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Friday th 22nd of August 2008

In cod we can't trust: DNA shows fish often mislabelled for sale - 12:21

Identity thieves cashing in on Canadians' info online, police warn - 12:21

Rare crystals unearthed in Red River Floodway excavation - 11:56

Polish mobile operator pays actors to line up for iPhone - 10:07

Oops! Device with data on 127,000 British criminals goes missing - 09:42

$554 M awarded to Canadian research hospitals - 08:56

Thursday th 21st of August 2008

U.S. vows to take action against internet throttlers - 17:56

Rock Band releasing Rush album for download - 17:14

Despite expanding diagnostic imaging, Canada lags behind other developed countries - 14:14

Building near twin towers felled by fire, not explosives: report - 14:14

Undecided voters may not be undecided, study finds - 14:14

Apple hit with lawsuit over iPhone connection problems - 13:49

New online store points to Cdn. retail upswing - 12:21

1,000 meet in Ghana for climate change talks - 10:49

BlackBerry Bold comes to Canada - 10:49

Iran aims to send an astronaut to space within 10 years - 09:21

Wednesday th 20th of August 2008

Yellowknife classifieds website unfazed by Craiglist's arrival - 17:14

EBay to emphasize fixed prices over auctions, report says - 13:07

EA gets antitrust blessing to buy Grand Theft Auto maker - 12:42

West Nile: What you need to know - 07:28

Tuesday th 19th of August 2008

Scientists study slow march of plants, trees into Canadian Arctic - 17:56

Nintendo pounds rivals in July game sales - 15:21

Posing as slain passenger's sister, scam artist capitalizes on bus killing - 14:14

Text message to reveal Obama's VP nod - 14:14

Surprise, surprise: Bigfoot story a hoax - 11:56

Funding gives group 'better chance' to find Franklin's ships: lead searcher - 10:07

Japan to market wallet phones and wireless technology overseas - 08:14

Monday th 18th of August 2008

Mutated fish alarms delegates at northern Alta. water gathering - 21:42

Students use technical skills to help save Blanding's turtles - 14:35

EA and Take-Two talking takeover - 14:35

Poachers caught using hi-tech lobsters - 10:07

Takeover bid for Corel pulled - 10:07

Wireworms eating through P.E.I. potatoes - 07:49

Friday th 15th of August 2008

Bigfoot press conference fails to impress skeptics - 20:56

Canada launches new Arctic search for Franklin's lost ships - 16:28

The Large Hadron Collider: 'Seeing nothing is not an option' - 14:56

Sensitive government document found on rainy Ottawa street - 10:07

Cassini spacecraft pinpoints source of geysers on Saturn's moon - 08:56

Thursday th 14th of August 2008

Red tide may be linked to Quebec whale deaths - 11:56

University of Toronto, IBM, to build Canada's most powerful supercomputer - 10:07

Facebook dethrones MySpace as top social network - 09:21

Smoking steps mystery at UNB prompts evacuation - 08:14

Wednesday th 13th of August 2008

Cineplex big screens available to Xbox gamers - 13:49

GM crops could lead to 'disaster': Prince Charles - 12:42

HSBC may ditch BlackBerry for iPhone: report - 11:56

Avian botulism suspected in Winnipeg duck deaths - 10:07

Navy personnel accused of sabotage keep working for military - 10:07

Cassini takes another look at surface of Saturn's moon - 10:07

City of Ottawa monitoring effect of chemicals in sewage discharge - 08:56

Tuesday th 12th of August 2008

P.E.I. readying for possible cellphone driving ban - 17:14