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Head Injuries Increase Dramatically After Motorcycle Helmet Law Repeal

12 years ago from Science Daily

Large increases in head injury deaths and hospitalizations occurred in Pennsylvania in the two years following the repeal of the motorcycle helmet law in 2003, says a new study in...

30 Percent RA Patients Refractory To Anti-TNFs Achieve Disease Remission With Tocilizumab Plus Metho

12 years ago from Science Daily

Tocilizumab plus methotrexate showed significant clinical improvements in efficacy and safety in patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, who had not adequately responded to anti-tumour necrosis factor (anti-TNF) therapy....

UT Southwestern surgeons complete first single-incision lap-band surgery in Texas

12 years ago from Biology News Net

UT Southwestern Medical Center surgeons have completed the first single-incision Lap-Band weight-loss surgery in Texas.

US senator pledges antitrust review of Google-Yahoo deal

12 years ago from Physorg

The head of the US Senate's antitrust panel has pledged a "careful review" of the joint venture on online search advertising announced by Yahoo and Google.

Serum sodium predicts mortality 10 times higher in PAH patients

12 years ago from Physorg

Patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)—chronically high blood pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs—whose serum sodium levels are low (called hyponatremia, or HN) have a very poor chance...

One In Eight Lower Manhattan Residents Had Signs Of PTSD Two To Three Years After 9/11

12 years ago from Science Daily

Lower Manhattan residents developed post-traumatic stress disorder at three times the usual rate in the years following 9/11. The rate among residents matched the rate previously reported among rescue and...

Road Pollution Blamed For Higher Allergy Risk In Kids

12 years ago from Science Daily

New evidence blames traffic-related pollution for increasing the risk of allergy and atopic diseases among children by more than fifty percent. What's more, the closer children live to roads, the...

Unexpected Finding Of Molecule's Dual Role In Mice May Open New Avenue To Cholesterol Reduction

12 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have discovered an unknown regulator of fat and cholesterol production in the liver of mice, a significant finding that could lead to new therapies for lowering unhealthy blood levels...

Main tumor can cause distant offspring

12 years ago from Science Blog

Primary tumors can encourage the growth of stray cancer cells lurking elsewhere in the body that otherwise may not have amounted to much, according to a new study. read more

Infections clearing at Charlottetown hospital

12 years ago from CBC: Health

After a week with no new cases of antibiotic-resistant bacteria at Charlottetown's Queen Elizabeth Hospital, officials are hoping they just about have the superbugs beat.

University of Maryland, Baltimore to participate in 2008 BIO International Convention

12 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) announced today it will participate in the BIO 2008 International Convention, June 17 - 20, 2008, in San Diego, Calif. UMB President David J....

Man dies after inhaling fungal spores from garden compost

12 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Common mould can damage the lungs and 'may be considered a hazard for gardeners'

How aging brain brings a healthy dose of perspective

12 years ago from Science Blog

A University of Alberta researcher in collaboration with researchers from Duke University has proven that wisdom really does come with age, at least when it comes to your emotions. read more

Even before tomato warning, many Americans lacked confidence in the food safety system

12 years ago from Biology News Net

A new national study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health Project on the Public and Biological Security finds that, in spite of a number of food safety incidents...

Mosquito-eating fish thrive in foreclosed pools

12 years ago from Reuters:Science

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Authorities in Arizona are stepping up a program to put mosquito-gobbling minnows into the stagnant pools of foreclosed or abandoned homes to prevent an outbreak of West...

New target to enhance anti-cancer drug sensitivity found in translation

12 years ago from Physorg

The development of resistance to anticancer chemotherapeutic agents remains a large problem. In some cases, such resistance is associated with altered control of a cellular process known as translation, which...

Fever may trigger heart failure in patients with the genetic disease LQT-2

12 years ago from Physorg

The potentially fatal heart disease LQT-2, which is characterized by the prolongation of a specific interval of time (known as the QT interval) in the heart's electrical cycle, is caused...

Three Latin American countries 'big players' in science

12 years ago from SciDev

Argentina, Brazil and Mexico comprise over half the region's university students and 82 per cent of Latin America's scientific production.

CDC: Hospitals do poorly on breast-feeding support

12 years ago from AP Health

ATLANTA (AP) -- Most U.S. hospitals don't do very well when it comes to promoting breast-feeding, according to the first national report to look at the issue. The average hospital...

GE gets FDA priority review for imaging agent

12 years ago from Reuters:Science

CHICAGO (Reuters) - GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Corp, said on Thursday U.S. health regulators granted it priority review on its application for AdreView, a molecular imaging agent...

AMA to consider endorsing undercover patients

12 years ago from AP Health

CHICAGO (AP) -- Lori Erickson-Trump has faked headaches and back pain. She's had physicals and MRIs she didn't need and she gets paid for it - all to evaluate the...

Almost half of Canadians wouldn't call 9-1-1 on signs of stroke: survey

12 years ago from CBC: Health

Almost half of Canadians surveyed fail to see signs of a stroke as a medical emergency, says a report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

FDA issues precautionary note on silver fillings

12 years ago from AP Health

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Silver dental fillings contain mercury, and the government for the first time is warning that they may pose a safety concern for pregnant women and young children....

Golfers and golf courses benefit from the use of native grasses in roughs

12 years ago from Physorg

Some golfers may prefer a well-manicured golf course, highly-maintained with very green, very short grass that's easy to play off of. But, according to two recent studies at the University...

Study pinpoints strategies that protect older adult's physical health

12 years ago from Physorg

In his famous poem, "Do not go gentle into that good night," Dylan Thomas urges us to "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Researchers are now backing up...

Patients Must Re-learn Going From Sitting To Standing After Total Knee Replacement

12 years ago from Science Daily

New research indicates that patients who have undergone total knee arthroplasty need to re-learn the proper techniques of moving from a sitting to standing position. Because most patients with knee...

Prevalence Of US Osteoprotic Hip Fracture Hospitalizations Declines Despite An Aging Population

12 years ago from Science Daily

The prevalence of hospitalizations for osteoporotic hip fractures in the USA declined significantly from 1988 to 2005, despite an increase in all-cause hospitalizations over the same period and a general...

Hand Bone Mineral Density Is An Effective Predictor Of Mortality In Rheumatoid Arthritis

12 years ago from Science Daily

Low bone mineral density in the hand is a valid predictor of overall mortality in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and indicates long-term prognosis, according to a new study. Digital X-ray...