a toll on CO2-reduction efforts - 05:51

Forget expiration dates. Spoilage sensors could tell us when food actually goes bad - 05:51

Saturday th 16th of May 2020

Blood test monitors long-term adherence to HIV medications - 13:50

The Department of Health and Human Services isn't yet using a program designed to pay more to top science hires - 13:50

PFAS restriction plan developing in EU - 13:50

Scientists engineer synthetic chloroplasts - 13:50

US could improve cell-cultured meat oversight, report finds - 13:50

Linking photosynthesis and hydrogen production in algae - 13:50

ACS names its 2020 Heroes of Chemistry - 13:50

Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference goes virtual - 13:50

Green chemistry research grants available - 13:50

Heh-Won Chang Fellowship in Green Chemistry names inaugural recipients - 13:50

Carbon capture for craft beer, and liquor from whey - 13:50