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Too much technology kills good bacteria

9 years ago from UPI

COLUMBIA, Mo., May 5 (UPI) -- A U.S. scientist says he's fearful the increasing use of silver nanoparticles in wastewater treatment might be killing beneficial bacteria.

FDA calls for more money and power to keep imported drugs safe

9 years ago from LA Times - Science

A congressional panel grills officials and hears from relatives of those who died after using tainted heparin. ...

Cases: A Holiday From Illness, All Too Fleeting

9 years ago from NY Times Health

After the kidney transplant, he felt great. A little too great, as it turned out.

Better-educated Women Are A Healthier Weight, New Research Reveals

9 years ago from Science Daily

A new comparison of multi-national data reveals that highly-educated women have a healthier average weight than less-educated women. In countries where malnutrition is prevalent, better-educated women weigh more. But in...

Heart Disease Discovery: New Mechanism Links Activation Of Key Heart Enzyme And Oxidative Stress

9 years ago from Science Daily

A study, led by University of Iowa researchers, reveals a new dimension for a key heart enzyme and sheds light on an important biological pathway involved in cell death in...

Trachoma 'eliminated' in Tanzanian village

9 years ago from SciDev

Scientists have successfully eliminated trachoma — the world's leading preventable cause of blindness — in a Tanzanian village.

Trends In Heart Mortality Reversing In Younger Women

9 years ago from Science Daily

Coronary heart disease mortality in younger women could be on the rise, according to new findings. High levels of smoking, increasing obesity and a lack of exercise could all be...

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Jaw Infection, Study Shows

9 years ago from Science Daily

Dentistry researchers have identified the slimy culprits killing the jawbones of some people taking drugs that treat osteoporosis. Microbial biofilms, a mix of bacteria and sticky extracellular material, are causing...

Personal Health: You Name It, and Exercise Helps It

9 years ago from NY Times Science

People with chronic health problems can improve their health and quality of life by learning how to exercise safely.

Vital Signs: Aging: Depression Tied to Alzheimer’s

9 years ago from NY Times Science

A history of depression is associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a new study has found.

Drug Target For The Most Potent Botulinum Neurotoxin Determined

9 years ago from Science Daily

Botulinum neurotoxin -- responsible for the deadly food poisoning disease botulism and for the beneficial effects of smoothing out facial wrinkles - can also be used as a dreaded biological...

Factors Leading To Hospital Admission For Heart Failure Identified

9 years ago from Science Daily

Nearly two out of three patients have one or more precipitating factors that may contribute to hospital admissions nationwide for heart failure, according to a new study. Pneumonia, irregular heart...

Hyperviscous Fluids: Better Treatment For Severe Blood Loss

9 years ago from Science Daily

Intravenous administration of isotonic fluids is the standard emergency treatment in the US for patients with severe blood loss, but bioengineering researchers have reported improved resuscitation with a radically different...

UT Southwestern's Mangelsdorf Elected to National Academy of Sciences

9 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

The National Academy of Sciences today elected Dr. David Mangelsdorf, chairman of pharmacology at UT Southwestern Medical Center and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, to membership, one of the...

FDA let artificial-blood trials continue despite risks

9 years ago from LA Times - Science

A report that pools data from 16 studies concludes that the FDA should have halted research years earlier because of increased incidence of heart attacks and deaths. ...

Women's biological clock revealed: Hormone may predict age at menopause

9 years ago from Biology News Net

Age at menopause may now be predicted more realistically according to a new study accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). The study revealed that...

New fatal virus discovered in Bolivia

9 years ago from SciDev

Scientists have isolated a new fatal virus, associated with haemorrhagic fever, in rural Bolivia.

Nepal on flu alert, tests poultry on India border

9 years ago from Reuters:Science

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Nepal has issued a bird flu alert and is testing poultry along the border with India, where the virus rages despite the culling of tens of thousands...

Drinking dulls the brain's response to threats

9 years ago from Reuters:Science

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Drinking alcohol dulls the brain's ability to detect threats, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday in a study that helps explain why people who are drunk cannot tell...

Many Possible Routes to the Goal of 120/80

9 years ago from NY Times Science

These are the main categories of medications now used to reduce elevated blood pressure. Two or more types of drugs are typically used in combination to achieve an optimal pressure...

Vital Signs: Nostrums: Testosterone and Sex Drive in Women

9 years ago from NY Times Science

Women who spray testosterone on their stomach to raise their sex drive may not see much benefit — unless they also want to grow hair on their belly.

Sexual Advances

9 years ago from NY Times Health

Mary Roach investigates — comprehensively — the latest in sex research.

Cases: Am I Looking at a Malignant Melanoma?

9 years ago from NY Times Health

For doctors there can be a fine line between good Samaritan and busybody when it comes to offering unsolicited medical advice.

Lives: The Cure

9 years ago from NY Times Health

Sometimes it isn’t enough for your own antibodies to stop attacking you.

Really?: The Claim: During a Seizure, You Can Swallow Your Tongue

9 years ago from NY Times Health

One problem with medical myths is that they can sometimes lead well-meaning people to do ill-advised things.

Personal Health: Hypertension: In Retreat, but Hardly Vanquished

9 years ago from NY Times Health

The concept of a normal blood pressure has fallen strikingly as doctors learn what it takes to preserve good health.

In Federal Suit, 2 Views of Veterans’ Health Care

9 years ago from NY Times Health

A lawsuit seeks to force the government to streamline its procedures for treating former soldiers, particularly those suffering from combat trauma and other mental health problems.

House Panel Criticizes F.D.A. Role in Drug Cases

9 years ago from NY Times Health

The Food and Drug Administration was criticized for not doing more checks of foreign drug manufacturers in the wake of problems with the blood thinner heparin and other products.