Saturday th 2nd of May 2020

LG Chem to invest $53.5 million in carbon nanotubes for batteries - 13:40

Merck KGaA buys 700 OLED patents from Konica Minolta - 13:40

Mitsubishi will acquire materials firm Gelest - 13:40

Moody's rates Chemours debt speculative - 13:40

Taysha launches with $30 million and 15 gene therapy programs - 13:40

Waters furloughs workers and cuts salaries after tepid results - 13:40

Celanese delays acetic acid and methanol investments - 13:40

The mystery of the letter to the editor - 13:40

Turning worry into work - 13:40

Colorful paints could keep buildings cool - 13:40

Xiaogang Liu is using fluorescence to tackle the problem of illicit cooking oil - 13:40

Friday th 1st of May 2020

CFC replacements are a source of persistent organic pollution in the Arctic - 20:20

Chemistry in Pictures: Glow from home - 19:20

Cell studies suggest some repurposed drugs could block replication of SARS-CoV-2 - 18:20

How big pharma firms are quietly collaborating on new coronavirus antivirals - 16:20

Moderna picks Lonza to make 1 billion doses of its coronavirus vaccine - 16:00

What is an allergy sensitizer, and how does a chemical become one? - 15:01

Podcast: Diagnose, treat, vaccinate—beating a killer coronavirus - 14:20

A chemist's guide to disinfectants - 13:36

Thursday th 30th of April 2020

BASF and Dow see early coronavirus impacts in first-quarter earnings - 18:40

Making lithium-ion batteries more environmentally friendly - 18:40

Scaling up remdesivir amid the coronavirus crisis - 16:20

Por que o melhor material para uma máscara facial caseira para o coronavírus é difícil de identificar - 13:01

ACS honors 4 industrial teams with its 2020 Heroes of Chemistry award - 11:40

Finding what cells the coronavirus can enter could help explain why it spreads so well - 11:00

Ying Kao Lee dies of COVID-19 - 11:00

US national labs offer royalty-free patent licenses - 11:00

Wednesday th 29th of April 2020

ACS Exams Institute offers ‘nonsecure' versions of its general and organic chemistry exams - 18:31

Data from remdesivir clinical trial offer hope along with caveats - 18:31

As they scramble to shore up supplies, small firms brace for a recession - 17:11

Nudging reaction in reverse repurposes polyurethane foam - 09:10

Tuesday th 28th of April 2020

Career Ladder: Abril Estrada - 17:50

Dry cleaning solvent poses health risks to workers and consumers - 16:50

Does the FDA's authorization for chloroquine impede clinical trials for COVID-19 drugs? - 12:11

Monday th 27th of April 2020

During the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals have taken unprecedented steps to disinfect N95 face masks - 17:11

Incincerators may spread, not break down PFAS - 16:50

A new electricity-boosting effect seen in perovskites - 06:11

Rome Therapeutics launches to probe junk DNA for cancer drug discovery - 05:30

COVID-19 is reshaping the pharmaceutical supply chain - 00:10

Sunday th 26th of April 2020

Silicon-carbonyl complex is stable at room temperature - 19:11

Video: Mucus inspires sticky, stretchy, antibacterial material - 19:11

Chemistry educators try ‘ungrading' techniques to help students learn - 19:11

Saturday th 25th of April 2020

J. Kent Masters takes the helm at Albemarle - 19:30

Oil-loaded gels fight fungus - 19:30

Ultrabright fluorescent label improves assay speed and sensitivity - 19:30

How ACS local sections are supporting their communities during COVID-19 - 19:30

Sweet-smelling study aids, and why stinky plastic is a trap for turtles - 19:30

Science editor in chief Holden Thorp on the role of science during the COVID-19 pandemic - 19:30

Friday th 24th of April 2020

Hydrogen- and methane-adsorbing MOF boasts impressive combination of properties - 18:50

Mercury move portends similar deregulation of air pollution by US EPA - 18:50